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  1. There goes #11, tying his career high with plenty more games to play. Guy is locked in right now. Just wish they'd play him at 1B when he's not behind the dish now that Bour is hurt.
  2. I dropped Nunez last year when he was traded from the Twins and he started to lose playing time, but he seemed to return to fantasy relevance pretty quickly. The BOS lineup is clearly more stacked than the SF lineup, but there's no guarantee Devers hits, and injuries happen, so I'm going to hold him as a bench bat for a little while. Rough for those of us who need his SB upside with a safe average, though.
  3. #27 went unnoticed last night, so Cody decided to give us #28 tonight. A dead-pull hitter made the adjustment on a curve ball and mashed it to center. That's 28 bombs in 81 games, or a 56 homer pace. Not bad for a kid who can barely drink legally. Average is holding steady in the .270 range. Your comments, @NyMetsfan5?
  4. In 15-team redraft: Gave: Khris Davis, Danny Salazar, and Jose Berrios Got: Aaron Judge and Jeff Samardzija I grabbed Salazar off the wire after he was sent down, so he didn't cost me anything. Love what he did last time out, but I think that'll be his best outing of the season, so a great time to sell high. Shark's ERA is unsexy, but the Ks and WHIP are there, and I think he'll come around and at least be in the 4 ERA range ROS with lots of innings. Berrios has been up and down and I think he'll be top 40 ROS, but I've got pitching depth with MadBum, CarMart, Wood, Faria, Nola, and Duffy, which is pretty solid for a 15-teamer. And what can you say about Judge that hasn't already been said. His average will come down, but he'll still finish ahead of Khris, and he'll pick up way more R/RBI in a better lineup.
  5. We had to expect serious average regression -- I still think he can take a step forward in the category ROS, but he was never going to be a .290+ hitter. The power is legit, though, and I expect that will keep him among the top 10 SS, but probably toward the back end of it.
  6. I don't see the problem. Homers are never going to be dispersed evenly among the weeks of the season. Even guys having monster seasons like Ozuna are going to have a cold two weeks, three weeks, even a month. Hell, Dozier had an ice cold 2+ months last year and finished with 40+ bombs. Ozuna's still been a plus average in this "quiet" period, which means the low R/RBI totals are probably a function of luck of having no runners on, not getting driven in, etc. I see nothing at all to worry about here.
  7. Getting a double-dong from your catcher is always great, but it's especially nice from a guy with a career high of 11 bombs. He's one short of that with more than 60 games to play. Way to be, JT.
  8. Whatever smoke and mirrors allowed this bum to get by earlier this year and last year shows no signs of returning, and with minus velocity, he has nothing else to fall back on, and no elite upside to justify holding. Pitcherlist still has him ranked in the 60s but I have to figure today's trash job is going to kick him off the top 100 entirely. Still 55% owned but he's definitely my next drop if anything interesting shows up on the wire.
  9. Helped off the field with a leg injury, probably headed to the DL. Same old story with this guy.
  10. Nice to see him swipe a bag in his first game back -- no worries about that thumb, I guess.
  11. Zero.
  12. Mmmm, check the velo drop on that slider.
  13. Well, crap. That came out of nowhere, as much as a UCL tear to a power pitcher can come out of nowhere. I wonder if his recent blowups were partially a result of him trying to play through the injury, as opposed to the usual Pineda blowups we owners have come to expect. Going to be tough to hold on in my dynasty league for a couple of years with only 5 DL slots. I could see him being very useful at the end as many guys are after TJ, but I have a hard time believing I won't have 5 more useful players on the DL between now and then.
  14. Maybe, but what we really like is when these questions are asked in the appropriate forum.
  15. Meanwhile: Deadspin: KatyPerrysBootyHole And Wetbutt23 Broke The Jose Quintana Trade Because it's 2017, so of course they did.