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  1. Mike Williams gets hurt every f’ing game. And honestly when you watch the replays of the catches he’s attempting to make when getting hurt, it’s understandable.
  2. Damn. The Goff/Zuerlein stack netted me 2 total points.
  3. Hopefully no Fournette? Saw them tending to someone's foot on Redzone FML.
  4. Looks like he got gamescripted out of this one. Thankfully he got that nice TD run.
  5. So did this guy actually re-aggregate his initial injury or did he try and give it a go and call it quits? I have no idea why he even attempted to play given how fragile he is. He should have just sat for the week. Now the hamstring will probably be on watch for the rest of season.
  6. Anything to see this week? Won by .06 points lol
  7. Regarding his pass protection / pass catching ability (or lack thereof): 1. Is there any update or anecdotes on how he’s developed in that area (particularly pass protection) thus far in the season? I think a read a recent post on here or somewhere else about how he still looked lost on a passing play. 2. In recent fantasy football history, is there a good example of a high performing RB who gets absolutely no 3rd down work and partially split the early down work? It kinda sucks this Dare guy is around to cap any potential upside Jones might have in this department. Even if Dare were to pick up an injury, the Bucs probably would just go re-sigh Ellington. Thinking the best play (though no one wants to hear this) is to sell high on Jones to an owner who’s bought into this recent hype (highlights, PFF grade, FF waiver wire columns, etc.) and isn’t aware of the details that create enough probable downside to scare someone off. I know people will counter with “you can’t get anything of value for Ronald Jones so you might as well stick it out”, but I disagree here and think he holds a lot of value in the FF community given his recent performance, draft capital, and the universal perception that Peyton Barber is a JAG. In the past, I’ve let emotions prevent me from going with my gut and selling high (see: Watkins, Sammy) so really trying to avoid another one of those scenarios. I hate to be negative and I hope I’m wrong (if I end up keeping him, of course), but I can honestly still see scenarios where he is severely outsnapped and puts up low single digits numbers on a regular basis, subsequently followed by people bashing Arians and calling him a bad coach (a la McCarthy and Nagy).
  8. RoJo run good https://twitter.com/_SteveFrederick/status/1178484113931689984?s=20
  9. Can anyone who saw these runs comment on how much the penalties impacted the play?
  10. Man, this guy is an absolute turnover machine this season. Any time there’s pressure, there seems to be a 50/50 chance he coughs it up.
  11. Pray he stays healthy. Armstead not horrible. Picked him up prior to game. I suggest anyone who owns Fournette does the same.
  12. What makes you think this is his floor? He was sitting at 3 points until halfway through the 4th.
  13. Waller thrives on garbage time and is allergic to the red zone. Not a great combination if Raiders are in front.
  14. Watkins looked a bit hobbled there after his long catch. Came off the field after the next play... 🙏