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  1. The game will be played about 10 miles from where JuJu went to high school, he will have a ton of family/friends there, and the stadium will be filled with approximately 95% Steelers fans. Intangibles to consider, or not.
  2. Up, but his legs are barely working on the walk off the field. Just a matter of time before someone doesn't walk off the field.
  3. What about Miami vs Wash? Washington is just as bad as Miami, and the Dolphins are home after a bye. That's how I'm rolling.
  4. I'm treating it as an injury, but one I knew about beforehand, or something like that. Use Eck up this week, keep him on the bench until the situation clears up, or maybe use him Week 5 too since, well, who knows. Fantasy's fun, isn't it?
  5. Tough week to decide - Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams both come up with mid-week hamstring injuries (Browns have already promoted a practice squad DB), but Austin Blythe is most likely out for the Rams, and if Myles Garrett lines up opposite Jamil Demby, Goff might die. (or at least not make it the entire game.) Edit: Also, rain chance.
  6. I miss that move. (no Yahoo for me this year.) I always dropped my kicker for any available player going on a Thursday. Why not?
  7. All those links you provided to back this up is amazing.