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  1. 10 teamer. Who do you like rest of season?
  2. Thanks for the great points. I think both are gonna have big years but they likely will go at the same time and I wont get a chance to nab both. I'll see what I need during the draft.
  3. How does Bam compare to Thomas Bryant - another young big with an opportunity this year?
  4. who would you pair with dame at 7 in an 8 cat roto? Worried about grabbing a butler on the turn because that would put me in a hole in FG.
  5. Colour me a little concerned. He seems to be the most "consistent" big outside the top 10 but here are my arguments against Vuce repeating his season last year: 1) He signed 4 for 100 in July. So last year he was playing for a contract. 2) The emergence of Aaron Gordon and to a lesser extent Isaac and Mo. I think Aaron Gordon will subplant him as the Magic's number 1 guy this season. 3) He played so poorly in the post season last year. Like 36% over 5 games bad. I haven't processed how this translates to fantasy but for comparison Horford got a better contract and he's 33 while Vuc is in his prime. So either he gave the magic a discount and is gonna prove it or the Magic know he's not their main guy. I'm thinking he's the latter.
  6. Is this dude toast? Lambs taking his minutes now and doing a better job.
  7. chances are parsons will be injured soon. then slow mo time. until then he can heal / heel.
  8. Oh he'll doo doo your FG% but I want him to do that in the PF slot!!
  9. I hope he keeps this up, even when Dwight returns. I listened to the dwight howard truthers on this forum and didn't draft Wall. Would serve me right.
  10. This guy plays SG -> Center. When we getting some proper positioning on ESPN?
  11. This guy is clearly a beast...but he can really vault himself into the 1st rd with some FT% improvement and a slight uptick in 3s. Anyone on the beat know how he's looking in these departments?
  12. ok im revamping this.... hes looked like total garbage this preseason. hes even admitted hes not in game shape. if he plays himself into game shape in the first 2-3 weeks of the season he'll maybe be 15-20 overall. before preseason I was counting on taking him at the wheel and hoping for a top 10 finish. I dont see that happening anymore.
  13. it'll change. i wouldn't put to much stock into it. likely it'll change a week or so from now.
  14. he's obvious a second round guy. But you really think the dwight effect really drops him to late 2nd? kemba and wall are different players. I dont know the usage rates but wall lead team is different because almost everything goes through him. but again...if someone can enlighten me on the dwight effect that would be great.
  15. Is he being overlooked? This guy was a pretty consistent threat to be picked in the tail end of the first round for last 2-3 seasons. Now he's in the tail end of the second and guys like irving, kemba, ben simmons are being picked over him. The only thing that's changed is he's starting the season healthy. In 2016-17 he finished 12th in per game on basketball monster. Did I miss something or did that team USA picture from the summer sour the outlook on him?