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  1. [ @Dexter75@pastorofmuppets2, that's enough.]
  2. [AC discussion removed. Take your "start X over Y" questions here.]
  3. 2/4 with a combo meal tonight. Hits in 5 of his last 6. Yellow flag is up for those victory laps.
  4. [A partial list of things this thread doesn't need any more of right now: personal attacks, victory laps, dunking on others. If the sum total of your comment is "I'm awesome for predicting this" or "you suck because your guy got injured", that's not helping anyone.]
  5. Automated Message A thread for Andy Dalton already exists: Please check the thread index and do a search before posting a new outlook thread.
  6. [Posts removed. "Should I drop Player X for Thompson" is an AC question. "Got Thompson for $x last night" is a Cool Story that needs to go in the CSB thread. If you're responding to these AC/CSB posts, your response is getting deleted as well, so perhaps consider whether this is the best use of your time today.]
  7. The Fantasy Feedback forum is where questions/complaints/suggestions like this need to go. Someone already requested this earlier in the season: We discussed it as a staff, and there was still a belief that the drawbacks of a FAAB thread in this forum outweigh the advantages. The thread details some of the reasons why. I locked that thread because people were using it as a place to ask their FAAB questions rather than a place to discuss the merits of talking FAAB in Football talk, but I'll unlock it for folks to make their case that we should reconsider in the future.
  8. Automated Message A thread for Ty Johnson already exists: Please check the thread index and do a search before posting a new outlook thread.
  9. [Nope, not doing a Kaep derail in here, guys.]
  10. [Posts removed. FAAB / "should I use a #x waiver claim" questions belong in the AC forum.]
  11. [We're getting really close to lock o'clock here if people keep using this thread as a sounding board for their non-fantasy-relevant takes. Your opinion of AB as a person, the accuser, or other people posting here will not be a topic of discussion here.]
  12. [Posts removed. Read the notice at the top of the thread re: FAAB discussions. Thanks.]
  13. [Posts removed. Whether you intend it or not, discussion of your trades is going to turn into a league context-dependent AC discussion, so it belongs there.]
  14. [Cool Stories removed. Your team's record doesn't provide any useful information about a single player's fantasy outlook.]