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  1. Didn't say I agreed with it, I've been pretty firm in my opinion that Tyrell is a really talented guy. But BoltUp supported his position with facts.
  2. Now this is a well reasoned response. All very valid points with the exception of the Dez statement since I brought him up only as an illustration of the time it takes some WRs to learn the playbook/run routes.
  3. I didn't say I blame the Raiders or Chargers for leaving. I don't at all, Spanos and Davis just got paid. Business is business. That wasn't my comment at all. I'm saying that using public funds to make billionaires even richer is a foolish and irresponsible practice by cities.
  4. That's on Dusty. All he had to say the first time the question was asked was, "we're going to evaluate all the candidates throughout the all of spring training. We'll inform the candidates of the decision on opening day." Then repeat that same answer consistently. More coaches and managers should study Hoodie's press conferences but their own egos get in the way.
  5. I'm willing to bet that any economic analysis on the profitability of new NFL stadiums built in the last 20 years will show that the city ended up taking a loss on their investment. How many other large events usually happen in these stadiums (leaving out Jerry World)? Two or three max per year? And who gets the profit from these events? I'm guessing the NFL owner since they own the stadium. Full disclosure, I have NOT done the research on the actual numbers so I could very well be wrong.
  6. I watch every play of every game so don't lump me in the highlight/red zone watcher only category. Tyrell was a second year player getting his first major playing time at the NFL level after coming from a small school. Expecting him to have all the nuance and technical aspects of the position down in his first exposure to actual NFL playing time is unrealistic. It took Dez Bryant three to four years before be understood the playbook well enough to be able to be moved all over the formation.
  7. Cities using taxpayer and public funds to subsidize stadiums for billionaires is f'ing asinine. Especially when the stadium is only used 10 times a year including preseason. San Diego, Vegas, Oakland...the city doesn't matter. The practice is ridiculous.
  8. Now that I've seen the details and that there's no signing bonus I just shrug. Not sure what the point of the move is though. Didn't change his cap number in 2017 at all.
  9. Yep, that's the guy.
  10. Because I don't think Inman is anywhere near as talented or versatile as Tyrell. You're free to disagee. Inman is most effective in the slot. Tyrell can play either inside or outside. If anyone's PT is threatened by Inman it should be Benjamin's. They can move Inman inside and Allen or Tyrell outside. Or Benjamin and Tyrell outside while Allen is killing people in the slot. But Tyrell shouldn't leave the field.
  11. I don't want a first or second round pick used on an offensive player. Both should be defensive ends. Yes, both. Great defense starts up front. Third round? I'd prefer a db. Same with 4th round. But if the right tight end fell I'd be a little more open to it. I want to see how Rico Gathers is doing.
  12. I want to know the signing bonus details. I'm not a fan of this decision. I want Dallas to stop compromising their future cap with aging players.
  13. OBP wise Vmart would be a much better candidate for the 2 hole. In reality though his lack of speed, especially with Miggy behind him, would take one base at a time to an extreme. Jup? I'm a huge fan of Nick the Stick though. Reminds me of Braun with just a tick less bat speed.
  14. Profar crushed it in the WBC.
  15. When you say they shouldn't commit all the #1 snaps to Allen and give them to Tyrell do you mean snaps or targets? Snap wise I think they both won't come off the field barring injury. I disagree with the poster above that said Inman will cut into his snap share.