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  1. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    People can submit as many as they want cause we use a rolling waiver order through the year.
  2. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    3.5 Antonio Calloway
  3. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    I believe creamy has been replaced this year
  4. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    I traded my fourth to Carolina not my third.
  5. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    I’ll take courtland Sutton.
  6. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    I’m good thanks.
  7. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    I’ll take sam darnold. I’m not sure the username for little giants.
  8. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    This pick 1.5 and my fourth 4.5 are traded to Carolina blues for mike Williams and pick 2.2.
  9. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    So do we need a second replacement for creamy? I’m also looking to trade back if anyone wants to throw me an offer.
  10. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    No waivers this year?
  11. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    Looks like we're ready to start. No time limit in the first round. Round 1 SouthernSteeler - OTC Carolina Blues Little Giants CreamySteelers Unemployed Sofa King Brady's Forte Pack Attack IronCocks Shhh Only Tears Now Grey Ghost of Gouda Sexy Sacks Man El Iguanodon
  12. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    Sorry for the delay. I’ve traded this pick and my fourth round pick to hostile takeover for Julian Edelman.
  13. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    Anybody wanna Throw a trade offer my way for this pick? I’m willing to take older players if they can contribute this year.
  14. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    Anthony Miller. I think southern steeler is up.
  15. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    Just posting here to see if Little Giants, CreamySteelers or Shhh Only Tears Now are on here to see if they are returning this year.