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  1. Rogers. Wheaton has been bugging to play outside more. Its a small wr group if this comes to fruition. They will need Ladarius to be healthy and play to stretch the seam and cause mis matches inside.
  2. That's not 100%. That's what I mean. 12 teams, 11 team dues is not 100%.
  3. To be fair, the one person that have said Donald is a billionaire is himself so far. #releasethereturns #nopolitics
  4. I just paid. I'm ready to rock n roll
  6. If you change it to auction I'm probably out fyi. I just want to snake tonight. Snake my night away.
  7. Two more. Let's goooo
  8. its .75 ppr so suck it up and join
  9. I'll join your league when your pots are 100% payouts.
  10. Let's get this going guys. Weekly high scores are the best. 5 bucks buys you a pint at the bar!
  11. I joined. Sounds like fun.
  12. I want to add, I'm looking for a snake draft. thanks
  13. Darn it guys! Whoever has a league, hit me up first. I'm first in line!
  14. Preferably 12 team, but will do 10 or 14. Preferably yahoo, but will do ESPN or fantrax. Preferably .5 ppr, but will do standard or full ppr. 25-100 bucks. please email or pm me
  15. I'll play. Send invite to thanks ps your payouts are ten bucks more than the pot total.