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  1. Kevin ChapmanVerified account ‏@ChapStarr 16h16 hours ago Congrats @ABREG_1 ! When asked why he was being congratulated by teammate(s?), Bregman tried to downplay it by saying he just won a card game. I think it's possible that he's been told exactly when he will be called up, thus the congratulations from his teammate(s). With the way he's being moved around the field to get exposure to LF and 3B, the Astros might have told him that they want him to get another few games, or another week or two of exposure to add to his flexibility once he's called up to the big club on _______. Just a hunch/theory.
  2. before anyone freaks out, the RW blurb had a major error. Moncada has 36 SB in 60 games this season, not 85 like it says in the blurb. He has 85 SB (when you combine this year and last year) in his 141 career games in the minors,
  3. 6 game hitting streak during which time he's gone 10-for-25 with 2 doubles, 1 HR, 7 RBI, and just 1 K. Average dipped below .300 very briefly at the start of this recent hitting streak, but he's back up to .314/.411/.596 on the season. His slugging % has dropped from his' unsustainable ~.700 of mid-May, but his AVG and OBP have now stayed above .300/.400 basically all season. I think he needs a bigger challenge...
  4. I guess it's a good sign that 4-for-5 with 3 RBI doesn't even generate any chatter on this guy? Seriously though, he had a mini-slump, 2-for-25 I think it was, and I was mildly concerned that the fun was over. But now 6-for-10 his last two games with 5 RBI, bringing his average back up to .324 after it dipped as low as .312. The fun continues...
  5. I need to know more about where his FB% and HR/FB rank with other baseball players before I'm willing to call him legit though.
  6. Can he maintain this? What do you mean by "this?" Can he hit 4 HR every 7 games? Is that really worth discussing? He's good. He's legit. He's not getting sent down. He's going to shatter the modest expectations that most had for him in April/early May.
  7. Early on he was hitting for average and not a lot else. At that time there were plenty of people who were predicting that he would only regress from there once the league got a book on him, the power was unlikely to show up, and he would probably get sent back to the minors. None of those predictions have come true.
  8. Odor is 10-for-21 with 3 doubles, 1 HR, 4 RBI lifetime against tonight's starter, Hector Santiago. That's good for a .476/.560/.762 slash line. He's been ice cold lately, but I have a hard time benching a guy when he's had that type of success against a starter.
  9. Owning this guy is a 'set it and forget it' proposition. You know one of your roster spots is locked down with elite production for 160 games. Yeah, this is why you don't really flinch from taking him #1 overall, and you don't panic even when he has a slow start. As I said back in April, you draft him for a virtual guarantee of a top 10 player...no player is a guarantee to finish #1 overall. It took a few weeks but Trout is comfortably within that top 10 now, and is the #1 overall the last 30 days in 5x5.
  10. Agree with the rest of your post, but Bradley Jr. only hit 2nd for one game, and that was because Pedroia was getting a day off.
  11. UDFA signed by the Colts. This guy caught a TON of passes in college - 168 over 4 years to be exact. He's compared to Dion Lewis and/or Darren Sproles, and could be used as a passing down/satellite back. He's not going to supplant Frank Gore, but he could be a Theo Riddick type PPR dynamo if Gore continues to be inefficient with his touches and the Colts want to run an up-tempo offense. Any thoughts? Could be a steal in the late rounds of rookie drafts.
  12. I think the big upside for Prosise is if he's used as a true "offensive weapon" type hybrid RB/WR. Carroll recently said he likes to go empty backfield in reference to Prosise's role/playing time (don't have the quote handy sorry). That could mean more snaps/touches for Prosise. He's also already don't some practicing with the WRs, so he could line up out wide in certain formations. is a Percy Harvin type role (remember how electric he was for a few games in 2013-14 when the Seahawks were manufacturing touches for him??) out of the question?
  13. Are Darkwa, Williams, and Rainey really threats to Perkins roster/depth chart spot? I think there's some rookie fever happening if anyone thinks Perkins will be the starter early in the season and get 15+ touches a game, but I don't think the Giants necessarily WANT to continue to rotate 3-4 RBs each week. For one thing, it got pretty predictable that when Williams was in the game they were running and when Vereen was in the game they were passing. If they think Perkins is a "complete back" and can play in all situations, that helps their offense. Jennings was originally brought in to be that guy, but he's been pretty underwhelming, has major durability concerns, and is 31 years old. If Perkins has a good training camp/preseason he will likely soar up draft boards a la Ameer Abdullah last year. Hopefully his rookie year doesn't turn out anything like AA's though.
  14. Wait so he's stuffing the stat sheet right now but he's not scoring that many runs, has very few RBIs, and doesn't steal bases?since his call up he's had 5 0-fers (in 24 games played) and he's never had more than 2 in a row. He's had at least one run or RBI in 14 of his 24 games played. It's felt like just about every night he's given me something. I think his counting stAts could (and likely will) be even more impressive if he had more men on base when he came to bat, and/or if the men hitting behind him start to heat up (again, Beltre's big day today was great to see). As an aside: it would probably help Mazara's overall numbers if Odor wasn't leading off, as he has legit power and will hurt Mazara's RBI opportunities if he continues to clear the bases ahead of Nomar.
  15. Kind of a shame what this thread has turned into guys. There's a LOT to like about Mazara right now and going forward. I guess Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa have raised the bar to an unreasonably high level for prospects when it comes to judging their immediate success? Because Mazara is succeeding, even thriving as a 21 year old by any reasonable metric, and it's blatantly obvious that he's here to stay. If he keeps hitting and getting on base like he has been, the counting numbers will only improve. It seems to me like he's had very few RBIs for someone hitting .330, and he would be scoring more runs if Beltre and Fielder started swinging better (Beltre two homers today is a nice start). Not to mention Mazara has already homered twice since the calendar flipped to May so maybe he's starting to find his power stroke. TL;DR - stop taking the bait from those who want to say he's just okay for fantasy this season. He's stuffing the stat sheet and there's nothing fluky about it.