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  1. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    [ Fangraphs derail removed. If you guys really want to debate Fangraphs vs. RW vs. other sources of analysis, do it somewhere else, e.g. here. ]
  2. Khris Davis 2018 Outlook

    [ Complaints about "why haven't they DLed this guy yet" do not help anyone assess a player's fantasy outlook, which means they do not belong here. Clubs routinely wait as long as possible to DL their players, and at no time does "what about your fantasy team" enter into their equation. The Vent & Rant thread is here for those who need it. ]
  3. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    10-team 5x5 dynasty. Gave Miles Mikolas and Walker Buehler to get Kenley Jansen and Brandon Belt. Making a title run, so not so worried about the loss of Buehler's dynasty upside, which was the price I had to pay to get a reliable source of saves and an average-safe bat with some power, though probably not the crazy power he's shown so far.
  4. Walker Buehler 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, he's definitely going to have his workload managed. If you're an owner in a dynasty league and you're in contention, now might be a good time to see who's interested. Everything looks great here, but you know he'll be limited in what he can give you this season, so he's probably worth more to a rebuilding/retooling team than he is to yours. Meanwhile, we don't really know what form his innings limit is going to come in -- he could just have starts skipped here and there, which ties up one of your reserve spots, or he could end up with a phantom DL injury, which works fine if you have the DL slots but could be problematic if you don't... Might be worth it to get ahead of the curve (and any potential blow-up outings or freak injuries) and see if you can cash out now.
  5. Steven Souza 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, even in deeper 5 OF formats I'm seeing many better options available on my waiver wires. The average was always going to be questionable, but the hope was that the D'Backs offense could put him in a good spot to add some R/RBI upside to his power/speed skill set. Even with JD leaving you could squint at the lineup going into the season and feel pretty good, but with Goldy lost in the wilderness, AJ back in his natural habitat, and the rest of the lineup being a bunch of Robins without their Batman, Souza looks a safe drop almost everywhere.
  6. Walker Buehler 2018 Outlook

    Nolan disagrees.
  7. Matt Carpenter 2018 Outlook

    It's... happening?
  8. Miles Mikolas 2018 Outlook

    What a show he put on tonight. The KC offense is bad, but they're among the best teams at avoiding Ks, and Miles made them look like a AAA lineup today, scattering 4 hits with 9 Ks and just one walk. Fangraphs' Paul Sporer and NIck Pollack were pretty far apart on Mikolas in a recent podcast, with Sporer dinging him because of the lack of K upside. I doubt we've seen a transformation here, but this was a statement outing.
  9. Chase Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, but that was back when he had a couple extra ticks on his velocity and and an 8.5ish K per 9 to go with it. I just don't see that guy out there right now when I watch his outings. I guess it depends on how you play and what your roster configuration is. In a standard Yahoo or ESPN league with only 8 or 9 pitching slots, an SP 5 or 6 is basically your last starter or a reserve, and I prefer to use those slots to cycle through guys with more upside, or to stream in favorable matchups. I'm not one of those "strikeouts are everything" guys, but from a pure roto math standpoint, the farther away a guy is from a K per inning, the more elite their ratios have to be, and I'm just not seeing it. Miles Mikolas is rosterable despite his pedestrian K numbers because his control and ground ball numbers are both outstanding. Anderson doesn't have either of these going for him. In 15-team I can see holding, but in 10 or 12 I'm out unless my staff is really weak.
  10. Chase Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Really had high hopes for Chase this year, but I don't think the strikeouts are ever coming back. The D'Backs offense own the 3rd highest K% in baseball, but he could only manage 3 Ks tonight, which will bring his K/9 down into the 5.8 range. Even Ivan Nova has a 6.8ish K/9 this season, but he's doing it with almost two fewer walks per 9 in a much better home park. Can't sell him for anything, but I see no reason to hold at this point. Getting off this train before it derails.
  11. May Closer Thread 2018

    [ Let's take the "Pay for saves or not?" tangent over to the strategy thread. ]
  12. Michael Hermosillo Outlook 2018

    [ We don't really regulate the caliber of players who are worth of an outlook thread here, but "guy went to the same high school as my daughter" is very much a Cool Story. If you think this guy really deserves a thread, try again with a more fantasy relevant post. ]
  13. Khris Davis 2018 Outlook

    Just tweaked his right quad on a routine groundout in the 4th and went back with the trainer. Weekly leaguers especially keep an eye out to see if he gets replaced at DH today. Could be looking at a DTD situation at least.
  14. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    [ Reminder: Cool Stories here, completed trades here. This thread is for discussion of Soto's fantasy outlook, not your trades involving him, or how you acquired him. ]