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  1. I checked Twitter before RW and this article came up - made it sound like he was already on it: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/03/indians-to-select-contract-of-hanley-ramirez-place-francisco-lindor-on-il.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  2. 2 times up with the bases loaded and both times empty... can't defend that
  3. So tough cause he has been pretty unlucky with that sub .250 BABIP and below 20% K-rate. Like right before I wrote this he hit a hard liner right into the glove of Ryan Zimmerman with the bases loaded... gotta believe those hits will start falling at some point.
  4. My team is anti-clutch today - in a tight matchup against a big time rival in my H2H league and my team decided to take the weekend off.
  5. Better to make sure he's 100% than play at 80% like the Mets did with Yoenis
  6. don't look now but his bat appears to be waking up from a Snow White-like slumber 6 game hitting streak and a homer tonight - maybe that'll have some sort of psychological effect on his legs and he'll start swiping bags this week
  7. wouldn't read too much into the Cubs lineup tonight cause they played a 16 inning marathon last night
  8. once he's hitting leadoff... giddy up as long as he keeps his batting eye this good. I am THIS close to swapping out Hamilton for Smith
  9. Looks like the ride might be ending with Grandal
  10. Looks like a 10 day DL stint is coming
  11. gotta throw rants out there for Wilson Ramos and Yasiel Puig - wake up!
  12. Probably gonna get the day off tomorrow against Archer