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  1. Wow. I don't think these people actually watched the plays in question. Anderson not only chucked the bat a dozen feet with two hands, he also was mouthing off and screaming right in the face of the catcher Maldonado. Next, after he rounded home plate he brushed up against Maldonado … not incidentally. So, predictably, he gets plugged in the hip. It was totally textbook, not above the belt. One might expect at that point he puts his head down and takes first base. No. The dude mouths off yet again, takes a step toward the mound, when Maldonado gets in front of him he make more contact and mouths off some more. I am sorry but if anybody thinks this is fun and cool or that he didn't deserve a little (safe) payback, why don't you actually put yourself in the shoes of Keller, Maldonado, Ned Yost and the Royals. Kudos to Keller for having the restraint to plug the a** in the a**. That's all I got to say.
  2. No idea what format your talking about (5 OF "softball" format could change the playing field there) but in my league the spread between Realmuto and Chirinos is **4 times** greater than the spread between Trout and Mookie!! This is the kind of math or lack thereof I'm citing. Besides that Rob was (unpredictably) the #5 ranked catcher in my league last year, the difference is even greater when you compare Realmuto to the 8 or 9 slot. Yes I understand that catchers after the first tier are pretty close. I'm not talking about an average-to-meh Salvy season, I'm talking about the possibility you get a (prior to last year) Posey type season which is pretty friggin valuable if you do that math. That's why we look at a Bart.
  3. Positional scarcity at this extreme position is underrated. My point. It doesnt take the big raw numbers you cited to land top value, a good example might be many of Posey's better years or Mauer's merely "good years" … Yadi Molina best as well, all net early round value in positional context. The seasons you cited rate out as some of the best fantasy seasons of the last decade when you add in the multiplier. This is single catcher.
  4. Some analysts/entire sites decide to punt catcher in their rankings rather than understanding that an exceptional one has a lot of value. That said, maybe the difference between Bart and Ruiz is the difference between one of those rare tier 1 offensive catchers and the next "good hitting" tier which is 7-8 deep to the point where the value is not much
  5. Four new teams, three slots still open for the Four-team dispersal draft for keepers LOADED with impact players: HARPER LINDOR YELICH RIZZO FREEMAN MACHADO VERLANDER COLE MADBUM STRASBURG THOR Get into an established league on the ground floor and draft your own team! Then start dealing …
  6. 14 team $100 Fantrax HTH points league (10 keepers, limited by an innovative three-tier system, plus optional 5 farm), we will four new owners, therefore we conduct a four-team dispersal draft for keepers LOADED with impact players: HARPER LINDOR YELICH RIZZO FREEMAN MACHADO VERLANDER COLE MADBUM STRASBURG THOR Get into an established league on the ground floor and draft your own team!
  7. Need two or three active and hungry owners to join our league, which lucky for you starts with a four -man keeper Dispersal Draft we conduct before the offseason trade window opens. TONS of high-end talent available in this pool which is almost 1/3 of the keeper pool, so it's very close to a startup in that way. Normal buy-in $80, possible we will raise as high as $100. 14-team weekly HTH points mixed league with 20 starting slots and rosters of 30, with 10 keepers plus a 5-man Farm System, which can grow to as much as 8 by season’s end. Active league GroupMe room makes communications easy. Fantrax league .... if interested. This league has a great balance. If you love to deal, you will succeed. The system is built for active talent accumulators to thrive ..... keep players for three years..... with expiring keeper eligibility, ability to trade for draft picks, etc., but those with more limited time can still survive. Weekly FAAB waivers. This is year Six of the 2nd league I've run... the first lasted over 15 years. I've used my experience to formulate what I think is the perfect league setup, see if you agree, let me know ASAP if interested, or if not. General tenets: - Innovative ABC, 123 concept (see below!) - Weekly lineup changes - A points system so simple it can be hand-drawn, yet thoroughly tested for realism and balance between offense and pitching - A straight annual draft, with limited keepers (on a 3-year keeper term limit). 123! - Draft-pick trading allowed (some restrictions). If you've never been in a league that trades draft picks .... you've missed out. - A simple approximation of the Salary Cap method without having to fuss as much over the dollars: players are annually grouped in the preseason into a three Classifications. Teams are only allowed to keep a limited number annually from each Classification. ABC! - Limited Minor League roster - Weekly FAAB system - Outgoing personalities, active owners, and smack-talking encouraged - Active league mobile GroupMe chat in addition to Fantrax chatbox