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  1. $50 yahoo PPR using leaguesafe

    Shoot me an email please
  2. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    Love reading some of the earlier comments in this thread where he had to adjust initially to MLB pitching. Some people have no patience for young, stud players.
  3. Walker Buehler SP-LAD

    Dodgers have treated him with kid gloves since TJ surgery. What we need to watch is if he can hold his velocity and stuff as he extends deeper into games. He's only going around 50 pitches right now. Is he still tossing 96-97mph at 75 pitches? 95 pitches? those are the questions he needs to answer as they ramp his workload up through the year.
  4. Cody Bellinger - 1B LAD

    I'm using these numbers as a baseline to see if there is a trend. I know the sample size is limited but for prospecting it's all about trying to find a trend; a progression or regression from previous year numbers. You can't compare it to major league hitters. When Bellinger went to AA from A+ and increased his BB% while decreasing his K%, that was a fantastic trend and great indicator that he will be able to eventually hit major league pitching. Now he's moved up a level; the pitchers are closer to the majors, and the stuff he's seeing is more indicative of what he will see in the majors compared to what he saw in AA. Not so much the velocity and stuff, but more so the sequencing and command. It's great that any ball he gets in the air he is crushing. But he needs to get more balls in the air and he needs to battle counts better. Because when he gets behind, he's totally screwed. here is a comment yesterday from someone on comparing Belling to Verdugo in different counts: Look, we're on the same side here. We're both Dodger fans and we both want Cody to become a star. I've been following this stuff a while and what I've discovered is that K% is extremely important for hitters coming up in the minors whether they've become a successful major league hitter or not. It's not the end all, be all, but it's up there.
  5. Cody Bellinger - 1B LAD

    i dont know if he's ready but some numbers the front office will look at: K% 28.1 right now. Which is high, needs to come down. Last year he was around 20%, which is better. MLB pitchers might eat him up right now as that 28% might translate to 35% in the majors. BB% 10.5; that’s not bad. Not going to hold it against him because his OBP is .439. He’s on a hot streak to start the season is pretty much crushing any ball he gets in the air. which brings me to my next point…. GB% is 41.17; which’s ok. To put it in perspective, Puig this year is at 40.8%. To look at the spectrum, Nunez of the Giants is at 66% and Schimpf of the Padres is around 17%. For a power hitter like Cody, you don’t want ground balls, ground balls dont have a chance to leave the ballpark. I’m 100% management is looking at these numbers to determine how ready he is; not just homeruns and batting average.
  6. Cody Bellinger - 1B LAD

    I love bellinger as much as the next dodger fan but what's the k%? Still pretty high right now.
  7. Mitchell White -- SP Dodgers

    FYI Mitchell white goes again tonight. That quakes rotation is going to be stacked one Alvarez joins them. Yadier alvarez walker buehler mitchell white dennis santana imani Abdullah when he leaves extended.
  8. Yadier Alvarez - SP LAD

    A young Ramon Martinez.
  9. Kapri Bibbs 2016 Season Outlook

    Maybe. But there could be more to it then that. Look at the Panthers situation. CAP is the direct backup to Stewart; but he's not active on game days because they need other players that contribute to special teams. I'm just saying there might not be a direct handcuff to Booker. If Booker goes down, a RBBC is a giant possibility.
  10. Devontae Booker 2016 outlook

    Ok thanks Donald. I know Bibbs is a local product, but his explosion metrics are horrible. And it seemed a lot of his value to being on the active roster and cutting players like Hillman and slotting Thompson on the practice squad was because Bibbs plays special teams.
  11. Devontae Booker 2016 outlook

    I posted in the Bibbs thread, but I think Thompson might be the better option to cuff with than Bibbs. From my understanding, Bibbs plays special teams so that's a big reason why hes on the active roster. Thompson is probably the better runningback.
  12. Kapri Bibbs 2016 Season Outlook

    I know being a freak athlete isn't the only criteria to be a good runningback, but Bibbs explosion metrics are horrible. Is he really better than Juwann Thompson? And are we sure here if Booker goes down, Bibbs carries the full load? 5'9 212lbs 4.67 40 at combine/ 4.54 at pro day 29 inch vert 4.61 shuttle 7.30 3 cone These numbers are like, lower 10 percentile guys. To compare, this is Thompson: Which is more in line what a NFL runningback looks like.
  13. Survivor Pool 2016

    Shoulda went Titans like I initially said. The Jaguars are so bad. Oh well, let's go Vikes.
  14. Survivor Pool 2016

    No one likes Titans at home vs the jags?
  15. Ty Montgomery 2016 Season Outlook

    "I like my wide receivers turned running backs to convert 100% of their goal line attempts, OK?!?"