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  1. Looks good to me. What games are you worried about? Chiefs defense is swiss cheese. Chiefs will need to always have the peddle on the gas to win.
  2. Well in in terms of value, I traded (4-1) Jordan Howard for Fournette To the 1-4 owner to join the club. So maybe I’m dumb, who knows. Felt like it wa worth the risk here for the stretch run.
  3. Hi guys. I just owned the ownership club. Hows everyone doing? so do we want him back week 7 or sit tight just to make sure he doesn’t re-injure the hammy?
  4. I don't believe I sold low, but I think the value is appropriate for moving on from Howard in one league. If anyone cares, you can PM me. I still own Howard in 2 other re-draft leagues so I'm fairly optimistic he will pick things up. But I don't believe he'll match last year's numbers. Nagy just isn't going to give Howard the workload that Fox game him in previous years. This Sunday should be telling though. Plan of attack against the Dolphins should be steady on the ground. What Howard owners need to worry about is if we see Benny Cunningham getting in on the action more frequently. He's bigger than Cohen, but obviously not Howard. If that starts the happen, it's probably time to abandon ship then.
  5. Penny was active yesterday and did not play a single snap.
  6. Or, they want to win the Super Bowl this year and understand Ingram is their best inside runner.