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  1. My favorite thing about this site was the Jeff Fisher blurbs the past few years. I knew this one would be absolutely savage and it didn't disappoint.
  2. You are correct, you can make moves now.
  3. Southern Steeler selects Trevor Siemian and drops Devin Smith Ironcocks selects Tyrell Williams and Tyler Gaffney Carl Spackler selects Jalen Richard, Cameron Brate, Jeff Heuerman, and Trevor Davis That's it! I've already added them to your rosters except for Tyler Gaffney, you need to drop somebody Ironcocks then you can add him. It's first come first serve starting at 8 PM EST.
  4. I'll change it in prestige league as well, I usually just push through most trades anyways because I don't see a reason to be forced to wait.
  5. That's correct and that works out perfect for this season as well. Saturday will be the cut off time again.
  6. FA Draft 1. El Iguanodon (megamoviejohn) - Dante Fowler Jr. DE Jac 2. Ironcocks (Iron-cock) - OTC 3. The Expendables (Mek Daddy) - 4. Chalupa Batman (Du5t3r) - 5. Rolling Twenties (Drake) - 6. Peter's Team (justgunz3) - 7. Soulcrusher (predator_05) - 8. Sasquatch Hunters! (merkman_21) - 9. AHERNSHOTME2 (ArmchairGM) - 10. No Romo (stankyleg ) - 11. Lambeau Leap (sportsguy21792) - 12. Young Guns (CdnFan) - 13. Soul crusher (Predator_05) - 14. ToO_BaD (ToO_BaD) -
  7. Joiquing Off can now pick because the 24 hour time limit has passed.
  8. Sexy sacks man selects Kenneth Dixon!
  9. I'm sorry about that, I'll select Myles Jack LB JAC
  10. Edit 1 second...
  11. Peters Team time limit is up so we can continue with the draft, I've emailed the new owner he's OTC and he should pick soon on the yahoo message boards. He hasn't made a roto account yet but he will soon.
  12. He was replaced last night, he didn't have the time to play this season. I believe the best way to contact the new team is email them, their team name is sexy sacks man.
  13. Round 2 15. El Iguanodon (megamoviejohn) - Jordan Howard RB Bears16. Ironcocks (Iron-cock) 17. The Expendables (Mek Daddy) - 18. Chalupa Batman (Du5t3r) 19. Rolling Twenties (Drake) 20. Peter's Team (justgunz3) 21. Sdlions (Thefatman82) 22. Sasquatch Hunters! (merkman_21) 23. AHERNSHOTME2 (ArmchairGM) 24. No Romo (stankyleg) 25. Lambeau Leap (sportsguy21792) 26. Young Guns (CdnFan) 27. Chalupa Batman (Du5t3r) 28. Too BaD (ToO_BaD)
  14. Hunter Henry TE Chargers
  15. Round 21- Carl Spackler - Dwayne Allen - TE - IND2- Joiquing Off - Devontae Booker - RB - DEN3- Unemployed Sofa Kings (From Ktownracer now owned by Somebody Kill Me) - Kenneth Dixon - RB - BAL4- El Iguanodon - Will Fuller - WR - HOU5- Southern Studs - Paul Perkins - RB - NYG6- Boats N Hoes - Deandre Washington - RB - OAK7-$1000 Bounty - Wendell Smallwood - RB - PHI8- Spike Rules - Malcolm Mitchell - WR - NE9- El Iguanodon (From Iron Cocks) - Kenyan Drake- RB- MIA10- Unemployed Sofa Kings - traded to Houston Targarynes - Picks Tyler Boyd WR Cincy11- Meep - OTC12- Houston Targaryens Forgot my pick, also I dropped Tre McBride.