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  1. "I like my wide receivers turned running backs to convert 100% of their goal line attempts, OK?!?"
  2. I still like Meredith if Cutler comes back. Cutler isn't great, but he's competent. Meredith has the Kevin White role in the offense. That role gets targets and it's valuable especially in PPR leagues. I think there's a big overreaction going on here. Remember, Meredith had a 20 yard screen play called back as well. No one on the Bears yesterday had a good game (except Leonard Floyd). If it's Barkley for the long term then yeah, the value drops. But if it's Cutler, the value stays the same IMO.
  3. Coates player 31% of the snaps this past Sunday. Anyone concerned with that in regards to his broken finger? You kinda need your fingers to catch the ball, right?
  4. Ty's yahoo projections are out of this world. 13 points for a WR in STANDARD scoring? Who is he, Julio Jones? Yahoo smokin' that good stuff right now.
  5. Depends on the format. Landry is a nice player with a nice floor every week but he doesn't catch TDs and isn't a big factor in the red zone. I would still keep Hopkins over Landry. I would take for Hopkins Marvin Jones Jordy Nelson Mike Evans AJ Green Allen Rob Brandon Marshall I think that's really about it for me. Obviously the top 3 but their ADPs were higher than Hopkins. I'm still a believer (maybe not this week due to Minny, but after this week!)
  6. I'm sad. I had to drop him on Monday to pick up a player for Monday night to win my matchup. Good news, the played I picked up helped me win my match up. The bad news, I lost Coleman to a $26 FAAB bid this morning. I really believe he's gunna be a killer for the second half of the season. So if you people can, try to keep stashing him. I believe he should be back by sometime in October.
  7. I have Perkins in a dynasty league. I believe he's the most complete back on that team after Jennings. Jennings is perpetually hurt and 30+ years old. Perkins needs to start growing up, fast.
  8. Broncos might have more superstar individual talents but that Vikings D is so cohesive and plays like 1 unit consistently. You can't beat their discipline.
  9. On that 4th down, Barr blew threw him through the A gap and deflected the pass by Manning for the incompletion. So that's a good example right there. That said, It's Anthony Barr. He's 6'5 250lb and a freaking monster. So you can't really fault Perkins too much.
  10. Can we really see Osweiler going into Minnesota and pulling out a victory against that Vikings defense?
  11. Steelers is a very good choice. I usually go for the home team, so Vikings is another solid one. If the Packers get their defensive players healthy, I like the Packers V Giants too.
  12. This week is easy. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Brady's revenge.
  13. Will Jenkins follow Diggs in the slot? If not, Diggs will do plenty of work out of there. Vikings move him around this year to exploit matchups. Last year he only learned 1 position in the offense. This year, all 3 are in his playbook.
  14. If Palmer is out, it's not long term. Smokey Brown is back. He looked great yesterday while Floyd had multiple drops. Hopefully everyone didn't rage drop him the first 2 weeks of the season.
  15. Dixon with your lineup