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  1. Willie Calhoun is probably the best "hitter" in the Dodgers system currently. That bat is a freaking laser show waiting to happen every plate appearance. He's nothing special physically; he's 5'8, not ripped to the max, maybe a little bigger boned in the lower area, but man, the bat speed, the hand eye coordination and the ability to hit to all fields is really fun to watch. Take a look at these highlights GIFS of Dodger prospects this season. Great site and just watch all the lasers Calhoun hits.
  2. Cotton would be up. He pitched last night and would be in the same turn as Maeda if Maeda can't go Sunday.
  3. All hits off lefties. Two doubles too.
  4. Twins will never get another save.
  5. He's ridiculous.
  6. Anyone know why cozart was pulled from the game for the Reds?
  7. So what's the consensus among owners in redrafts? If you have minimal DL spots, are you just cutting your losses and moving on? Or is there still some linger of home he'll be back by the ASB?
  8. That AA Tulsa drillers team is going to be so tits to follow. Willie Calhoun Alex verdugo Cody bellinger All 3 to start in AA. Yusniel Diaz will join in June
  9. Way too optimistic. Especially in the hr department.
  10. No. They went over this period. So starting next period they will be banned for 2 years.
  11. I think Julio Lugo is a good comp
  12. Of course one is 19/20 and soooo much closer to the majors while the other is 16 years old! Agree with badler that it's not particularly close at all
  13. I like him a lot more if he shows defensive actions that could stick at SS or even 2b. His handlers have been showcasing him as a SS but I wonder what mlb team scouts have to say about that. He's quick twitch, athletic, decent hit tool and good plate discipline. Maybe can develop 12-15 hr power. If teams profile him as a MIF, I can see bonus up to 15 mil. If teams only view him as a CFer, I don't think he tops 10 mil. I see him at least 2 years away though. What teams are over budget this year? Dodgers, Giants, cubs and reds right? I don't think the reds have the cashola and I think the Cubs are focused on the Cuban arms, I see Dodgers or Giants here. Giants beat the Dodgers for lucius fox, I wonder if they will break the bank for another similar player. We all know the Dodgers don't give a fuzz about money this period...
  14. He's a big talent. Should get a comparable bonus to Yusniel Diaz. He should be declared for this period; probably by sometime in February based on past player defection and granted free agency dates. edit: Here's a highlight video for him
  15. People need to look at the underlying metrics. Their bullpen was not bad. Maybe it was inconsistent but for the whole season it was above average.