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  1. with they way they keep letting him absorb hits even with 20/30/40 point leads they are definitely more interested in Lamar for MVP than they are a Baltimore Ravens Superbowl, which is just fine for fantasy owners if he can last.
  2. Hes hurt either way, could have been a zero, I'm psyched hes toughing it out
  3. If you played him you want more points right? Knee gonna swell this week either way, use someone else next week if need be, but tonight we want more,!!!
  4. Nah I think giants weren't gonna let him beat them, nothing really to let go,
  5. then how do you explain edmonds success vs kyler lack of success when he ran the ball?
  6. lost a close one to a team with Edmonds and Marvin, while I was starting Kyler
  7. looks like Giants were not going to let Murray beat them, leaving the door wide open for Chase
  8. Wow with the Pat's haters, jealousy makes people crazy!
  9. What's everyone think about usage tonight vs Philly? The snap count trend and the fact that they should be in more passing sets than running sets based on the opponent has me considering him as a flex play.
  10. I thoroughly despise kickers in FF. WE all know this is a combo of skill and luck and adding in kickers tilts it further towards luck, IMO It is nearly impossible to predict a team whose offense will be good enough to move the ball but not good enough to seal the deal and score the TD. This makes kicker the most random position in the lineup, and depending on the scoring system, the kicker position is way too involved in determining FF wins and Losses.
  11. That keyboard player though, clearly trained at berkley
  12. He was drunk during interview and said he wanted to kiss her