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  1. No but something didnt go right in the tent. I would give him a 10-15% chance of returning.
  2. Hard to tell. He has a concussed look to him even when normal.
  3. Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

    Benched him 30 mins before game time for my 1st Round pick Freeman. Boy do I feel stupid. 2 more decent match ups coming up though. It would help if Dak looked like a QB too.
  4. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    Its pretty accurate tbh. Last 2 games: 20 Carries for 19 Yards Season w/ 1/2 PPR: 4 Games with 10+ Pts out of 11 Games = 64% Failure He got a forecast bump in failure % for facing Houston's run defense this week. Plus I have seen him run. If there is any kind of a hole he...... 1. Stops inside of it 2. Stutters around left to right in disbelief 3. Falls face forward
  5. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    I feel like he will have 70% chance of sucking.
  6. DeAndre Hopkins 2017 Season Outlook

    The person who wrote this is a true social justice dumb azz. Sure bud, Kaep will just come in week 13 and learn the offence instantly and be a better option than Savage. There's a better chance that he would protest playing after being named the starter before that happened. BLM YO!!!
  7. NFL Ratings 2017 Outlook

    The NFL would be screwed without fantasy football. I damn sure wouldn't watch more than one game a week if I didn't have anyone playing. As of now I watch all I can just because my player or an opponents player is on the field. Ill get a first round bye if Hooper cant come up with 16.6 pts in this one. lol
  8. Thomas Rawls 2017 Season Outlook

    Rawls will be lucky to be on someones practice squad next year. And I thought I drafted gold at that position in the draft. lol
  9. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm forced to play him this week because of Freeman. If this POS can get me 10 pts I'll be ecstatic.
  10. Thomas Rawls 2017 Season Outlook

    Not sure what happened to this guy but he sure does suck now.
  11. 11-6-2017 MNF Lions @ Packers Game Thread

    I just got em! lol
  12. 11-6-2017 MNF Lions @ Packers Game Thread

    Where are my 2 pts for the blocked kick?
  13. The lightning is gone but those sprinkles are so threatening.