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  1. The lightning is gone but those sprinkles are so threatening.
  2. What has football become? Millionaires protesting oppression..... Stopping games because a storm MIGHT be coming.... Next they will be holding umbrellas and toweling each other off with locked arms.....

    Run people.....Run.....And fast....ijs
  4. Liquor and Whores and Baseball $100 Roto league

    Yeah. One is for me and one is for a friend named Moss. I still need one sent to me at justinsralla@yahoo
  5. Liquor and Whores and Baseball $100 Roto league

    Check your PM. Me and this other drunk are down.
  6. Arian Foster 2016 Season Outlook

    Monster RB when healthy. Props to him for leaving the game when he realized he was no longer effective rather than draining an organization of money and a roster spot. I wish the best of luck to his salad eating %%#!
  7. Doug Martin 2016 Season Outlook

    This guy is freaking killing me!
  8. Doug Martin 2016 Season Outlook

    Waiver Wire Radio ‏@WaiverWireRadio 3m3 minutes ago Per ESPN, Doug Martin on schedule to return against SF this week.
  9. Ezekiel Elliott 2016 Season Outlook

    I thought people were crazy for drafting a rookie RB top 10 overall. Turns out I'm the crazy one.
  10. Will Fuller 2016 Season Outlook

    Tell me about it. I had to plug in Foster as a replacement in my flex because of it. Got a whopping 2.5 points out of him. Thanks a lot for the good info Mr "reporter"!
  11. Arian Foster 2016 Season Outlook

    Hopefully he can make it through practice without tearing something else.
  12. Deandre Hopkins 2016 Season Outlook

    Drafting Fuller with the 121st pick feels so good right about now.
  13. Josh Gordon 2016 Season Outlook

    What a loser. Rehab is for quitters.
  14. Brady Aiken - SP CLE

    Have fun in college buddy!