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  1. Its over the Lakers wont make the playoffs which means he will get shut down.
  2. League starts in 1 month and a half so I have plenty of time but I want to get an idea of who to keep for this upcoming season. This is my roster with the following positions: 1 catcher, 1 first basemen, 1 second basemen, 1 shortstop, 1 second base/short stop, 1 third basemen, 1 thirdbase/firstbasemen, 4 outfielders, 1 DH C- Yasmani Grandal, Buster Posey 1B- Carlos Santana, Eric Hosmer, Matt Olson 2B- Asdrubal Cabrera 3B- Mike Moustakas, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. SS- Didi Gregorious, Amed Rosario, Jorge Polanco OF- Jose Martinez, Jesse Winker, Ender Inciarte, Michael Brantley, Nick Markakis DH- Nelson Cruz PITCHERS SP - David Price, Jake Arrieta, Justin Verlander, Eduardo Rodriguez, Jack Flaherty, Nick Pivetta, Rich Hill, Alex Wood CP- Edwin Diaz, Blake Trenien
  3. zubat is a young talent and they trade him for nothing. Ok...
  4. Zubat has been traded to the clippers. must own?
  5. Lol LaVar at it again
  6. thats an insane offer to turn down for a player who doesnt want to play with you anymore.
  7. Wow I praised Lonzo and he rewards me with an injury.
  8. Not but listen I bought his signature signed sneakers for $1000 plus tax and they lied to me. It did not come in a light up glass case like they said it would only in a regular sneaker box that has long been thrown away due to the box breaking easily over time. I need these shoes to be worth thousands of dollars in the next 10 years. Investment is key and Lonzo is the future.
  9. This weeks matchup hes is averaging a great 18.5 ppg 7 rebounds 8 assists 1.5 steals shooting 44% FG NASTY. Top 20 player right there and its only his second season.
  10. Classic BUY LOW moment. RUN, TAKE A TAXI, AN AIRPLANE, TELEPORT! dont walk to go and offer something for Lonzo "Magic" Ball. His time is now and its showing, only will improve from here. Maybe someone like Tobias Harris will get it done.
  11. he only attempts 1 free throw per game so his ft percentage doesnt hurt you. Hes a ball handler so 2.2 TO is expected and 40% fg isnt that bad. listen i bought his shoes for $1000 plus tax and it didnt come in a light up glass container just a regular shoe box but by the time hes retired the shoes will be worth $10,000 or more