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  1. Just to toot my own horn ... I was the first person to mention him in the weekly waiver wire thread!
  2. Everyone get there Ware Voodoo dolls out this week and poke the sh*t out of that hamstring!!
  3. Will never own this guy again. Had him two years ago and rage dropped him after 2 bad weeks then he goes off rest of Themis season.Then this year he gets me a 10 last week in the playoffs. I play against him this week in another league. Watch he will go off. I will be back next to vent.
  4. surprised no one is saying Damien Williams with Ware injured.
  5. I think I don't have any better choices than to play them next week. Hoping that Washington is a blessing.
  6. I have Fournette going, so yeah there are us that have implications tonight.