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  1. No IR. So that makes him a hold. Who knows what this backfield will look like when he returns.
  2. Great grandson of jazz legend Fats Waller. True story.... Gotta get me a piece now.
  3. Iggles just restructured Alshons contract. Clearing cap space?
  4. Man, if that’s the “little” explanation I’m afraid to see the opus that qualifies as “a lot”! 😉
  5. Howie is one of the best in the biz. Maybe they love Sanders and believe he can carry the load. Why not jettison Howard and pick up Gordon? Doesn’t mean they have to pay him. If they believe in Sanders, they can just sit on Gordon until he shows up for the super bowl run. And then they get a third round compensatory when he signs elsewhere. Eagles live the compensatory game.
  6. I actually agree, I've always thought he was a very solid (if unspectacular) player. For me the problem is, I don't see him landing somewhere where he can make an impact. If he were to find himself on a team with a dominant line, I think he could produce. But the Texans 'aint that and I don't see him landing somewhere like the 'Boys.
  7. Depends on your format and roster, but I could easily see JJAW having a much bigger impact regardless of where Hyde lands. Besides his stand alone value, JJAW is one very injury prone guy away from being a big part of a great offense.
  8. I think he has a lot of value. Bengals will have to throw and without AJ he will see targets. Very possible he gets hurt, but until then he will be involved.
  9. I agree, still top three. But does AK jump him into the two spot? Seems like Cam dodged serious injury. But could be a lingering thing that hampers him. Maybe that’s good for CMC.
  10. Thoughts on his draft position with the uncertainty around the Cam injury?
  11. I’ve been grabbing him a ton late in drafts. Tons of upside with Wentz.