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  1. A young Ramon Martinez.
  2. Maybe. But there could be more to it then that. Look at the Panthers situation. CAP is the direct backup to Stewart; but he's not active on game days because they need other players that contribute to special teams. I'm just saying there might not be a direct handcuff to Booker. If Booker goes down, a RBBC is a giant possibility.
  3. Ok thanks Donald. I know Bibbs is a local product, but his explosion metrics are horrible. And it seemed a lot of his value to being on the active roster and cutting players like Hillman and slotting Thompson on the practice squad was because Bibbs plays special teams.
  4. I posted in the Bibbs thread, but I think Thompson might be the better option to cuff with than Bibbs. From my understanding, Bibbs plays special teams so that's a big reason why hes on the active roster. Thompson is probably the better runningback.
  5. I know being a freak athlete isn't the only criteria to be a good runningback, but Bibbs explosion metrics are horrible. Is he really better than Juwann Thompson? And are we sure here if Booker goes down, Bibbs carries the full load? 5'9 212lbs 4.67 40 at combine/ 4.54 at pro day 29 inch vert 4.61 shuttle 7.30 3 cone These numbers are like, lower 10 percentile guys. To compare, this is Thompson: Which is more in line what a NFL runningback looks like.
  6. Shoulda went Titans like I initially said. The Jaguars are so bad. Oh well, let's go Vikes.
  7. I bet Howard is the lead this week. He'll flop against minny (because most RBs do), then the Bears have a bye. Langford gets healthier and first game back they might split carries. And whoever does the best, will get progressively more carries until someone separates themselves. I don't have Carey in this because he'll pull a hammy or break a toe nail before he gets an extended look.
  8. Well, what if I have Howard and I'm worried about Langford? The draft pick reasoning isn't huge to me. Howard was a 5th rounder; Langford was a 4th rounder and still pretty young himself. The wall Howard has hit leaves the door for Langford to try and take back that lead back job. But I agree with you, it's shaping up to be a RBBC.
  9. Why do I have this feeling Fox is going to give Langford back the lead back job?
  10. No one likes Titans at home vs the jags?
  11. "I like my wide receivers turned running backs to convert 100% of their goal line attempts, OK?!?"
  12. I still like Meredith if Cutler comes back. Cutler isn't great, but he's competent. Meredith has the Kevin White role in the offense. That role gets targets and it's valuable especially in PPR leagues. I think there's a big overreaction going on here. Remember, Meredith had a 20 yard screen play called back as well. No one on the Bears yesterday had a good game (except Leonard Floyd). If it's Barkley for the long term then yeah, the value drops. But if it's Cutler, the value stays the same IMO.
  13. Coates player 31% of the snaps this past Sunday. Anyone concerned with that in regards to his broken finger? You kinda need your fingers to catch the ball, right?
  14. Ty's yahoo projections are out of this world. 13 points for a WR in STANDARD scoring? Who is he, Julio Jones? Yahoo smokin' that good stuff right now.
  15. Depends on the format. Landry is a nice player with a nice floor every week but he doesn't catch TDs and isn't a big factor in the red zone. I would still keep Hopkins over Landry. I would take for Hopkins Marvin Jones Jordy Nelson Mike Evans AJ Green Allen Rob Brandon Marshall I think that's really about it for me. Obviously the top 3 but their ADPs were higher than Hopkins. I'm still a believer (maybe not this week due to Minny, but after this week!)