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  1. Aaron Small 2005 NYY - 15 games, 9 starts, 10-0, 3.20 ERA
  2. let's hug it out, and forget all this nonsense :)

  3. To the Rotoworld Forums Community: The Moderators and Administrators have received feedback regarding the management of the Baseball Main Forum and have, as a result, reviewed the policies to make sure they are in the best interest of the entire membership. Much of the feedback that has been received reflects existing Forum policy. However, this policy has not been publicly available. For this reason, Rotoworld Forums wishes to make the policies in place transparent for the entire membership. Below you will find the highlights of some of the policies in place, in an effort to ensure that the rules are both transparent and understood by all members. Please refer to the Code of Conduct (CoC) for the set of policies regarding general Forum behaviour. Members who agree to join RW Forums agree to abide by the CoC - by posting in the Baseball Main Forum, along with the CoC the following are the rules by which posting in this Forum will move forward. We realize that this site will not cater to every individual's exact wishes, but we believe that you will still find value from what the Forums have to offer. Rotoworld Forums has enjoyed its success due to the contributions of its membership as a whole, and making the policies transparent will ensure that this success continues in the future. As always, specific suggestions about how the Forum can be made better is welcome via PM (for policy or individual thread/posts) or through the Fantasy Feedback forum (if at a policy level). POSTING RULES FAQ - BASEBALL FORUM 2008 - PRESENT With a new season, Rotoworld welcomes a population of new members and returning members. In an effort to promote a thriving, contributing community, feedback from membership has led creation of different Forums. Please refer to the description of each Forum before posting a thread/post, as it will help to get your posts the feedback/help you are seeking. To help, the Forums are divided as follows: FORUM DESCRIPTION Fantasy Baseball Talk Forum - This is the area for discussing MLB news, and general FBB strategy. It is *not* the area for addressing specific questions for your own team/league/settings, that belongs to the Bench Coach Forum. Bench Coach Forum - This forum is for all issues regarding your particular team. These include but are not limited to, "Do I make this trade?", "Is this a fair offer?", "What trade value does he have?", "Which player do I start?", "Which player do I pickup/drop?", "Which player should I keep?" and "Rate my team". Please note that asking to choose between 2 or more players ( Player A vs. Player B ) is often viewed as a Bench Coach post, since it usually reflects a choice that an owner is facing, but wishes to ask a wider audience - and it moves away from general discussion into specific player merits for draft/waiver/trade purposes. Also, any issue that is specific to your league settings and/or service (Yahoo, CBS, etc.) gets posted here, since it's specific to your league's settings. In short - if the discussion centers around roster-specific issues, then that discussion is not for the Main Board. Ultimately, any thread that is labelled as one thing but becomes focused on Bench Coach discussion will get moved there - this is the most common move that occurs, FYI. Any post that centers around BC discussion in the Main Forum will be rendered invisible, to keep the Main Forum threads on-topic and avoid hijacking of the topics being discussed. MILB Forum - This is the forum to discuss the future of MLB - players who are in the minors, and with *no clear timeline* of callup, or foreign import players who have yet to be confirmed making the MLB 25 man roster. Minors players (or foreign imports) who are officially listed as being called up, or with a *definite* imminent call-up date, can be discussed in the Main Forums as MLB news. Once a player has been called up to the MLB, they can remain in the Main Forum for discussion. If there is no confirmed imminent timeline for a player with no prior MLB service time, they stay down in the MILB Forum. Players who are in the minors on rehab assignment are *not* considered minors players (e.g. Francisco Liriano in 2008). The parameters of discussion are wider in this forum than in the Main Forum, since it's dedicated *solely* to MILB players. However, trade questions, or roster-specific issues that involve MLB players are still Bench Coach (BC) Forum, given the focus on MILB players only. We still stick to the one topic, one thread principle as in the Baseball Main Forum. Incidentally, due to excessive hits from spam bots, for 2009, it's now the MILB Forum - MInor League Baseball (for those who are truly interested). League Finder Service - Need to find a league/owner? Go here. Community Baseball Rankings Forum- This is the forum where all ranking threads for 2008 (or present years) go. Off-Topic Talk Forum - This is the forum for anything that relates to baseball, but not in the above categories. Talking about umpires (in general, not about a specific call), uniforms, broadcasters, etc. - things that do not affect FBB go here. Your League Forum - For RW members who wish to use RW Forums and create private leagues for members. Please note: - One thread per League. - Don't participate in a thread if you are not part of the league. - We'll tolerate a little more "trash talking" between league members, as we realize that's the nature of private leagues, but because it's still on RW we expect everyone to respect the Code of Conduct (CoC). In other words - we expect the leagues to have fun, and more latitude will be given to league members dealing with each other - but the CoC still applies. Leagues will be asked to police internal matters and keep it within their own threads. - All matters within leagues stay within leagues - the other Forums are not be used as a vehicle to settle / continue disputes between members (or ex-members) - the league pages are private for members only, but that also works both ways - conflicts and issues within the league stays within the league. Feedback Forum - This is the forum if you have feedback for the Moderators/Administrators of Rotoworld about the website, the Forums, its products, or questions in general about Forum operations. Please note that this is *not* a Forum to complain about other members, or one particular thread - all inquiries about individual posters or posts/threads should sent in private to the PM's to the Moderators if it relates to CoC/Threads/Posts/Members (to avoid hijacking the original thread), or to the Admins if it's related to a Rotoworld Product. ALL threads related to RW columns/products should be posted here, and any threads posted elsewhere will be moved here, for one simple reason - as the Forums and Main Site are separate entities, Admins from the Main Site will not necessarily see any posts/threads posted elsewhere - but they do check regularly to the Feedback Forum, for these exact reasons. So, to ensure that you have a concern/issue on a RW product/Main Page addressed, please post there. New members may ask why there are so many Forums, and why the rules are so clearly set. The reason for the above is simply due to the *HUGE* volume of threads and discussion that takes place on the Rotoworld Forums. This division has occurred at the request of the membership, and frankly, is the one way to ensure that members get their specific needs met in specific Forums, while serving the community's interests in general discussion and MLB news for the Main Forum. The community has held to the belief that this division has led to the success that Rotoworld Forums has enjoyed. As such, Rotoworld expects each member to abide by the rules set above, to ensure the best experience for the community as a whole. OFF-SEASON - WHAT CHANGES? Now, in the off-season, three major changes (two that are new for 2010): 1. Off-Topic Baseball Talk is OK. First, since discussion / volume goes way down, then more off-topic stuff that relates to baseball in general (the Clemens saga, for example), that stays in the Fantasy Baseball Talk Forum, as long as it relates to baseball. During the season, given the high volume, off-topic baseball-themed threads will be moved to the Off-Topic Talk Forum. 2. General Player vs. Player discussion is OK. Secondly, as all owners face general draft decisions, discussion on Player A vs. Player B, as long as it is general, and not setting/league/roster-specific, is fair game for the Main Forum. Please note that if the question is setting/roster/league-specific, it is still considered a Bench Coach question and will be moved/invisbled accordingly. Once the regular season begins, and drafts are now complete for the great majority of posters, since these types of decisions now become team specific, and no longer general in nature, given the usual heavy volume of traffic, ALL Player A vs. Player B questions are considered Bench Coach questions and threads will be moved to the Bench Coach Forum, and Bench Coach posts in Main Forum threads will be invisibled. 3. NEW FEBRUARY 2010 (TRIAL) - Ranking Threads stay in Main Forum in the off-season, then move to Rankings Forum during season. In keeping with the theme that pre-draft preparation is commonplace for most owners, the Main Forums will accommodate 1 ranking thread per position (C,1B,2B,SS,3B,OF,SP,RP) that are commonplace for most leagues. Please note that all posters are welcome to post their own rankings in the same thread, as long as they are general in nature, and not setting/league/team-specific. The threads are not based on the individual who posts first, but are for a topic that meets the community's interests - and so any community member may contribute material that relates to that topic (keeping to the general theme). While general ranking discussion in these threads can be used by the community as a whole, issues which are roster-specific, league-specific, or setting-specific are still considered Bench Coach posts/threads - and will be invisibled/moved accordingly. Threads which are Bench Coach or Community Ranking Forum material will be moved accordingly. Posts which are Bench Coach Forum or Community Ranking Forum material will be invisibled. Any ranking threads that fall out of the general population (e.g. AL-only, NL-only, particular settings, etc.) will remain Ranking Forum material. Once the regular season begins, as the majority of the community will no longer be in draft preparation, Ranking threads and posts fall under the Community Ranking Forum umbrella. This again reflects the principle of the Main Forum discussion being applicable to the community at large, and given the heavy traffic of posting encountered during the regular season. 4. NEW FEBRUARY 2010 (TRIAL) - OFFSEASON & REGULAR SEASON THREADS (STARTING APRIL 4) Given the huge volume that some player threads generate, and the feedback received from the RW Forum community in the past seasons, we will separate any offseason discussion threads that are over 1 page long with a regular season thread. Given that off-season discussion does not focus on the same issues (pre-draft, speculation & projection with past performance vs. in-season performance and discussion on present season issues), this division will allow the threads to be as manageable in size as possible, while still keeping the discussion on 1 main thread. Discussion from off-season discussion will be allowed to complete on the Offseason threads that are > 1 page - but once the regular season is underway and season-related discussion starts up, a new Regular Season thread will start. To assist members in keeping track of prior discussion, whenever a new Regular Season thread is created, wherever possible a link to the Offseason Outlook thread will be added. Members can also use the Search Function at the upper right-hand corner of each page. Click the Search button at the top right hand side, then click "More Search Options" - you get a new page. Type what you're looking for in the heading, then change the Forum from All Forums to the one you want - and then click the "Search for Titles Only" - that usually narrows it down to the threads you are looking for. Thread titles have been changed to "2010 Offseason Outlook" and "2010 Regular Season" thread to make it easier for members to find the most relevant and recent threads. With the increase in popularity and volume of posting on RW Forums, this solution seems to have helped the most in the past. If a 2009-10 off-season player discussion thread is less than 1 page in length, the title of the thread will simply be changed to "Player X 2010 Regular Season" or "Player X Regular Season 2010". These title changes are necessary in order for RW Forum members to help distinguish current threads from past player threads. OK, so those are the Forums and where everything should go, and what happens in the off-season. What happens when posts/threads don't quite go where they're supposed to? Or, what happens when members posts 3 threads on the same player? What if it's the same player, but a different topic? Well, here's a guide to what happens: MERGES 1. If a new topic relates to the *same discussion* as another existing one, the threads get merged. Moderators may choose to change the title/subtitle to include a relevant update when a merger occurs. While individual posters may wish to have a thread dedicated to their own specific needs, threads in the Main Forum, unlike those in Bench Coach or RW Leagues, are primarily for the community at large, and must remain general in nature. As such, threads with similar topics/themes from different posters will be merged. Main Forum threads do not belong to an individual poster, but are posted for the community's benefit. Merges with threads on similar topics follow this principle. 2. If multiple threads are started on 1 player, but the topic for a certain player is markedly different, each topic gets its own thread. Due to the increasing volume of posting traffic, in order to keep as many different players in the forefront for player discussion, news that relates to playing time (injury/demotion) have been merged as well. This is not to say the title dictates the discussion - "Roy Halladay for Cy Young" isn't really a different topic than "Roy Halladay love/hate" thread. Examples that are different include: -Gameday threads -Tout threads 3. Old threads from before the season started are not used for merges, given that the situation from seasons gone by do not reflect current events. Given that offseason discussion is often different than in-season discussion (as there is more projection/speculation/etc. in the offseason with uncertain lineups/destinations/etc.), separate in-season threads will be separated from off-season threads. New for 2010 - given the increased volume of posting, and the different focus of discussion in the preseason (general draft preparation, ADP value, etc.), off-season threads will be kept separate from in-season player threads (where discussion centers on in-game issues, and future projection based on actual play, not off-season speculation). 4. As noted in the Off-Season-What Changes" section, new for 2009-10 - 2009-10 Offseason player threads will be split into a new 2010 Regular Season thread if it is more than 1 page in length. The titles "Offseason Outlook 2010" and "Regular Season 2010" are necessary for the search engine to indicate which thread is active. This policy was implemented in the 2009-10 offseason, with the split of Offseason Outlook 2010 threads that are larger than 1 page effective April 4, 2010. MOVES 1. Bench Coach-discussion threads get moved to the Bench Coach Forum . Threads that are labelled as general discussion but which are Bench-Coach in theme & discussion will be moved to the Bench Coach Forum. 2. Ranking threads get moved to the 2008 Rankings Forum. 3. Off-Topic threads get moved to the Off-Topic Talk Forum (except in the offseason). 4. Feedback threads get moved to the Feedback Forum. Please note that when a Moderator sees a relatively new user post a thread incorrectly, Moderators may choose to leave a link to the moved thread to show where it's gone, or in cases where the thread is moved to a less familar forum. However, in the majority of cases, when posters who have been around the Forums do the same, or in cases of high volume, such links may not be present. Ultimately, it is up to the poster to post in the proper forum, and each thread can be found by using the Search function, or by going to My Controls, and viewing threads started/posts started as well. INVISIBILITY 1. Posts that do not conform to the Code of Conduct (CoC) will be edited, and/or rendered invisible. This includes personal attacks, trolling, spam, plagiarism, pasting of paysite content, public complaints about thread/post deletion (which belong in PM's), suspensions, penalties, etc. In addition to thread/post invisibility, violations of the CoC are subject to official warnings, and in cases of repeat violations or the severity of the violation in question, bans from posting at the Rotoworld Forums may be issued. Please refer to the Code of Conduct to ensure that the CoC is being upheld at *all* times. 2. All posts that are related to Bench-Coach questions or League Finder requests that are posted on Main Forum threads are rendered invisible, so as to keep the Main Forum threads on-topic and not hijacked. This has come about due to the large volume of complaints in past years about thread hijacking. This means that not only posts that *ask* Bench Coach questions are rendered invisible, but posts that also answer them (as it only promotes more thread hijacking). In short - if it's about your team / situation, it's not generalizable to the community - so it's invisibled. 3. Linking to Bench Coach Forum, League Finder and other member-specific threads will be invisibled/removed. Links to threads that are in the Main Forum, or third-party links, are acceptable. During the off-season, when General Ranking threads are allowed in the Main Forum, posters may link to the vote thread that is underway. As per the Code of Conduct (CoC), linking for personal gain is not allowed under any circumstances - please refer to the CoC for details. One distinction about invisibility and deletion - making a post invisible does not actually delete your post/thread completely, it only renders it invisible to the viewership. In other words, it remains in the Rotoworld Forum database. Almost all posts/threads are rendered invisible, not deleted (Daily lineup & spam being the usual exceptions - spam for obvious reasons, and daily lineup threads since RW Forums' player search function is rendered extremely difficult with new lineup threads each day with all players listed) and thus remain in the Rotoworld Forum database. SPAM/CoC VIOLATIONS If you see a post that is suspcious for spam, or flagrant CoC violations that occur (trolling, flaming, etc.), please report these posts ASAP by pressing the Report Button for each post. Because Moderators aren't around 24/7, your reporting of spam and/or CoC violations will help RW Forums maintain an environment that is civil, constructive, and welcoming....and 100 percent dedicated to fantasy sports discussion. Furthermore, it can help prevent unfortunate conflicts from escalating further. FINALLY... Ultimately, the above is the guide by which Moderators will enforce the Code of Conduct (CoC) and rules of each Forum. Please keep in mind that Mods will exercise personal judgment in making these decisions, and do so in the best interests of Rotoworld and the Forums. If you have a disagreement with an individual decision, please PM them. The Moderators are in place to uphold Rotoworld's Code of Conduct (CoC) and Forum rules, and as with any set of rules, often have to make decisions with gray areas, so they welcome any feedback that is given in a constructive and civil manner. Also keep in mind that while the Mods will always listen to a well-reasoned argument, they will exercise their judgment in these decisions. Disagreement with a Moderator is permitted, personal attacks upon Moderators, as with all members of the Forums, are not. We hope this helps all those who have questions about thread/post moves/mergers. Rotoworld has the best Forums around, and it is large part due to cooperation and participation of the membership to ensure a positive experience results for all. Thanks in advance for your continued participation, cooperation and feedback! Sincerely, The Forums Team