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  1. I stole this from Brandon Funston's Big Board: 14. Derrick Henry RB - TEN (11) No. 3 fantasy RB has averaged 126 YPG thru 2 games, - 15 TDs in past 12 games and 750 rush yards in his past 6 contests
  2. I was just coming here to say this. It's got an ominous vibe. Injuries piling up. Doesn't look right on the field. Doesn't seem like himself at the podium.
  3. Sigmund Bloom over at footballguys.com has Brown in his Strong WR2 tier this week. There’s only two higher tiers (Elite WR1 and Strong WR1) and only 8 WR fit into those tiers. The other names in that Strong WR2 tier are: Amari Cooper (at WAS)Adam Thielen (at GB)Calvin Ridley (vs PHI)Allen Robinson (at DEN)Davante Adams (vs MIN)Jarvis Landry (at NYJ)
  4. Look, I get it. If your only option was to either always invest in rookie pass catchers or never invest in rookie pass catchers, you would be wise to avoid them altogether. You'd be better off a majority of the time, even if every once in a while you'd miss out on a transcendent season. My issue is that there is no such either/or scenario in fantasy football. You can draft TJ Hockenson and STILL maintain a belief that rookie pass catchers are generally a terrible investment.
  5. You're forgetting that rookie TEs historically struggle. So you're supposed to ignore everything else you know about Hock and just look at the other TEs before him.
  6. He played 43% of the snaps. Adam Humphries, who they signed to a 4-year, $36M deal, played 36% of the snaps. Corey Davis led the WR group with 74%, and Tajae Sharpe played 49%.
  7. Yeah, every situation is unique and should be analyzed as such. Hock is definitely so talented that he demands targets. Stafford definitely already trusts him. I won't say more than any other Lions pass-catcher (yet) but he's already in the mix. He was drafted specifically to fill this role. His pedigree, athletic profile, scouting reports, whatever you want to look at... all the boxes were checked. Going into the draft he was considered one of the best TE prospects in YEARS and the Lions liked what they saw and got their guy. He doesn't need to have a difficult adjustment to the pros just because most other rookie TEs do/did.
  8. It takes so much more effort to come up with reasons Hockenson won't have an immediate impact and be fantasy relevant as a rookie than it does to come up with reasons he will. Sometimes it's just as simple as it looks. He's big and strong, he was taken #8 overall, his QB is looking for him, the OC is calling plays designed to get him the ball, he's already shown he's capable of making plays. Don't overthink it people.
  9. 3 catches for 100 yards in his pro debut. Looked like a prototypical WR1 out there. Corey Davis 0/0/0 on three targets. Is he already the Titans #1? Not that that's an especially fruitful role for fantasy purposes, but he still has my attention.
  10. I'm gonna take the week 1 victory lap here. Top 10 RB season is coming.
  11. I don't know what the snap count ended up being but when i was checking the box score early in the game it seemed like Ingram was seeing the bulk of the carries. It makes sense that they didn't keep running him in a blowout. In closer games I think he will be the main guy, which should mean 12-15 carries weekly, with upside for more.
  12. The flurry of fantasy points in hurry-up/comeback mode is exactly what many of us were expecting, and exactly what ensures Murray will be a top 10-12 fantasy QB despite his real life growing pains/struggles. And he barely added any rushing yardage in week 1, which we know will come...
  13. I know there were a lot of big performances in Week 1 but how is Smokey Brown's 7/123/1 (on 10 targets) not getting more love this morning? As StevieStats pointed out earlier, Brown was on pace for a great season last year before the Ravens inserted Lamar Jackson at QB. Josh Allen is an improvement on Flacco with his big arm and scrambling/improvisation skills. I feel like it may take a few more weeks but eventually we will be talking about Brown as one of those league-winner value picks.
  14. But how is he going to surpass 500 yards? Only a few rookie TEs have every done it! The odds are stacked against him!
  15. I think their defense is better than you think.