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  1. Cool story bro. Your league sounds intense.
  2. Another HR on a first pitch. I like that he's not taking strikes and putting himself in a hole. Pitchers will have to adjust.
  3. from MLB.com's prospect profile on Bellinger: Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 65 | Run: 45 | Arm: 55 | Field: 70 | Overall: 60 Bellinger's father Clay parlayed his skills as a glove-first shortstop into two World Series rings with the Yankees and a spot on the 2004 Greek Olympic team. Though Cody can flash some leather as well, it's his bat that has scouts excited. After totaling four homers in his first two pro seasons, he has smashed 56 in the last two while reaching Triple-A at the age of 21. Bellinger focused on hitting for average when he broke into pro ball, displaying a smooth left-handed stroke and patient approach. He since has added loft to his swing and gotten more aggressive about pulling pitches, becoming one of the best power prospects in the Minors. He did reduce his strikeout rate from 28 percent in 2015 (when he broke out with 30 homers) to 20 percent last year while also setting a career high with 60 walks, so there's hope that he could hit for high average to go with his pop. Scouts rarely rave about a first-base prospect's defensive skills, but Bellinger is an exception who's smooth around the bag and excels at digging throws out of the dirt. Considered a future Gold Glover at first base, he moves and throws well enough that he also has seen time at all three outfield positions and hasn't looked overmatched in center field. His versatility will help him crack the lineup in Los Angeles, where All-Star Adrian Gonzalez is still under contract for two more seasons.
  4. He has 5 HR and 7 SB already this season in AAA. That speed to go along with his power makes him very interesting. Should get most (or all?) of his starts in the OF, so he'll gain that eligibility quickly. Here's his slash lines the last 2+ seasons: 2015 (High-A): .264/.336/.538. He had 97 R, 30 HR, 103 RBI, 10 SB in 128 GP (478 AB) 2016 (AA, brief stint at AAA): .271/.365/.507. He had 66 R, 26 HR, 71 RBI, 8 SB in 117 GP (410 AB) 2017 (AAA): .343/.429/.627. He had 15 R, 5 HR, 15 RBI, 7 SB in 18 GP (67 AB) Power is very real. He's still just 21 years old.
  5. There's definitely some smoke here...
  6. Fangraphs updated to include last night's stats: BB% - 13.3% K% - 34.7% BABIP - .250 Soft % - 15.8% Med % - 31.6% Hard % - 52.6% O-Swing % - 29.6% Z-Swing % - 76.7% O-Contact % - 44.8% Z-Contact % - 80.9% Contact % - 66.7 % In short... His K% is not absolutely preposterous at 34.7%. That is in the range of sluggers like Miguel Sano, Chris Davis, Chris Carter, Mike Napoli, etc... He's moved up to 5th in the major in Hard%, behind only Castellanos, Yandy Diaz, Eric Thames, and Marcell Ozuna. His 29.6% swing rate on pitches out of the zone is not great, but there are 80 hitters who are swinging at more pitches out of the zone. For comparison, Corey Dickerson leads the league with 45.5% and last year Adam Jones led the league at 44.8%. His 76.7 swing rate on pitches in the zone is very high, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as a lot of good hitters (Freeman, Miggy, Votto) have higher rates. We want Gallo swinging at pitches in the zone... His contact rates are not great, but they are all markedly improved from his previous stints in the major leagues.
  7. Not sure if this was snipped from the original article posted by Palmetto08, or if this was added in a later revision, but I found this additional piece which hints that the Dodgers would not be totally opposed to calling up Bellinger and letting him "learn on the job" if there was an obvious need with the big league club. By the way, Joc was officially placed on the DL yesterday, and Bellinger was starting in LF for the first time all season last night. Oh, and Cody also swiped his 7th bag of the season.
  8. Thanks for sharing this info here. I think it's definitely important to note that Bellinger is not even on the 40 man, so that makes promoting him more difficult. It will most likely be a little while before we see him called up, and it could be a very long, frustrating wait for eager fantasy owners. Having said all of that, I do want to point out that beat writers are notorious for throwing cold water on situations like this. I don't know if they think they are doing the team they cover a favor by tempering the expectations of the (sometimes) rabid fan base, or if they genuinely believe what they are saying, but we have to keep in mind that these guys are not infallible. You often see established beat writers throw their support behind the struggling veteran (see: Adrian Gonzalez), and that's likely a result of having developed some sort of relationship with that player over the years, and not wanting to be seen as publicly calling for them to be pushed aside after a few quiet weeks. While I think the front office typically has the same sort of loyalty to an established (aging), highly compensated (overpaid), (former) star player, they also have a fan base to answer to, tickets to sell, TV ratings to draw, etc... So as much as they want to resist the kneejerk reaction of calling up the top prospect, they may get impatient sooner than the beat writer predicts.
  9. I'm the kind of fantasy owner who will give a guy like Gallo (huge power, tons of whiffs) chance after chance after chance. It helps that I play in leagues that count either OBP or OPS as a 6th category, so his ability to get on base and slug will help to offset the damage in batting average, but at the end of the day I just don't want to miss out if/when he starts making actual adjustments, laying off more pitches out of the strike zone and consistently squaring up pitches in the zone. I'm not expecting major improvement/growth overnight, but there have been small signs of improvement lately. His OBP currently sits at .333, thanks to his solid 13.3% walk rate. He's actually collected 3 base hits after falling being 0-2 in the count, a feat that he had NEVER accomplished at the major league level before this season. It's a tiny sample size, but he's been coming through in key situations, batting .261/.414/.739 with runners on and .286/.375/.643 with RISP. Fangraphs hasn't updated their metrics to include last night's game, but Gallo is making hard contact over 51% of the time. That's 7th highest in the league, just behind guys like Sano, Ozuna, Brantley, and Thames. His plate discipline metrics (again, not taking into account last night's game) show that he's still swinging at nearly 30% of pitches outside of the zone, but he's making more contact on those swings (46.4% this year vs. 33.3% last year), and he's making much more contact on pitches inside the zone (79.5% vs. 60.0% last year) and much more contact overall (66.2% vs. 50.0% last year). Look, we all know the power is very, very real. For Gallo I think it's all about laying off pitches outside of the zone to get himself ahead in the count. So far 4 of his 6 homers have come on 0-0 counts, which makes you wonder if pitchers will adjust and start throwing him junk to try to get him to expand the zone early in counts. If he can be selective early in the count and avoid those 1-2 and 0-2 counts, I think he becomes really scary for opposing pitchers. Toss in a few SBs (he has 3 already) and I just see more ways that he can help fantasy teams than hurt them (unless your league counts Ks, in which case he's a major drag in 2 categories). I don't think the Rangers can demote him when Beltre returns. He's been arguably their most productive hitter, and they have an ugly platoon in LF, and a couple of old vets who aren't exactly tearing the cover off the ball (Napoli/Choo) at 1B and DH. If I'm right, and he sticks at this level, we will get a chance to see if any of these minor improvements are legit, or just a result of SSS. But we also need to consider that further improvement/adjustments are possible here.
  10. Grandal batting cleanup vs. a RHP tonight, Gonzalez bumped to 5th. certainly wouldn't mind if this arrangement stuck!
  11. I don't have any information on his timetable for a callup. I do, however, think it's fun to speculate, and with the way AGonz has looked so far this season, the injury to Joc possibly requiring a DL stint, and the fact that Andrew Toles is unlikely to be a starter for a team with World Series aspirations... I see plenty of ways the Dodgers could justify giving Bellinger a chance at the major league level.
  12. Siegrist with some rough luck in the 8th for the Cardinals. Two batters reached on errors, and then he walked McCutchen to load the bases. He's thrown 21 pitches and now gets to deal with Polanco... Any STL/PIT fans know if anyone is warming for the Cards? EDIT: Siegrist gets Polanco to ground out, ending the threat.
  13. It's actually 4 ER in 3.2 IP, and all 4 runs allowed were in the same outing. He gave up 3 ground ball singles and a double after getting the first two hitters out (1 by way of the K).
  14. I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Knebel. Milwaukee has been a bit of a surprise team, with an 8-7 record, but we all know that saves and holds don't necessarily gravitate towards the winningest teams anyway. I think he'll continue to be a good source of holds with good Ks and excellent ratios.
  15. .309/.385/.545 in 165 AB last year .267/.333/.440 in 382 AB in his career I'm gonna give more weight to those than the .000/.071/.000 in 13 AB so far this year.