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  1. Something that has changed, which can't be controlled, are all of the resources of information on players. I remember stumbling across this lovely resource Rotworld in 2009 or 2010 and had such a leg up on my leagues. I would often laugh when I'd click on a Yahoo players note and it wouldnt be updated but rotoworld had the latest news for us. I would be talking to my best friend about certain players and he would always ask, how do you know that? I would just reply, do your research.
  2. 2019 Sleepers

    Anyone liking Ketel Marte (SS-Diamondbacks)?
  3. Yasiel Puig 2019 Outlook

    I own Puig in a dynasty league and I'm pumped for this deal. Hitter friendly ball park, likely no more platoon, reuniting with his old hitting coach, and on a one year prove it type deal. The power should remain and hopefully he continues to steal bases.
  4. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Any speculation on where Jordan Hicks fits in to the Bullpen with the likely addition of Miller? Will Hicks be looked at again as a SP?
  5. Sterling Shepard 2018 Outlook

    Is he a better play than Golladay this week?
  6. Week 13 Weather

    All I could find was winds will be 20-30mph...I didn't see anything about gusts.
  7. Stefon Diggs 2018 Outlook

    Tough break...I'm plugging in Chris Conley.
  8. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    This is the game for him perform. Good matchup...all about game flow. I'm starting him but it is 100% gut feeling. He has one of the better paper matchups of the RBs on my team. If he fails, I can live with it because I went with my gut. The last thing I want to do is leave him on the bench and he puts up more points than who I was going to bench...Man I love fantasy football!
  9. Jameis Winston 2018 Outlook

    Anybody concerned with the breezy conditions inTampa (around 16mph) and it impacting Winston's ability to throw downfield? I see Cam running more today...
  10. Week 13 Weather

  11. Need Line Up Help ASAP Whir

    I like Evans, Golladay, and Chubb.
  12. Michel or Ekeler Standard: WHIR

    In standard I would go with Michel because I think he will outperform Ekeler between the tackles. Help please:
  13. DJ Moore or Larry Fitzgerald?

    I would roll with DJ Moore in a potential shootout with the Bucs. Funchess is back but it appears he will be limited. The weather in GB does not bode well for Rosen and the Arizona WR's. Help please:
  14. Who sits today? WHIR

    I would sit Edelman in your case. Help please: