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  1. I'm not sure he's actually the #1 pass catcher. I'm going with burton now that shaheen is gone.
  2. Wow. If that's true there's going to be a grievance over this issue.
  3. Fry has been outstanding recently.
  4. Yes. Considering acquiring him in a dynasty for next year though just on the chance that something clicks mechanically. Because the raw stuff is sick.
  5. Will Smith with the most painful blown save of the year. Up 6-4. Gets two out, none on. Panik makes an error. Then Odor hits the game tying hr. Brutal.
  6. This dude is just raking the ball. He's now their 4 hitter and should be at the moment. 100% he should take over for Gattis as DH next year.
  7. You're the man @Backdoor Slider
  8. That karate kick on sendejo is amazing.
  9. @The Big Bat Theory Have they done an mri?
  10. Smart move by them. Let him work on his mechanics in games that don't matter.
  11. No argument on the first point. Tapia and dahl should have been playing earlier this season. No need to resign cargo imo. As for Holliday... I'm curious to see what's he's got. He's crushing AAA pitching. Might as well take a shot to see If he can crush LHP at the MLB level.