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  1. If you read his tweets, he seems pretty connected.
  2. I did cite the source right in the initial post of the tweet. Go look. I have no clue how to embed tweets and have never done so. I'm not that technically savvy. But I did cite the source.
  3. @MoMoneyChanel: Sources are telling me that #Bengals WR Aj Green wont return till weeks 10-12. If the Bengals are out of the playoff picture by then, #Cincinnati will sit him for the remainder of the season so this young, up and coming offense, will be ready to go Week 1 in 2020 #WhoDey
  4. The article suggests he could return for the MNF game versus the Steelers.
  5. I'm expecting him to miss 5-6 games. Anything earlier is gravy!
  6. Which DB will be covering him this week vs the Bears?
  7. Well this sucks. Now I need to pickup a TE.
  8. And remember no one drafted him to be their RB1. He was drafted as an RB3 or RB4. This production is all gravy with him producing as an RB2.
  9. He disappeared in the 4th quarter because it was a blowout and he was being tested. That's what teams do with their number one RB.
  10. I watched the entire game and I'm even higher now on McLaurin after seeing his usage and areas of the field he's targeted.
  11. It usually takes a few games for a new OL to gel.