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  1. Stop with the straw men already. Not everyone is complaining about H2H playoffs because they are losing, or their roster has been decimated by injury. My team is cruising to a likely victory in the finals, after being at the top of the league all year, and I also agree that H2H playoffs are horrible in the NBA. It's not that we can't adapt to it, or adjust to it, or deal with the injuries. It's that the game becomes completely different than the rest of the year. Strong teams become awful in the blink of an eye. A person who hawks the waiver wire, even in a deep league, can pick up benchwarmers who outperform even normally stellar players. It's like playing a poker tournament, making the final table, and then surprise! We're playing crazy eights now. (Hope you have a high waiver pick to claim the 8 of spades!) One suggestion I saw that had merit was to have the "true championship" prior to the All-Star break. This would help (not eliminate, but help) with the rest days, benchings, and fake injuries that plague the end of the season. The post-ASB league would be shorter and a competition for some other prize (draft pick choice next year? 2nd place in the league?).
  2. I'm holding, Don't call me an "Okafor Truther," but I still harbor some hope that he plays himself into better condition and gets more minutes towards the end of the year. If you're doing well in your league (and I am), you can afford to be a bit patient here.
  3. Putting in a claim because it's a very deep league (16 x 13) and I have no self-respect. If he puts up 13-7-1b I'll consider that a great victory
  4. "trey-deuce" sounds like something I would do in the bathroom after eating too much at the cafeteria
  5. enough with the ******** legacies already, it's becoming something you can't even talk about seriously because it just makes you look like Skip Bayless
  6. The Heat have the best player. The Spurs have the better team. Usually the team with the best player wins the series, but not always. Fin.
  7. Add Carlos Boozer to the list of non-impressive, non-HOF level teammates of Lebron. Boozer at age 22(pre-prime) for one year while Lebron was a rookie. Probably the Cavaliers' biggest personnel blunder during LeBron's entire time there was the way they handled the Boozer situation. Just unfathomably stupid. Larry Hughes multi-year contract says hello. You're right though - letting Boozer walk for free was a huge blunder. Well as far as I know they had a handshake agreement for the Cavs not to pick up the option for Boozer but instead to sign him to a multi year deal. They didnt pick up a pretty cheap option, and then he went to Utah for more money. It doesn't matter at all if they have a handshake agreement. You have to assume that players will always act in their own self interest, which in this case meant signing with another team. There's a reason no other teams did stuff like this, because the risk is way higher than the potential reward. They could have just given him his extension and then had Bird rights and none of this would have happened.
  8. Add Carlos Boozer to the list of non-impressive, non-HOF level teammates of Lebron. Boozer at age 22(pre-prime) for one year while Lebron was a rookie. Probably the Cavaliers' biggest personnel blunder during LeBron's entire time there was the way they handled the Boozer situation. Just unfathomably stupid.
  9. Obviously Magic didn't need to sign with multiple superstars as a FA, the Lakers already had a bunch of stars. They got Kareem because he demanded a trade out of Milwaukee and would accept only the Lakers and Knicks as destinations. They got Magic (#1 overall) because the New Orleans Jazz signed Gail Goodrich as a FA, had to give the lakers their 1st as compensation, then finished with the league's worst record. They got Worthy (#1 overall) because the Cavaliers' stupid owner, Ted Stepien, traded their first rounder for Don Ford, then the Cavs finished with the worst record in the league. The Lakers won a coin flip for the top spot. The NBA ended up making a rules change because Stepien had made so many short-sighted, dumb trades that his team was screwed for half a decade. So yeah, if you don't take advantage of the stupidity/incompetence of other teams, or benefit from being in a huge media market (which repeated itself with Shaq years later, and then Howard after that, fortunately the latter of which didn't work out at all), then I guess you need to go slumming by agreeing with other stars to play for the same team. How lowly. Things should be more like the 80s when half the teams had absolutely no clue what they were doing and you could just take advantage of them on a yearly basis.
  10. Really? Everyone I heard that talked about the old format said it favored the lower-seeded team.
  11. I can feel the hate. 5-10 years ago. "OMG The Spurs are soooo boring to watch, F The Spurs." As soon as they play the Heat in the finals "GO SPURS!!! They play basketball like it's meant to be played. Duncan and Popovich deserve this!!! F the Heat!!!" To be fair, the Spurs have changed their style since the beginning of their run of titles. To whit, their 1999 team was 19th in the league in pace; the 2003 edition was 20th, the 2005 team was 23rd, and the 2007 squad was 27th. They played slow, and they emphasized post-ups and defense. I heard an interview with Steve Kerr after he accepted the Warriors' job, where he talked about his coaching influences. He mentioned going to the Spurs' offseason coaching retreat one year, about 5 years ago, where Popovich said something along the lines of, "We have to run." That's when they made it Tony Parker's team instead of Duncan's, and played with a much faster pace than they had previously. The last 4 years they have been 14th, 7th, 6th, and 10th in pace. I don't think it's any coincidence that this newfound appreciation for their style of play has coincided with their conscious decision to play at a faster, more entertaining pace.
  12. Hope its a good finals; it ought to be. Kind of want LeBron to win to further quiet the "he's only got 2 rings" crowd, but I also appreciate what the Spurs have been able to do. They play a beautiful brand of basketball.