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  1. Im starting him in a 12 team half PPR with 3 WRs. He has a rapport with Maholmes and a beatable matchup against the Ravens. The Ravens/Chiefs game has a 52 O/U and Im thinking at least 4 TDs from the Chiefs.
  2. I was really high on Mixon heading into this being his 3rd season. In addition to the 3rd year I read the new offense was suppose to benefit Mixon's usage on how much they may have to rely on him. Nothing but sour grapes thus far.
  3. Im starting hin at flex spot in 12 team PPR. Im starting him over Will Fuller.
  4. Just reported on Twitter by Jay Morrison that Mixon is running routes and catching passes from Dalton with other RBs and WRs.
  5. Cole Beasley and Devante Parker based on volume for PPR leagues. Both 10% or below owned in ESPN. Also Vernon Davis who may see an uptick in usuage this year with the on going injuries to Jordan Reed. Davis has 4/59/1 in week one. Albeit his score was on a 43 yard play but could become a fixture with Reed out.
  6. We may be at the point of these injuries to Cam being chronic meaning the pain in his foot and shoulder will not go away. The shoulder could be arthritic. We have been hearing for several years now he needs to take time off from throwing because of his shoulder.
  7. Minny's defense for the most part made everyone struggle on the Falcons. Freeman didnt look great but he is a veteran so I think they wanted to reduce the hits so early in the season when they really never had control of the game. I hope Freeman bounces back to at least RB2 level.
  8. Adam Schefter tweeted that Mixon plans to play but wants to test his ankle out in the pre-game just to make sure. I think Mixon is dealing with a low ankle sprain so hopefully he will get better sooner than later.
  9. I'm not rolling him out if given the green for the fear of reaggravation thus reducing his game action. I know injuries can occur at any time but I will be more comfortable starting "healthy" players before starting an injured player. I personally hope they do reduce his touches if he is given the green light so he will get healthier faster for the ROS.
  10. Fanned three of the four batters he faced today. Fingers crossed I'm able to have a successful claim on him Monday morning.
  11. It appears he has made a change to his hitting mechanics leading to some success down the stretch.
  12. I read heading into this season some experts were concerned that Boyd may not be able to make his TD total (7) from 2018. I don't think anyone knows how this will play out. I think it all depends on if Ross has figured out how to be a WR and stays healthy. I'm not to concerned with Green's return because the targets will still be there.