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  1. Good day today. Soaked up some of those Thielen targets. If he misses time, Irv might start to produce.
  2. Big time matchup. Would you guys start Devonta, Scantling or Hollywood Brown? I am favored to win by Yahoo, if that matters. Thanks so much! PPR
  3. Yea i think MVS is fools gold. Jimmy and Jones have big days, etc... Scantling will still run his same outside routes. Don't think that'll change with Adams out. Rodgers just isn't getting much time this season to hit him downfield. At least from what i've seen.
  4. I'm in the same situation. Not sure what i'm going to do! haha I think people might be overblowing Adams being out. MVS will still probably play outside and get the usual looks. I bet they feed Jimmy and run the ball more.
  5. Jones might be enough, but he's streaky. You have good backs. Tevin is back next week and Gallman might be a good RB2 for a bit.
  6. Need one to start in my last flex spot. PPR. Please vote in the poll or reply, thanks so much!
  7. Between bye weeks and Arob hurt, i'm reaching for a starter in my last flex spot this week. Please vote in the poll above who you would start. Smallwood is on my roster, but the rest i would have to pickup before Sunday to start. I have a free roster spot from a trade. Thanks so much! FYI, i'm also going to try to pickup Cole long term, dropping Moore. This is a dynasty league.
  8. He could be the next Boyd type pickup. I like him even after Hilton comes back. Great hold. Grant also hurt his ankle.
  9. Schedule opening up. Buy low window closing. He looks hesitant, but talent is there.
  10. I got my smallwood locked and loaded!