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  1. Flacco out. That does change the equation a bit. 🤔
  2. I’m kind of going with this logic as well. Going with Ingram in the fear that Gus gets more limited work due to game flow.
  3. Of course it’s a good spot but people may have other flex options that are attractive (Gus for example). Im leaning Ingram because I think he has more swing for the fences upside in this one. More possibility for a 2td type of game than Gus just based on explosive play ability. Sloppy field in Tampa as well....
  4. More importantly how do we feel about him this week?
  5. I'm eager to hear an update on this. I think the Roto blurb makes the appropriate point. He might still be designated "limited" is he was injured during practice. As we saw with Manny Sanders today, those type of things can be serious. And a foot injury is no joke. For a team out of the playoffs, they may be inclined to shut down one of their offensive centerpieces.
  6. Hard to believe there's not a little more love for this guy in the community. The Cook has been in the kitchen and I"m liking what he's cooking up!
  7. I think Daniel starting is good for Cohen. Saw a bunch of designed targets last week so it’s obviously something Daniel is comfortable with. Don’t think they want to push the ball down the field with Chase thus more opportunity for TC.
  8. What are we thinking about buying low on Gordon? Could be upside if he lands with Philly/SF/Dal. What's fair value for him right now with the uncertainty?
  9. Any thoughts on his trade value? Seem like a buy-low opportunity if someone is panicking.
  10. As soon as people pay. I've got ten in the league, just waiting for payment