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  1. So...who's the 3rd down back for the Hawks as the season opens?
  2. I 100% understand your points. 100%. I'm asking for something unprecedented.
  3. Or more targets for my boy Cooks breaking the historic WR target share trend.
  4. Move Ertz to #6.
  5. Great movie. A modern classic.
  6. I'm going to add a couple of more facts that speak to Zeke's lack of judgment: - Urban Meyer had to have a meeting with Zeke in which he had his parents come in. The subject? Zeke's drinking and partying. "I can't have a heavy drinker as a leader on my team." - Joey Bosa, Zeke's roommate, moved out of their apartment prior to their Junior season. Why? To remove himself from the party environment. I'm an Ohio State guy. I'm also a Dallas fan. That's the worst environment possible for a kid with Zeke's makeup.
  7. Lynch had no serious history of concussion issues. His body just broke down on him from the rigors of playing RB in the NFL. Most running backs just hit the wall and they are done once they reach a certain age. And it's a little different for each one. But when the end comes it's sudden and usually irreversible.
  8. Well, Harvin's career was destroyed by injuries and his personality so he's a different case. He arguably would have won a MVP a couple of years ago if he hadn't gotten hurt. Cpat. Nothing I can say there except he wasn't even a good WR in college.
  9. 12 targets per game isn't happening. Not with Strong, Miller, Miller, Fuller in town, a beat up OL, and a new QB. 10 per game? Sure. 11? Maybe but I doubt it. 12? Nope.
  10. In ppr that's the issue with AP historically. Other formats are a different story.
  11. Still a top 5 ppr back to me. This news just drops him behind DJ in my book.
  12. Marshawn Lynch is not the guy you want to use as a plus in the Forte column. Lynch was a top 5 performer in ppr in both 2014 and 2013 before the wheels fell off last year and he was done. Just done. And that's how it usually happens with RBs.
  13. Ha, didn't know that. Those are great examples. Knew I was forgetting some...
  14. I mentioned this somewhere else but my observation is that the WRs you see outplay their measurables, AB, Landry, Lockett specifically, all have something in common - they are DYNAMIC punt returners as well. And punt returns is all about being able to slow the game down in the most chaotic situation possible. It shows a level of football awareness and spacial reasoning that can't be quantified by numbers. Basically what I'm saying is those guys display a level of football awareness and feel for the game that gets lost in a combine setting.