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  1. Considering they weren't exactly winning with TT before, I wouldn't be surprised if Nance sticks with the SL
  2. Spencer Dinwiddie 2017-18 Season Outlook

    I'll probably be dropping once playoff starts in the 2nd week (1st week bye) to prevent opponents from picking him up and beating me in assists (Millsap still on my IR)
  3. anyone know if/when we can expect an uptick of minutes?
  4. aging like fine wine, ranked 58 on the season
  5. Millsap is still on my IR. I’m leaning towards dropping Dinwiddie. My worst players are Dirk, Nwaba, Isaiah, Dinwiddie, Jabari. Leave a link
  6. May be inclined to drop this bum if he’s unable to string together a few decent games. I’m not too optimistic about his role and usage.
  7. Idiots at yahoo waiting for him to break his other leg to update his injury status
  8. LBJ's age and play style isn't correlated with IT's current situation the ball dominance narrative about LBJ is kind of like people thinking CP3 was ball dominant, overrated and wouldn't work out with Harden
  9. Not sure that's entirely true. LBJ's #2 guy has always been fine..he even elevated Mo Will to the all-star game. Role players do fine with him as well. It's a high usage star dropping down to a #3 star option that often struggles. You just can't be a volume chucker as a 3rd option on a team with 3 offensive stars. (In Isaiah's case, there's also the factor of injury, locker room issues and that LBJ didn't like him or want him there) It works out with guys like Klay or Ray Allen because they live off spot up shots. But look at a player like Carmelo. He's receiving the lowest usage out of OKC's big 3 and he's getting less points on terrible efficiency. There's only one ball to go's better to have your #3 guy to be like Draymond or Odom where they can have impact without the ball. Why do you think the Knicks "superteams" or adding up big names together often fail so much.
  10. statistically decent 1st half..awful 2nd half Might need more time for him to get to 100%..hopefully his injury hasn't derailed him permanently. Also, he'd benefit from a trade to a team where he doesn't have to share PG duties.
  11. Reminds me of E’twaun Moore
  12. Otto Porter Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Just waiting for the Wizards to make some trades before the deadline
  13. not even on the "can't cut" list in Yahoo..real disrespectful
  14. yeah..based on crazy talent, work ethic, and the best front court in the league for both his runs. Not based on the best IQ. There's a reason those volume chuckers always have worse advanced metrics than their boxscore stats suggest (Kobe's still good, but worse superstar peers) and why wins don't follow as smoothly. Look at what happened when Shaq left. Shaq continued winning while Kobe missed the playoffs with the same two guys that rookie Wade made the 2nd round with. Gasol was playing out of his mind when they won 2 rings..and their FC faced much bigger challenges (Dwight, Garnett, Duncan, Yao, Amare). When Gasol and Odom started trending down, Kobe didn't exactly carry them to anymore finals appearances. Then what happened as Kobe's career died down? If that mindset and IQ was so good, it shouldn't be a cancer when he gets to old age. His farewell tour was a spit in the face to the game of basketball. Compare that with guys like Duncan, Kidd, Dirk, even Gasol..none of them were like the terrible STD that Kobe was as they aged.