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  1. I know what you're saying, because it seems like Sale has lost a few decisions to the bullpen this season, but the Sox bullpen actually has a combined ERA of 3.04 - third best in MLB behind only Cleveland (2.99) and LAD (3.02). Kimbrel has actually been the one to blow at least 2 of Sale's Ws, from what I can remember. One in April against Toronto and another in mid-July against the Yankees.
  2. I watched the ~6 minute highlight reel NFL.com put together showing every Watson play from last night's game. I thought he looked just okay. To me, it's a little worrisome that he didn't do more against 2nd/3rd teamers. Lots of time left in the preseason for him to impress, but I'm not sure that performance last night is worth all of the hype he's getting. I don't think he showed enough to warrant starting week 1.
  3. To anyone who is getting angry at the mods for cleaning things up (or failing to do so quickly enough for your liking): You realize the mods are unpaid volunteers, right? What they do is a completely thankless job. Show a little respect for their efforts to keep this forum the valuable resource that it is (or can be) and redirect your frustration at those people who don't respect the rules and general decorum.
  4. It always depends on your league size/format, but I think it's a bad idea to drop this kid unless you're getting a clear-cut top 100 player (overall) off the wire. Benintendi has been treading water around the top 100 for a while now without any really hot stretches to buoy his numbers. He had an absolutely dreadful May (.204/.296/.306), and he's still on pace for roughly 20/20 with 80+ runs and 80+ RBI. Maybe that doesn't seem particularly exciting, but it's very solid production.
  5. Out of curiosity, what sort of leagues don't allow you to own middle relievers or setup men? Are they not people too?
  6. In 85 AB this season (limited action due to an oblique injury), he's slashing .353/.409/.529 for the Phillies. He's hitting in the middle of the order, and he's even been running, with 7 steals in 10 attempts in just 22 games played. In Yahoo leagues he's eligible at 1B, 2B, 3B, and OF. This is a career .290 hitter. Seems like he could be useful. In addition, he's a good candidate to be traded to a contender at the deadline, which could give a boost to his counting stats.
  7. Ranked #41 in my 6x6 league that uses R, HR, RBI, NSB, AVG, OPS.
  8. Well you have to remember those are his career splits. So it factors in all slumps and hot streaks and just gives you his overall lines. Put it altogether and he's a .246/.363/.440 career hitter. His lowest OPS for a full season was .752 (2015) and his highest was .865 (2016). Most of the time he's hung right around .800. He needs to hit 25 HR and OPS .800+ to be worth anything in most leagues. The lack of power this year is troubling. His ISO is sitting at .155 which would be a career low. His babip is sitting at .241 which is also a chunk lower than his career average (.267) and would be his lowest BABIP of his MLB career. Others on this board are better at looking "under the hood" and figuring out what is going on, but I noticed that his LD% is actaully up to 21.4%, which would be his highest total since 2013. He's only making slightly less hard contact than is typical for him (31.7% this year vs. 32.9% for his career). I think he'll wake up soon, and I think he's tended to be pretty streaky, so I am going to keep holding and wait for the HR to come.
  9. Career splits: April - .239/.364/.428 May - .216/.347/.372 June - .243/.353/.446 July - .267/.382/.493 August - .250/.348/.424 September - .264/.388/.483 or if this is easier: Pre-ASB - .237/.358/.423 Post-ASB - .258/.371/.464
  10. I just wonder what the Brewers can reasonably expect to get back in a trade for Feliz when he was a free agent this offseason and there wasn't really much interest then. He signed for just $5.35 million plus another $1.5 million in incentives (tied to whether or not he's closing games). The Brewers can save themselves $1.5 million in incentives by simply making sure he doesn't reach whatever threshold in saves this season. With how he's pitched, it's arguably the smart move from a baseball and a business sense.
  11. If you're grasping at anything, there's this: Last 14 days: 6 Runs, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 1 SB, .262/.856. He's 11-for-42 with 7 BB and 4 Ks. Last 7 days: 3 runs, 1 HR, 3 RBI, .318/.991. He's 7-for-22 with 3 BB and 2 Ks. Drawing walks, striking out less. 6 of his 10 doubles this season have come in the last 14 days, and obviously his only homer of the season was last night.
  12. Thank you sir! I guess even though he didn't remain the pitcher of record, he doesn't become eligible for a hold after the fact? (I couldn't care less, but guy in my league is whining)
  13. I can buy that, but I do find it odd that there is no reference to what inning a save or hold can first be recorded in the definition of either holds or saves.
  14. Fellow MR people, I need your help understanding a scoring/stat issue that come up in my league. Last night Tyler Duffey came into the game in the 5th inning of a 7-5 game with a runner on first base. He retired the next batter to end the 5th. He then allowed a solo homer and a single to start off the 6th, and was lifted from the game with the score 7-6. Isn't this a hold? I know it wasn't a pretty performance, but he entered with the tying run at the plate and exited with the lead intact. It's just a single hold but I hate when I can't figure out the ruling. The only thing I could think is that you can't get a hold that early in the game (5th inning) but that would be news to me and I haven't found that in any of the official definitions of the stat.
  15. Yeah, it's hard to believe that he's at a pretty serviceable .245/.321/.426 line right now. It feels like he's been worse than that, but he's raised his average from .194 to .245 in just 7 games. Still think he hits 25 HR and drives in 70 runs when all is said and done. Glad I held tight.