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  1. They all ARE freak athletes. All three of them.
  2. When I think about his Mom, Grandma, girlfriend and family is when I really have to fight back tears. Heartbreaking.
  3. In all fairness they faced that pathetic Chicago group and a KC team that was missing both guards.
  4. Most shocking thing of the night. I really wonder though if Watt had trouble bouncing back off a short week considering he missed a large chunk of camp with back surgery.
  5. Serious comment...I'd sign Aaron Murray off the Philly practice squad.
  6. Wow. Just...wow. I wonder if the Pats could actually get away with starting Edelman at QB and win. Against the Bills...maybe.
  7. Bump bump bump
  8. What's the deal with his toe?
  9. You quoted the wrong guy somehow.
  10. 5th best in run blocking? I'm watching Long get punked every week while trying to play through a torn labrum in his left shoulder and Massie get worked. How they are coming up with 5th best in run blocking this year I have no idea. My guess is that on plays where there is an extra defender and everyone else does a relatively solid job they grade out well. All I know is that I'm seeing a ton of guys in the backfield.
  11. Sayers really was the Koufax of running backs. Brilliant but relatively short career.
  12. The scenario in which they happens is that Washington fumbles away his opportunity.
  13. This. The biggest issue, and the reason I cashed out my Langford stock after watching preseason ball (despite supporting him earlier this offseason), is the OL. Pathetic.
  14. Yeah, the big question is whether he stays in the slot now. Also, for those concerned about his catch rate that's likely small sample size. 12+ targets a game coming with no Moncrief? Sign me up.