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  1. not even on the "can't cut" list in Yahoo..real disrespectful
  2. yeah..based on crazy talent, work ethic, and the best front court in the league for both his runs. Not based on the best IQ. There's a reason those volume chuckers always have worse advanced metrics than their boxscore stats suggest (Kobe's still good, but worse superstar peers) and why wins don't follow as smoothly. Look at what happened when Shaq left. Shaq continued winning while Kobe missed the playoffs with the same two guys that rookie Wade made the 2nd round with. Gasol was playing out of his mind when they won 2 rings..and their FC faced much bigger challenges (Dwight, Garnett, Duncan, Yao, Amare). When Gasol and Odom started trending down, Kobe didn't exactly carry them to anymore finals appearances. Then what happened as Kobe's career died down? If that mindset and IQ was so good, it shouldn't be a cancer when he gets to old age. His farewell tour was a spit in the face to the game of basketball. Compare that with guys like Duncan, Kidd, Dirk, even Gasol..none of them were like the terrible STD that Kobe was as they aged.
  3. that mindset isn't conducive to winning though
  4. Orlando has been bad since Payton's return..I wonder if he's the culprit or if the Magic are just returning to the norm
  5. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 7

    already gone in my league, but this will be the pick up of the week
  6. well, he's ranked 93 on the season and 64 in the last two weeks. He should be rosterable in any competitive standard league. Some trade candidates could be James Johnson, Ricky Rubio, Dinwiddie (if you believe he will keep his minutes and your opponent thinks he'll lose his minutes when DAR comes back), Millsap (for those who are going to drop him anyways), Dedmon (big/wing swap), etc.
  7. We're talking fantasy here, not real life. "Bust" means receiving a lot of hype, everyone picking him up, and he ends up unrosterable. Not to mention, I used it to question what his possible future value would be. When you said showing upside, I thought you meant showing upside for one game..then go back to producing low-end/inconsistent stats. For re-draft, we need to talk about averages if you mean showing upside in that he'll AVERAGE 10/8/2.5+ stocks, then that's a different story. But for me, I say he has to prove it with at least one game for a speculative pick up if you have a stream spot. In order to drop players for him who have top 100 or even top 120 value (as people have done), it's going to take more than one game and some pretty good production. The hype has gotten a LOT of people to pick-up preemptively, which I don't think would have happened if this topic wasn't raised. I'm just questioning the strategy behind picking him up now. For instance, if we're comparing him to Wesley Johnson, his future projection may trend down, especially with Gallo coming back. But there's also a chance he keeps his minutes around 30 and his game has matured to where he can be a consistent top 100 contributor. We have to weigh that against Jarrett being young, completely unproven in extended minutes, timeshare with vets, inconsistent play due to being a rookie, possible foul trouble, less immediate returns compared to Wes, and the coach not having the same mindset as fantasy players. Also, your initial post was talking about dividing this topic into dynasty vs redraft. I just think the recent buzz is more applicable to redraft leagues (see above two paragraphs in this post), which is a different argument than dynasty leagues. I also wasn't complaining as I didn't pick him up, my original thoughts and my exchange with Kaboom were that I just didn't get the hype he was receiving.
  8. Well in re-draft, showing upside for one game isn't enough. So I don't know why anyone would pick him up there. In dynasty, sure, he may have upside..but how soon is it when he'll be a consistent fantasy contributor? Next year? two years? 3 years? It's hard to decipher his role in the future. Could he end up like John Henson/LeVert? or completely bust or completely dominate? Not to mention, why would you comment on his abilities now if he's a future investment anyways. It's just a "coincidence" that as a dynasty owner you're realizing his upside when this topic was raised due to him being a potential pick-up in re-draft leagues? So now you're changing tunes. My initial statement was that I didn't get the hype, which was people dropping rosterable players for him (even players that you should keep in dynasty leagues). Your response was directed towards re-draft leagues (about to start, receive minutes in high 20's, getting him for free from WW). For majority of the people here, it's daily leagues and/or H2H, so you should have responded based on that and what people were writing in the topic as that's obviously the only thing I could have been referring to in my initial post. Now you're saying that you won't play him in roto (weekly or game limit league?) and that he'll be useful in 2018. Looks like you're the one who's having trouble staying tuned.
  9. a lot of people here picked up on the premise that he was about to start and would net minutes in the high 20's Dynasty owners shouldn't even be in here as they should have been discussing him during the draft or in the future when he's a ready contributor. Whereas this topic was only created when people thought he'd be owning it for the rest of the season, meaning they're vying for immediate returns.
  10. Call me when he surpasses the players he's being dropped for (Ryan Anderson, Wes Johnson, Valentine, Portis, etc.). When he does, let me know how many people who stashed Jarrett for his potential stats are still in the playoffs.
  11. i don't get the hype tbh
  12. Fantasy Team Names 2017-2018

    I've got Crabbes
  13. hmm..this rotoworld writer is really underselling it..MAY have value in DEEPER formats?? gj bro he's been rosterable in standard leagues since Gallo went down