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  1. This. Out of nowhere RBs are the most at risk to bust the following season. I’ve akways stayed away. It happens all the time (see: Zac Stacy).
  2. How much did you win by? If less than 6 points, you must have almost had a heart attack on his last run of the game.
  3. Can't believe this guy brought me a championship. Needed him to score more than he's scored all year to win and he came through. Love you Muscle Hamster!
  4. Isn't it D/ST? If so, it should count against them. I know in ESPN it's D/ST (and not just D), but I don't believe they actually do count ST TDs against the D/ST, strangely enough.
  5. Need about 13-14 from Doug Martin. Not holding my breath.
  6. Really should have had a second TD there at the end. Can't believe they went away from him there in favor of Gabbert. Must have been gassed. Feel like he should have had a much bigger day after that first drive.
  7. Can't believe I went up against this guy. Put a bid in for Kelly on Wednesday as I was going up against Gurley owner. Thought I was a genius until rumblings of CJ started making waves. Didn't have anything left to bid on CJ, and my opponent got him over me this morning.
  8. Adams had 11 catches for 70 and a TD fam.
  9. Had to face the Robby and CJ today, both of whom my opponent grabbed over me on waivers this week. I'm toast.
  10. What did Gurley have to do with you playing Blue over Williams?
  11. Davante pleaseeeeeeeeee do something!!
  12. Anyone see that Justin Davis is active? This guy was getting game reps over Kelly before leaving the game last week.
  13. Ebron most likely out with a concussion. Didn't return to sideline after second half.
  14. Thankful for those garbage yards at the end. Wish we could've had more than 58 yards, but better than the 1.6 he was sitting on most of the game.