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  1. That's the thing about command, a pitch off by an inch would still register in an edge zone but the result can be very different if that pitch leaks an inch inside.
  2. No, but if a pitcher is behind the hitter can take more aggressive swings.
  3. Was he behind in counts more? Instead of being 0-1 and getting to dictate the at bat he was 1-0 and sitting dead red.
  4. Hmmm. Has Dusty said that Turner is going to leadoff over Eaton?
  5. His command was just a little off. Fastballs that were on the black in 2015 were an inch or two closer to the middle of the plate in 2016. OR Castillo not being able to steal him strikes on the edges had him bringing the ball a little closer to the middle. But if spin rate, velocity, and movement are all the exact same it's not the fastball itself, it's the command.
  6. Did his fastball have the same spin rate?
  7. Roster Resource has Ryan Zimmerman batting 8th? I'll be shocked if Dusty has a "respected vet" like Rzim 8th. That Nats lineup is loaded.
  8. Different skill set. Braverman profiles as a slot. We'll see how Dede tests (I'm expecting really well) but he looks like a Djax/John Brown type. Gun to head right now I'm guessing he goes in the second.
  9. Teams like the Cowboys and Packers still grade guys that are unlikely to fall to their pick as part of performing due diligence and in case trade opportunities arise.
  10. I wouldn't write off Braverman yet.
  11. My issue was pulling Zeke on 3rd down in game winning situations. The last couple of drives of the second NYG game. And any 3rd down in the GB playoff game. A player of Zeke's caliber must be accounted for by the defense whenever he is on the field.
  12. We've probably veered to far into discussion of a specific draft prospect. Let's get back to general Bears discussion.
  13. It's not the annual value that matters here, it's the guaranteed money. He'll get at least 30m guaranteed on the open market, probably more. Likely a difference of about 20m total in earnings. That's a huge difference.
  14. That Spencer one is interesting as he suffered a serious knee injury in that timespan which affected his ability to ever get a full market value contract. After signing the second franchise tag offer for the 2013 season he suffered a knee injury that eventually required microfracture surgery. Long story short, he ended up signing two one year deals for about 1m in 2014 and 2015 and was out of the league after the 2015 season. Without going back to look at DE/OLB open market contracts I'm going to assume that the second franchise tag cost Spencer about 20m in earnings.
  15. Generally I agree. I do want to say that Dallas' infatuation with playing Dunbar in some obvious passing situations over Zeke is absolutely maddening.