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  1. Never sit your studs, people!
  2. Good to see Marcell's power return tonight -- it had been a couple of weeks since his last homer, though that was a double-dong night, so let's just say he banked one for the following week. The best part is that he's sustained a plus average even though the balls haven't been leaving the yard. Promising sign that he's really breaking out and not just having a couple of good months with batted ball luck. Top 10 OF for the season? I wasn't sure before, but it definitely seems like a reasonable projection.
  3. 14th out of 30 in team OPS. It's an okay lineup, nothing special. Even if he meets those projections -- and it's always risky to try to project a quarter season out to a full season, especially in R/RBI which fluctuate wildly based on how the team's doing -- that doesn't make him particularly valuable. There isn't a perfect OF comp for those numbers, but Steven Piscotty went .273 with 22 HR, 86 R, 85 RBI, and 7 SB last year, which was good enough to make him the #66 hitter on the ESPN player rater. That's not too shabby, but that's with 10 points of average and a couple more bombs. I'd characterize Kepler's level of production so far as "good, but replaceable", and my guess is people just aren't buying that level of production for a full season, and are hunting for upside plays instead of boring but stable production. I can see the case for 30-40 start%, but he was dropped in my 10-teamer and nobody bit. I thought about it, but grabbed Maybin instead for SB. Without a standout skill, he seems like Just a Guy.
  4. From 3rd in the NL in team OPS last year to 9th so far this year. I have him in all three of my leagues and started him everywhere tonight, so great to see him be dominant in Coors, but frustrating to not get any offense (not like it would have mattered with the 8-spot the Rockies put up against the Cards bullpen.
  5. Yeah, he looked good out there. It's a shame he didn't get much run support and the bullpen blew the win, but I'm glad I started, and I'm liking the upcoming Pirates/Padres matchups a lot.
  6. Bauer might not make two starts because Kluber's coming back, and one of he or Tomlin is going to get booted from the rotation.
  7. Oh, great, it's a re-run of that classic game show "Let's Argue About Very League-Specific Start/Sit Decisions As If We Know What's Best For Everyone Else's Teams." *changes channel*
  8. So, I just caught up with my Fangraphs podcast listening, and Sporer owned this mistake, and is now calling CarGo a buy. Sounds like he just didn't dive that deeply into CarGo's performance and just casually agreed with Collette. I'd rather have an analyst who owns their mistakes, but that's a pretty big one.
  9. Yeah, I get that identifying breakouts and teasing out a tiny bit of signal from a whole lot of noise in small samples of play is a difficult job, and I'm not saying I didn't consider selling low on CarGo recently, but to recommend cutting him for flavor-of-the-week guys? How has CarGo earned less of a leash than Schwarber? Totally baffling.
  10. Saves ain't got no face, but they do have a Hand now.
  11. Hand's been getting himself into jams the last couple of nights and throwing a lot of pitches. If he's going to last in the role / be an attractive trade target for the Nats, he's going to have to figure out how to be more efficient.
  12. Mike Fiers: the cure to any slugger's home run drought. (And yes, 3 games apparently qualifies as a "drought" for JD this season.)
  13. It's in the name of the site. But enjoy your fantasy football game played with baseball stats. Yeah, I can see ol' Ground Chuck being the better H2H asset, depending on the details (categories / points / etc.) But if your comment is format-specific and you don't indicate it as such, it's going to lead to this sort of confusion
  14. Then you're choosing the lesser pitcher. Even after today's "crushing" of your ratios (no idea how 4.32 / 1.20 is "crushing", but whatever) he has a 2.87 ERA and a 1.10 WHIP. Those are plus-plus numbers (in two roto categories) in today's starting pitcher environment. Their respective player rater rankings were Nova 21 and Morton 35, because what Morton gives you in one category he loses (and then some) in two categories. Obviously it's needs-based -- as I said above, if you're lagging in Ks, you take the guy who gives you Ks. But as a roto asset, Nova's the better play, and honestly, Morton's recent success sort of came out of nowhere and might disappear just as quickly, whereas Nova has shown consistent improvement.