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  1. I'm backing away from fantasy next year, so that'll be a big difference. Did it once before in late-2000s for three years. Sundays and waiver Tuesdays were so much different, felt like I had so much extra time, and watched football from a completely different angle. Then I Favred and came back in 2011. Almost did it again last year, but got talked into playing again. I was able to win the title in my main league (CSB) so I like the idea of going out on top.
  2. Classic how fantasy works; four week ago I had Conner and JuJu, and was salivating over this matchup if I made the final. Now the waiver's bare, lost Boyd, and now going Washington most likely. Yeah, kinda AC, but what else to add other than it's going to be a crapshoot in N.O. I'm in because I have to be.
  3. There's probably a few of these involving Cam, but this one's mine: Up by 5 going into tonight - he had Cam, I had Ian Thomas. No chance. Won by 2.5, my second-biggest miracle of an almost 20 year fantasy career. Who knew those two catches by Thomas on the first drive would be the difference. Unreal.
  4. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/708957-jaylen-samuels-2018-outlook/?do=findComment&comment=8347962
  5. Going Baker over Cam, he's got his game-face on tonight!
  6. Cool, still can't put him in the IR spot.
  7. If there was a goofball option for the post reactions here, this guy would lead the league.
  8. Maybe he plays, but your logic is so skewed it's asinine. No, Conner couldn't have played last week, and to use your words, we all know that. Also, the Chargers were not in a different situation at all as they were also desperate for a win, and guess what, they got it without Gordon. The Steelers can absolutely get the win this week without Conner - again, we all know that - but they can't without Big Ben, so that's their biggest concern, not Conner. And lastly, having a starting RB in the TE position will absolutely help you win, ya dingus. Think before you hit submit.
  9. Opportunity is the key during the fantasy playoffs. Tim Hightower, Damien Williams, even Tim Tebow, it's a thing.