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  1. The trade-off with Snead and Fleener improving their positions is that it can take more opps from Thomas.
  2. He looks better as a RB than WR all things considered.
  3. He looked like Andre Johnson 2015. Done. Couldn't get open.
  4. Norman Tillman Harper That was three starters.
  5. It'll be on the OTs Parnell and Beachum to keep Morgan and Orakpo off Bortles. Those guys are bringing pressure this year. Really wish they'd have Bortles on the move for every pass play. He's much better outside the pocket than inside.
  6. Cleveland. And that's a great example. Detroit SF is another one. It's not just momentum, it's also not getting live at bats.
  7. Hack isn't ready. He's going to need at least one year on the sidelines if not two to undo all the bad habits he developed his last two years at Penn State. Petty may never be ready. Thought he was a system qb at Baylor. Huge learning curve he has to overcome. Start Geno and find out once and for all what he is before he enters free agency. He was the starter for a reason before he got his jaw broken. Fitz has completely regressed and is too easy to defend right now when he's not turning the ball over. The Jets are 1-5. You have NOTHING to lose at this point. Geno may suck too but Fitz isn't the answer next year anyway. Find out if Geno is because if he isn't...well, Romo may be available after the year. ; Or Cutler.
  8. Really depends on the timing. If Cleveland sweeps and is sitting at home for five or six days while Chicago is still playing that greatly hurts them.
  9. I didn't remember Perdo being on that list. If he was then that HELPS Papi's HOF chances. He may have to wait a few years like Piazza did (should have been a first ballot guy) but he'll get in.
  10. Based on the last few pages of this thread looks like there may be a buying opportunity.
  11. When it gets around 20 is when i start to worry.
  12. The Twins were not sabermetrically inclined at all at the time while Boston under Theo very much was. The Twins were very much an old school franchise at the time all about the hit and run and small ball. They didn't like Papi's big swings. Putting the Minnesota Twins’ Decision to Release David Ortiz in Context By Tom Schreier - “Terry Ryan doesn’t feel bad just because he let me go,” Ortiz said. “He feels bad because he also knows the Twins treated me bad.” “I’d take a big swing and my first manager (Tom Kelly) would be screaming at me: ‘Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?’ Are you kidding me? You want me to swing like a little girl? I’ll swing like a little girl,” Ortiz told the media after arriving in Boston in 2004, according toPioneer Press columnist Tom Powers. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/16079386/the-one-got-away-ex-twin-david-ortiz-returns-minnesota-final The ESPN article is even better.
  13. In David's defense for his late breakout, if you look at his minor league numbers they SCREAMED that he was a guy that could absolutely mash. The Twins didn't like his hitting style so they never gave him a true chance and kept wanting him to adjust his approach. One of the biggest screwups of all time. I remember this because I was tracking his career for fantasy and when he finally got PT in Boston I was all over him that year.
  14. Liked your post because you nailed every reason he might not get in first ballot. If I had a ballot though he'd be a no brainer lock first ballot guy. What he did in the postseason alone would overcome any questions. He was the driving force on a team that broke a 90 year curse and won three titles. Our memories of big postseason moments will always include Ortiz. His 2004 ALCS performance is one for the ages. I'd never keep a guy out for a poor post season performance but I'd definitely consider using a positive postseason track record to push someone over the top.
  15. There's your Lindor is Jeter 2.0 moment.