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  1. Title says it all. Which do you prefer for the remainder of the season and why, thanks! WHIR as always.
  2. That ratio sounds eerily familiar to some guesses before the week. That said, McKinnon showed a lot more wiggle and bounce than Asiata. There is definitely potential to grow here.
  3. Of course. His usage increased on Sunday. And should stay around this level or go up as they try to scheme to get their best playmakers the ball.
  4. I would like to see cut ups of his targets from this past game. If anyone can find anything online from someone doing that, please link it.
  5. I still think 60-40 for McKinnon in touches. But like I've bee saying, Asiata is not going to go away. 3rd down and goal line is when he plods.
  6. In the deeper 12 team leagues I'm in, whether it's standard, .5 or full pt ppr, there's no way a high end handcuff like henry is droppable. Running backs are such a scarce commodity that almost every handcuff is rostered. If murray gets injured, Henry is immediately a 20plus touch commodity. All it takes is one injury. That's absolutely rosterable in redrafts.
  7. I'm a good Parker fan but Charles ain't playing and ware is a stud. Play ware. I wouldn't over think it.
  8. Jeffrey Asiata pretty easy for me. Asiata in a flex play in standard because he's the goal line back. And Jeffrey is better than lacy.
  9. Jordan Matthews. He's a target hog for wentz. Sure he might drop two, but he still really solid in ppr.
  10. It's tough to trust him until cardinals show me they'll play him.
  11. If you can predict which games they will go air raid, then be my guest.
  12. Those are good ones. Here's another thrown in, brandin cooks.
  13. Now compare week 1s usage. Totally different. They came out in no huddle and no back sets a lot this past week. Game plan dictated that. First two games were two totally different offensive styles and it's tough to take anything of substance from each.
  14. Sproles is a niche back. Sproles is old, sproles is small. It's tough to see them letting sproles run 20 times a game; he won't last. his usage will increase, but so will Barners. Then you sprinkle in Smallwood and it's something to avoid unless desperate times calls for desperate measures.
  15. I like Barner but it'll be a 3 back committee with Barner, sproles and Smallwood all getting a piece and it'll be difficult to forecast out. I own matthews in a couple of leagues and I'm not really bothering wasting a roster spot on his cuff until someone clearly emerges behind him.