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  1. econ 101. supply, demand, and risk management.... - Ajayi is an asset, but hasn't had market offer, so probable that he's more affordable and no big guarantee's need. - Ajayi probably wants to prove himself - NO REASON at all for Giants to bring back Barkley early. Rather he is their cornerstone and they should wait to bring him back when 100% healthy - They want competent offense with Danny Dimes in place to develop. Would rather have a productive RB over f'n Wayne Gollum. You don't want to leave Danny out there to the wolves...a running game helps that TLDR - you want a running game to help the rookie QB who is hopefully your long term solution. You don't want risk to your franchise player till healed
  2. as title says - Hardman in the rain or Dorsett (maybe 3rd option) WHIR
  3. isn't Brees deep ball like 15 yds now a days?
  4. he's injured. no sure bet he even plays on monday
  5. it's Dallas. i dont think anyone is not buying a ticket bc of Zeke. maybe Jersey's but not tickets. Also didn't JJ just say he expects Zeke to miss games?
  6. i still stand by my statement. just because it's someones profession to make certain "claims" doesn't mean they are qualified to or have insight, expertise. this is in every profession all the way up to doctors and lawyers...but anyways keep listening to them
  7. i would drop Mixon if i were to. i think booker offers higher upside than mixon mckissic seems involved in PPR
  8. i like Murray - higher floor. TY higher ceiling but its been rare
  9. Tyrod Taylor vs KC - big rushing game so maybe Tyrod wont get opps? but KC can score quickly against crappy Buf def and Buf will need to play catch up FitzMagik vs ATL - high scoring game in ATL? whir - post here