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  1. He got 49er'd. (literally, just no reason given yet.)
  2. I'm talking about the TV schedule when there was no teams here for, you know, 20+ years, not now. Again, all opinion on your side, so I'm done. And I'm sure it ticks you off that I'm a Rams fan, but I am. I'd probably buy you a beer at Free Play.
  3. Sure, some did, and some didn't (including me), but when the Raiders moved back to Oakland that same year, LA Raiders fans stayed Raider fans, and would have wherever they moved. As far as TV, Raiders games were selected to show in LA every week; Rams games were shown, but would get bumped for prime NFC matchups if the networks knew they could get better ratings with those games.
  4. So this was a Rams town a decade ago, when they were in St. Louis? Keep trying.
  5. Nothing provided but your opinion and "I'm a native." Enjoy thinking you're right.
  6. I'm a Rams fan and SoCal native. Ever notice all Raiders preseason games broadcast in LA on KTLA? How about the when the Raiders play the Chargers at the soccer stadium, notice who fills the seats? Ever been on a flight back from Oakland on a Sunday filled with all the LA fans that have Raider season tickets, and fly up and back for home games, and will do the same when they move to Vegas? Notice all the red at the Coliseum today? The green when the Packers played there? The 50/50 when the Rams played the Cowboys in the playoffs? Rams "fans" buy season tickets to sell, period. If the Raiders moved back to LA, the stadium would be silver and black, not the other way around. Alternative facts, please.
  7. Saw them play the Eagles there 2 years ago, 95% percent Eagle fans. It's like nothing you would believe. The Chargers in LA is pathetic.
  8. Accurate. LA is still a Raider town. So many Steeler fans in LA, and Viking fans, and Pats fans, and Dolphin fans - really all teams. Check the intronets and you can find the bars that cater to every team.
  9. Since when did the Pack start wearing white unis at home? (not to mention the blue endzones.) Either way, this was enough to convince me - starting with confidence.
  10. The game will be played about 10 miles from where JuJu went to high school, he will have a ton of family/friends there, and the stadium will be filled with approximately 95% Steelers fans. Intangibles to consider, or not.
  11. So Friday, they knew about this Friday.