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  1. You may be right. We're going for upside with Siakam. Out of the players you mentioned, Siakam is the most likely to improve and have added to his game. Hoping for more opportunity (tough with such a deep roster, but PF spot has the least depth), improvement as a player, and better consistency. I don't think he'll get enough usage to put up good volume on the offensive stats though (PTS, 3PT, AST) If he gets enough minutes, maybe we could see 1/1/1 with 11/7/3 and hopefully better FT%. That would put him above Aminu.
  2. didn't really follow him last season, why was he a headache? His averages look pretty good minus the FT% and TO's..and he played 79 games...yet he's ranked pretty low (#103 in Yahoo).
  3. I kind of see Mitchell on a Lillard-like projectory..with less assists, more steals, better FG%
  4. Unless AD and Gobert get injured and Allen is put in a time share
  5. imo, JV's role and minutes were fine last season. Despite a decrease in minutes, he had a career high in usage (22.7%) accompanied by a career high in efficiency. I'd argue that his usage should even go up to ~25%. There were still times on offence when the Raps forgot about him for entire quarters and the team was settling for Derozan bricks. His minutes should stay roughly in the 20's.
  6. Derozan's featured as the star and gets the most usage. He helps with wins in the regular season, but the main reason Raptors are a top team is due to Lowry. When Rudy Gay and Derozan were taking turns with the ball, Lowry was the 3rd wheel and an afterthought. Raptors were losing. After Gay was traded, Lowry's usage increased and the Raps started winning. For the last 5 years, Derozan would stagnate the offense and the team would have the upper edge whenever Lowry checked in or begin to struggle when Lowry was out. The last couple regular seasons, Derozan improved to the point where he'd have a positive impact as well when he was shooting efficiently. In the playoffs, Derozan was benched 3 times in the 4th Q. Two of the times, the Raptors ended up winning the game after struggling with DD. The third time they erased a 19 point lead by the Cavs where LBJ hit the game winning shot.
  7. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    This would have been an awesome 12-teamer if healthy/active and playing up to par. Clint Capela / Steven Adams Kevin Love / Paul Millsap / Taj Gibson Otto Porter / Tyreke Evans Jimmy Butler / Donovan Mitchell / Zach Lavine Chris Paul / Isaiah Thomas / Elfrid Payton but beat out by scrubs
  8. Tyreke Evans 2017-2018 Outlook

    does Memphis getting blown out by the largest margin in 20 years give them more incentive to play Evans next game?
  9. I dropped and replaced with Love on my IR list my other option was to drop Cameron Payne
  10. vintage 'Sap even though I'll probably lose this week, at least I'll go down in style
  11. I regret turning down a Payton+Lavine+Dinwiddie for Tobias package a few weeks ago
  12. Tyreke Evans 2017-2018 Outlook

    would it work if we pretended we're Grizzly fans on twitter and pressure them into playing Evans?
  13. Tyreke Evans 2017-2018 Outlook

    league needs to start handing out fines or take away Memphis's draft pick
  14. Considering they weren't exactly winning with TT before, I wouldn't be surprised if Nance sticks with the SL