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  1. Realy like ARob at that price. He's not sexy but.. - #1 receiver on his team. - a year removed from the ACL tear. - year two in the system. -positive regression from Trusbisky (at least you'd expect/ hope) Sorry for derailing the thread
  2. I apologize if this has been discussed earlier in the thread. But were do you guys think he'll be going late August? In early drafts with the uncertainty of his suspension length, he's going in the 5th round. If there's no update in that regards by draft time, safe to say you'll have to reach for him in the 3rd. Were do you guys see this going?
  3. Gordon missed 3 games last year, weeks 13 through 15 and Austin Ekeler in a lead role looked awful. He started week 13, and 14. And proceeded to get injured in the process. Not bellcow material if you ask me. For me Justin Jackson would be the more intriguing RB if Gordon were to miss some game..And that being said, I want no shares of that RBBC. Both IMO would be mediocre..
  4. Godwin for me. Best value of the bunch. And his upside could be through the roof. kupp will continue to be Goff’s BFF. But the ACL injury is a concern.. If kupp struggles to come back to form, you’ll regret keeping him. Where I feel Godwin has at least a pretty safe floor with minimum risk at that price tag.
  5. I'm a Drake truther also. leaning towards this but Jones instead of Adams. Like I said in my previous post, Adams has a real chance to fall back to me at the 7 spot. But the real kicker here is Drake. A 5th round cost is risky because i'm getting zero value in terms of what he costs. So this needs to be his year, and i'm willing roll the dice it happens.
  6. Yes what i failed to mention, and I apologize because it's a very important variable it this whole equation is: players who've been previously kept, then traded the following year, may no longer be kept... Many are falling back in the pool.. So the likelihood of Adams falling to me at 7 is pretty good.. Thanks for the insight
  7. very solid team. The X factor for me is tyreek Hill. If he can come out of this ordeal somewhat unscathed, your team is dynamite. I agree with the post above that kyler Murray is at this point a dart throw but could work out admirably. Your Flex spots are your weak point. Don’t like Murray or the rookie unless gurley goes down or they scale back significantly his touches. Which in that case it would be a RBBC anyways with Brown. So if this was my team I’d stand pat because you still have many questions marks with hill, hunt and how those wideouts will perform. And also Hyde could be a little gem if he manages to unseat Williams.. But all in all very solid team.
  8. I have the 7th pick. We don’t divulge our keepers until draft day, which makes it tricky (which I also hate). Can’t be sure who falls to me at the 7th spot, but will have a rough idea closer to draft day. By letting Adams go, it’s a real possibility he falls back to me at the 7 spot. So I can simply redraft him if I chose to do so.. now as for Mixon. I like him but growing more worried about him in this new offence. I hear rumblings they’ll troll out more of gio Bernard in the passing game. Me don’t like hearing that! And at a 2nd round cost, I’m thinking I could find better value with either Drake (5th round cost) or keke (15th round cost). But maybe I’m just over thinking this and Mixon is the way to go.
  9. Hi all, keeper league PPR. I need to keep two of the following. Devante Adams(1) Joe Mixon(2) Kenyan Drake(5) Aaron Jones(10) Keke Coutee(15) Jones is a lock, but struggling with the other one.. thoughts Thanks
  10. Agreed. And at his ADP, yes please! The yardage could be a little problematic but as long as he has Edelman and White healthy, great value ...Dink and dunk all season long and just pound the ball with Sony (that is if his knee(s) don't explode mid season).
  11. Yeah that's fair. Come to think of it, it's not all that unreasonable. A few games of 5-227-3 mixed in with many 4-31-0. lol
  12. Amari Cooper and Dak My brother-in-law (delusional cowboys fan) thinks Amari Cooper will be a top 5 WR. And Dak will be a top ten QB (which isn’t all that bold). But I mostly just want Cooper to fall flat and be that frustrating inconsistent player we’ve all grown accustom to throughout his career. As an eagle fan, that would make me smile!
  13. Allison all the way for me too...Ross might never get it, and at this point he's simply a speed demon...a few slash plays here and there, whereas Allison has a legit shot at breaking out.
  14. Yeah personally and just out of preference, I would go WR/WR in that spot. The idea of snatching up two top 5 receivers is too tempting for me especially in a PPR format. You'll find some really good value at RB in the later rounds..While most will be drafting WRs, you can focus on RBs. There's a nice tier of RB's in the 3rd round. The Fournette's, Freeman's and Kerryon Johnson's of the world are all ripe for the picking..And you can also focus on pass catching backs like James White and Tevin Coleman in the even later rounds which have tremendous value in PPR. Some of these guys will produce solid RB2 and even RB1 numbers some weeks as we witnessed with White most of last season. Hope that helps? Cheers