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  1. Dylan Bundy 2016 Outlook

    Worth a flier if you have the space. Liked him as a prospect, but don't like the division and Bal's terrible pitching development track record. I personally don't see the impact but I love to be proven otherwise.
  2. Dylan Bundy 2016 Outlook

    He's definitely going to be on a pitch count. He has not gone more than 3 innings this year. I doubt he is going to last long enough to get a QS.
  3. Carson Fulmer - SP CHW

    Jesse Burkhart ‏@jesseburkhart Hearing rumor White Sox top prospect Carson Fulmer is getting the call to the majors as soon as tomorrow. Threw at team’s AZ complex today.
  4. Jose De Leon - SP TB

    6.1 IP, 4 Hits (1 HR to Orlando Arcia), 2 ER, 3 BB, 9 Ks, 97 pitches, 68 strikes
  5. Jesse Winker - OF CIN

    If Bruce gets traded, is he going to be called up? He's currently on the DL with a wrist injury and he hasn't shown any power (2 HRs) in AAA. His other skills are still there (33 BBs: 32 Ks), though.
  6. Raisel Iglesias 2016 Outlook

    Lorenzen was a closer out of college, Reds tested him out as a SP, but now that he's back in the bullpen after injury, he was closing out games during rehab throwing 95+. He probably won't be the closer out of the gate, but he could earn it by year's end.
  7. 2016 Middle Relievers Thread

    Will Smith should be interesting if he can replicate what he did before injury.
  8. Gary Sanchez 2016 Outlook

    He is only up for 2 games?
  9. New Report on PED (Turinabol)

    Don't tell me all the caught players are appealing. Might take weeks before any of the announcement comes out. The suspense is killing me.
  10. Bartolo Colon 2016 Outlook

    I love Cohen's call. That was beautiful.
  11. Jean Segura 2016 Outlook

    Couldn't help but think of this post when I saw Herrmann's homer: As for Segura, doing his usual thing, nice to see another steal.
  12. Mike Clevinger - SP CLE

    Well, he is not in the Yahoo pool unfortunately.
  13. 2016 Middle Relievers Thread

    How has his command been? He has had terrible BB/9 in the minors and last year. Does it look like he's attacking the hitters more?
  14. Byron Buxton 2016 Outlook

    It certainly helped Odor last year.
  15. I noticed Yahoo added the weather next to the free agents on the wire and on the lineups. I think that's pretty cool.