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  1. Buh-bye Nola, buh-bye loser
  2. The NY media hyped him up to be some super hero called the Dark Knight when he is really just a guy that throws hard and straight.
  3. It's a brutal job being Astros fan.
  4. Tunsil will got to the Raiders. He fits their image perfectly.
  5. Is Hillman running backwards or what?
  6. Will Evans even catch a pass today?
  7. This guys skill set is about equal to Alfred Blue's. I cant believe he is still owned in 98% of ESPN leagues. I wouldn't even use my #12 waiver claim on him.
  8. No, he just sucks.
  9. Most drops by a receiver in a single game(6) in 10 years per SBN.
  10. Thanks for the 5 ERA since the trade bro.
  11. I don't think this is on the Mets. They didn't know about the innings cap, Dr Andrews is apparently oblivious to it... I think it's just Boras. Great write up here: http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/boras-to-blame-for-matt-harveys-innings-saga-with-mets/ Several major league teams – the Toronto Blue Jays among them – have moved away from using percentage-based innings calculations to determine what constitutes overuse for pitchers, specifically those coming off Tommy John surgery, for a simple reason: They haven’t worked. And I contacted four GMs over the weekend – guys I know pretty well – and asked them whether they’d ever heard Dr. James Andrews be that specific about innings limits. All of them have had multiple players or pitchers who have had surgery performed by Andrews; none of them have ever heard Andrews dictate a hard and fast innings limit. “In fact, he stresses the difference in pitchers,” said one. “Scott is full of (expletive deleted). He’s looking out for himself. Last winter he told everybody that one of the selling points with Max Scherzer was that he hadn’t thrown as many innings as some other big free agents – that teams were getting a fresher arm. This is all about making money off Matt Harvey down the road.”
  12. The Mets management is a clown show. I hope they blow the divisional lead to the Nats and miss the wild card. That organization deserves it. It would be great to see Harvey cry too this year. Puss.
  13. deGrom looks filthy and Harvey looks mediocre. Should of, would of, could of but I took this guy. More like DarkCrap.
  14. Reds GM will probably want half of someones farm system for a half season rental after this two hit gem.