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  1. In various keeper or dynasty leagues I own every receiver you mentioned in your post with the exception of Baldwin who I'm actively trying to get. I also was one of the few that (incorrectly) thought Arob would better his 2015 production (didn't see Bortles falling apart like that). I think Pryor has the most pure upside of any of those guys. He's the best athlete of the bunch (and it's not close), has the second best qb (behind Wilson), and plays in the most pass heavy offense. The only knock is that he's not an experienced WR. I see that as a positive making what he did last year even more remarkable especially given that pathetic Cleveland passing game. JMO.
  2. Not close at all.
  3. Robert Turbin @mrblonde1984 otc @Impreza178 @impreza187 in the hole
  4. Mrblonde took Terrance West @Impreza178 @impreza187 otc @vikingapocalypse in the hole
  5. Jonathan Stewart @mrblonde1984 otc @Impreza178 @impreza187
  6. Seemed to me that as a DE Irving whipped up on the scrub backup RTs for TB and GB. Could be wrong though. I do like him as a rotational DT though. Just not as a championship caliber DE.
  8. Spencer Ware @mrblonde1984 @Impreza178 @impreza187
  9. DeVante Parker @BlakeP42 otc @Winky in the hole
  10. Dyson pitched 2 innings last night. It's a miracle he was able to get it done today period.
  11. Jerrah is the problem. He's built a culture where character doesn't matter. It's not going to change while he's calling the shots.
  12. I thought Geno was an excellent signing by NYG. He's the only one with a shot to salvage a career IMO.
  13. As much as I liked the Hollins pick he's not Martavius. MB is a super freak athlete. His mix of agility, body control, speed, size is really rare.
  14. Zeke @BlakeP42 otc @Winky IN THE HOLE