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  1. Awful matchup for him. Pitt's best hope tonight is to keep it close, get deGrom out, then attack the bullpen.
  2. Arrieta. Watched a bit of his last start last night and his command is still way off.
  3. In. Would like to throw out the idea though that due to time issues I'd prefer an email or post draft rather than online.
  4. Lots of brainpower on this board. Can anyone explain how this guy is doing this? I haven't watched a single start. Anyone put eyes on him lately? @Fenamo laid out the high level statistical case against him...
  5. Yep. When a hacker isn't dialed in they just rack up 0 for 4s like nobody's business. And they are painful to watch.
  6. Called as in final? No resumption? I'm not up to speed on how these things are handled now.
  7. Strasburg was awesome today. Ran out of gas a bit in the 8th over 110 pitches.
  8. It takes time and effort to do the following (and it's impossible in a weekly lineup league) but AJ is a pitcher that the ballpark AND the umpire are crucial for his success. He's an extreme FB guy with a below average fastball that must live on the corners to succeed. And that's all the corners including the upper edge of the strike zone as his bread and butter curveball works best when the batters eye level is forced to adjust for the high strike. I did NOT watch his start yesterday but did watch his previous one. In that game the ump was awful (shocking these days) and repeatedly didn't call the high strike or the inside strike. In the 4th inning once hitters realized this fact it was bombs away on AJ.
  9. Perdomo actually has some tools to work with. Needs a change up to keep lefties from teeing off on him. Weaver? Simply shouldn't be a mlb starting pitcher imo anymore.
  10. This is kind of an important update.
  11. I respectfully disagree. I think it's location/command but that's incredibly hard to quantify. I've observed that the command goes first...then the velocity drop. Regardless, they keep saying it's mechanics with him. I haven't watched his last four starts but is he unable to finish his pitches?
  12. If you gave me this info in a vacuum my first question would be, "when is this guy going on the DL?" I hadn't compared his year to year numbers but that's a shockingly bad difference.
  13. And Bradley just robbed Healy of a game winning HR.
  14. Peralta just robbed Wil Myers of a homer.
  15. On 3 and 2 leading off the top of the 5th a Morton threw a center cut fastball to Kipnis that he hammered. I question Morton's stamina at this point. Seems to always get gassed around the 5th.