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  1. What if Ekeler or even Jackson gets hurt. Would the Chargers cave in to MGIII?
  2. More concerned about how this effects Crowder.
  3. Seems pretty valuable in deeper ppr leagues and if you are hurting at RB. His last season, I would expect they make it a memorable one when they can.
  4. Thank you!! Sure would have been nice to target someone of waivers last night.
  5. Who the F is Dobbs and why did they trade a 5th round pick for him? Couldn't they get some bum off the street for free.
  6. He did great being thrown into the fire yesterday. Jags are happy with him and I would be surprised if a veteran took over unless he starts to tank.
  7. This guy was on my do not draft list for good reason.
  8. This. It was the Bears D. The Packers were lucky to score 10 points. It looked real ugly early.
  9. So mad I drafted this fool and have to constantly come to this thread for some small bit of good news to give me hope.
  10. Hope McCoy runs for negative yards against that Jags D line.
  11. Well thanks for raining on my parade. But now you got me worried you may be right. I am hoping the lemmings follow the ESPN rankings cause Tyreek isn't in the top 10. But now you confirmed if he is there, that I will take him.
  12. I'm thinking of taking Tyreek at 9 in my 12 team this Thursday. Afraid he won't be there when it comes back in the 2nd. It will depend who falls to me at 9 but thinking I may not like anyone if Hopkins and Adams and all the top Rb's are gone.
  13. What round did you get him in? How many teams?