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  1. I heard rumblings he's considering getting into the porn industry.
  2. Check out his arrest video on TMZ. He was begging the cops to arrest him and told them that he had to take a massive sh*t! lol
  3. This guy could end of as THE RB1 this season. Wow what a pickup.
  4. Maybe he's got a hot ride.
  5. How much guaranteed money in osweilers contract?
  6. Did Cleveland sign another backup QB with RG and Mccown out? Or is Pryor now the backup QB?
  7. 23 carries for 41 yards and 3 TDs.
  8. Time to drop this turd?
  9. Was Tamme is Matt Ryan's wedding party?
  10. Depends how badly you need a TE. In my 12 team league where we start 2 TE, Pitta has massive 50% of your FAAB. In a standard league, maybe 8-10% of your FAAB budget.
  12. Pitta and Flacco are actively involved in a bromance. Bromance with your QB = automatic fantasy production.
  13. His first game this season was decent too. Yes, he's officially back as a TE1. Snooze, you lose.
  14. Pitta was the best man at Flacco's wedding.
  15. Start 4 WR league.