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  1. Worth a flier if you have the space. Liked him as a prospect, but don't like the division and Bal's terrible pitching development track record. I personally don't see the impact but I love to be proven otherwise.
  2. He's been pitching better his last 3 starts. Duffey's current ERA is 5.20, 4.58 FIP, 3.88 xFIP, and 3.97 SIERA, hurt by 66.7% LOB% and 18.7% FB/HR. He's by no means a savior, but I think he can be very serviceable in the second half. Has the Indians at home tomorrow. Let's see if he can continue pitching well.
  3. He's definitely going to be on a pitch count. He has not gone more than 3 innings this year. I doubt he is going to last long enough to get a QS.
  4. Jesse Burkhart ‏@jesseburkhart Hearing rumor White Sox top prospect Carson Fulmer is getting the call to the majors as soon as tomorrow. Threw at team’s AZ complex today.
  5. Should be back in the majors within a week or two. Anyone stashing?
  6. 6.1 IP, 4 Hits (1 HR to Orlando Arcia), 2 ER, 3 BB, 9 Ks, 97 pitches, 68 strikes
  7. Maurer has explosive strikeout stuff. Problem has been locating pitches and falling behind in counts. It looks like he's been settling in and pitching better in the past 2 weeks. He can certainly run away with the role.
  8. If Bruce gets traded, is he going to be called up? He's currently on the DL with a wrist injury and he hasn't shown any power (2 HRs) in AAA. His other skills are still there (33 BBs: 32 Ks), though.
  9. Getting called up. I wonder if Edgar Martinez's coaching will turn his hitting around. Easy add in deep/AL-only leagues, definitely a watch-and-hope. Typical PCL numbers. Will he be able to hit .250 in the majors?
  10. He made a pretty bad error at 2b on a routine double play in the 9th. He is currently blocked by Hamilton in CF, Phillips at 2b (hard to trade) and Cozart at SS (Peraza played a bit of SS in the minors to try to find him some PT). I wouldn't be surprised if he's not in the lineup today.
  11. Very nice to see. He'll have a tough matchup at the Jays; hopefully he will keep it up.
  12. Lorenzen was a closer out of college, Reds tested him out as a SP, but now that he's back in the bullpen after injury, he was closing out games during rehab throwing 95+. He probably won't be the closer out of the gate, but he could earn it by year's end.
  13. Maddon said today or Monday.
  14. Will Smith should be interesting if he can replicate what he did before injury.
  15. He is only up for 2 games?