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  1. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    Redraft owners: Dynasty owners:
  2. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    @handyandy86 and @dashoe, you guys need to make your points without engaging in personal attacks. If after so many volleys back and forth you're at the point where you're calling foul about how the other person is arguing, perhaps it's time to agree to disagree, or perhaps take things to PM.]
  3. This thread is for "cool stories" about your leagues and teams. When you feel the need to brag about your individual team, your awesome value picks, taking advantage of your league mates in lopsided trades, or whatever else strikes your fancy, this is the one and only place you can go in the fantasy football talk thread. Cool Stories posted in other threads will be removed or moved here at the discretion of the RW forums staff.
  4. Good time to start a 2018 thread, as the Marlins fire sale continues, with Yelich as the beneficiary. The early ADP numbers suggest he was getting valued at 15-20 before the trade -- he was OF17 in the 2-early mocks, but had slipped to 20 in NFBC after the Gordon/Stanton/Ozuna deals. Now he goes from one of the worst parks for left-handed power to one of the best. We saw how that worked out for Travis Shaw, and with the improved lineup situation, I have to think this vaults Yelich into the back-end top 10 conversation. Before the deal, Fangraphs Depth Charts projections have him at .293/.377/.463 with 18 HR, 72 RBI, 86 R, and 12 SB. I'll be interested to see what the change in scenery does to those projections, but the R will certainly be in triple digits, and RBI should easily get past 90. And given that he's got a career 18/41 home/away split on his home runs, I feel like the HR upside could be into the 30s. Just doubling his away homers from last year gets him to 22, and considering Miller Park's a lot more friendly for lefty homers than the average MLB park... Yeah, 25 should be doable. The draft hype is going to be insane. Congrats if you dealt for him in dynasty before this news broke!
  5. Adalberto Mondesi a Keeper? WHIR

    Sure, but if I'm understanding the funky keeper setup the OP describes, the decision to keep an RP takes away *two* keepers. So it's more like a transaction where on one side is Hader and whoever you get in the draft in the keeper rounds (some other team's 11th or 12th best player), and on the other side you have Bader and someone like Olson, Aguilar, or Taillon. That's a lot of near-term value to be throwing back to get a middle reliever, no matter how talented he is.
  6. Adalberto Mondesi a Keeper? WHIR

    I don't play in any keeper leagues that aren't full keep forever dynasty, so I'm not really sure how this 6/8/10 keeper stuff affects things. Sounds like it depends on what caliber of players would be available in the keeper rounds. I guess if you've got a few teams with crazy depth (*and* they don't trade that depth in the offseason to consolidate their talent in their top 10 players), then it's possible that the guys they throw back are useful enough. But the fact that you lose two keepers for it and only get one pick in return makes me think that this option is a sucker bet unless you have Sanchez at C or Kimbrel at RP. Like, with Ramos: I get the catcher scarcity thing in a deep league, but Ramos is on the wrong side of 30 with a significant injury history at a tough position, and we don't know where he's going to end up team context-wise. I'd throw him back and hope to find a passable at the position instead of sacrificing another young player with upside. I also understand the desire to keep Leclerc and Hader, but, again, I can't see giving away a back-end keeper for them -- not with this roster, anyway. My 10 keepers would be: Arenado, Acuna, Aguilar, Ozuna, Bader, Mondesi, Olson, Archer, Castillo, Taillon. In the draft, you're going to want to hammer on RP and maybe reach for a catcher, but I think the dynasty value you get by keeping guys like Bader, Olson, Mondesi, and Taillon makes it worth it.
  7. What's up with the Josh Gordon Thread?

    The Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook thread has been locked 5 times in the past two weeks, two of which were just for a few minutes. There were three locks lasting more than a few minutes over the course of the last 14 days, which is a definition of "just about everyday" that I'm unfamiliar with. JG is a fascinating player, so there's a lot to talk about regarding his outlook as a player and as a fantasy asset. We do get some talk about those things, but at times the conversation is overwhelmed by nonsense. You've been around long enough and visit often enough to have seen some of that nonsense, either in this year's JG thread or past ones. Now take whatever ones you do see and imagine that there are hundreds more like them that we're removing. To put some concrete numbers on the problem, there have been some 650 removed comments in there, with a vast majority of them occurring in the past few weeks since the season started. In one day this week, we had to remove 43 comments and edit a dozen or so more just in the Gordon thread. Locking a thread is a last resort, but there are times when it's necessary. "Just delete the comments" assumes there is no cost to doing so -- that we have infinite resources available to remove as many garbage comments as people want to post. Time spent deleting the eighth posting of the same meme in that thread or a dozen comments over the course of a half hour between two people arguing about Gordon's drug use is time that the mod team can't apply to cleaning up other threads. There are plenty of places on the Internet to have a more free-for-all discussion where there's no expectation of staying on topic and no penalty for attacking other posters. We have decided that this community is more valuable when a lot of the nonsense is removed. But removing that nonsense takes time, and when the thread is in a state where a vast majority of the comments aren't saying anything useful about a player's fantasy outlook, we have to make choices how to best spend our time -- and that sometimes means shutting the thread down for a while. Yes, they are. But we have day jobs, families, etc. in addition to the time we spend trying to keep this community going. The idea that closing down one thread for a couple of days in a two week period constitutes an "oppressive society" is absurd. What sort of "speculation, debate, logical theories & plans" can't wait until later that day or the next morning?
  8. A reminder that this is meant to tout players you may find on the WW that you feel other owners should consider - but it's not meant for Bench Coach discussion (who to drop for 'em, owner's lineup decisions, etc. - that's for the Bench Coach Forum), as per the FBB Posting Rules. So, please no BC questions - if it provides general information that all can use, it's fair game. Again, this isn't a thread to ask about players in your league - it's to tout potential WW players. If you believe a guy is worth *consideration*, post away. As for your touts, there are no specifics - but as a guide, as we're talking the WW, feel free to look at the CBS/Yahoo/ESPN ownership rates - it will give a great idea if a guy is really a WW tout or not. As the WW varies, if you have deep league touts, feel free to post - qualifying them for deep leagues has helped in the past. Also, you can stipulate if you think it's a great 1-week play, a streamer, a great long-term play, or whatever...
  9. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    [An anthology of Cool Conner Stories removed.]
  10. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    [Waiver wire recommendations go here.]
  11. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    [Several removed. The waiver wire thread is available if you want some names that are likely to be unowned in a majority of leagues.]
  12. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    [Due to an escalation in hostility, this thread will be locked for a while. When it reopens, it will be under the same terms as the JG thread, where anyone who engages in personal attacks, bickering, and anything else that violates site policy will be subject to immediate suspension of posting privileges.]
  13. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    [Several removed. Josh Gordon is not a Brown anymore, and I swear if this turns into a clone of the Josh Gordon thread, I will turn this thread around.]
  14. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    [Periodic reminder that this thread is for suggesting players to buy/sell at opportune times, not to tell everyone about trades you're thinking of making or have made.]
  15. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    Myers' ADP of 68 this season was too rich for my blood, but I have a feeling I'll be back in for 2019. He won't slip to 200 after coming into 2018 at 68 and adding 3B eligibility this year, but he did have some significant problems getting on the field prior to 2016 and 2017, so I think between the people who draft mostly based on what happened last year and the seasoned Myers owners who were bitten by his early career troubles, the discount will be significant. I think a slip into the 120-130 range is likely, and at that price, I'll take the risk of another injury-riddled season except in the deepest of leagues where the replacement value would be too low.
  16. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    The platoon splits are pretty bad this season, but I see no reason to think he can't figure things out. Career-wise he's 136 wRC+ vs. RHP and 115 vs. LHP, for a difference of about 15%. Freddie Freeman's career splits are 145 and 118 (18% difference), or 149 and 125 (16% difference) if you just want to look at the last 5 years. I'm not saying Bellinger is or will ever be Freddie Freeman, but why can't this just be an off year (dare I say "sophomore slump") where he rebounds to improve things next year? His ADP from the 2early mocks is 41, which isn't as much of a discount as I was hoping for after a disappointing year, but if it starts to slip next year as casual leagues push the ADP down into the 5th round or so (industry players are more likely to stay on a guy after a down year) then I think I'd jump back in.
  17. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    [Hey, I know owners and onlookers are excited here, but let's keep it relevant to Gordon's fantasy outlook and save the meme GIFs and yuk-yukking about 4:20 and cocaine use for your Twitter feed or something.]
  18. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    The decision on what's relevant here isn't yours to make. If you're going to zoom in on a single game performance to make your points supporting Henry, then others are justified using a larger (albeit still very small) sample to support their position.
  19. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    The time to celebrate is when he's back in your lineup and showing no ill effects.
  20. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    [Cool Stories removed. We're seeing a lot of the same usernames posting irrelevant stories about their teams in outlook threads lately. If you're one of them, cut it out. And if you see one, report it or ignore it -- responding makes you part of the problem, no matter how sick a burn your reaction GIF is.]
  21. Aaron Nola 2018 Outlook

    Nola's HR/9 has regressed quite a bit in September, but he's still getting it done. The Phillies broadcast showed this tonight: but I think this is Kapler's plan for winning the division next season:
  22. IDP Rankings/Talk

    (In the Assistant Coach forum, yes.)
  23. After what was kind of a "ho-hum" 2017 for Segura, 2018 looks like it could be interesting. He was 61st in 2017 ADP according to FantasyPros' consensus, and 88th overall on the player rater. So a bit of a disappointment, but not dramatically so -- just sort of a guy, who folks were drafting as if he might be able to climb into the higher tier of SS, but remains well below that level for now. The SB numbers were down significantly, from 33 in 2016 to 22 in 2017, but I think the addition of Dee Gordon to the lineup could bolster those significantly, along with his batting numbers. Now pitchers and catchers are going to be worrying about Dee, both when Segura's at the plate, and in double-steal situations. Could lead to some gimme SB opps for Segura if he bats 2nd as one would expect, and maybe put him in some better counts. And with the likes of Cano, Corey's brother, and Boomstick driving him in... I'm happy to own Segura in a dynasty league even if he didn't return much value in 2017.
  24. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    [Comments removed. Rumors are a dime a dozen. Making oblique references to rumors you've heard rarely goes well around here,. If you don't have a source that people can assess the credibility of, then it's highly likely your rumor isn't worth posting, and is just going to derail the thread.]
  25. Tyreek Hill value?

    [Welcome to the forums, @trevorknowsfantasy. Please make posts like this in the Football Assistant Coach forum. You'll need 10 posts elsewhere before you can post a new topic, as described here. Thanks.]