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  1. KCP or JaMychal Green? WHIR 100

    Green just doesn't do enough to say he's a better fit. He has potential but he just can't seem to live up to it. I would rather make a trade than drop KCP for Green.
  2. Help improve this team. Whir!

    Get PG13 and don't trade Turner because you won't get fair value for him right now. Overall it's a pretty solid team.
  3. Counter Offer. WHIR

    I just don't think I can get anything more right now. My thinking was exactly what MWon said above. Rondo coming back is going to take away Holiday's assists. And with Boogie & AD balling, I don't see Holiday's scoring getting better. So Dragic is a nice upgrade. I also agree that it feels like Fournier is really playing over his head. I think he is still good but not quite this good. Vooch is probably playing at his level, but that is not many boards. Like I mentioned, we count O-boards and D-boards, so Capela is really solid there. Plus blocks & FG% he is really good. And with CP3 back I think his scoring actually goes up a little. Bazemore is nothing special, but he's really solid in steals and 3's and he doesn't really hurt you anywhere. I really like my teams boards and blocks with Capela, Boogie, M Turner and Nurkic when he gets it going. There are a couple teams in the league that have multiple stud rebounders so I like being able to match up with them and anyone. I just worry that my scoring overall takes a big hit and my FT% goes way down.
  4. I tried to get Lillard in this deal and he countered with Bazemore with me still giving up Kemba. So I want to counter back with this. I give: Fournier, Vooch & Jrue Holiday I get: Capela, Bazemore & Dragic My team: 10 team league. We keep 3. We count 11 categories including O-boards and D-boards. PG: Kemba SG: Fournier G: Holiday SF: MIddleton PF: M Turner F: Vucevic C: Boogie C: Nurkic Ut: Covington Ut: Reggie Jackson Bn: J Henson, Redick, Pope & Mitchell
  5. I totally agree about moving KD, but I would look to get some rebounders. I would think KD would land you some very solid players. I wouldn't totally punt assist though.
  6. Yeah that makes sense if it's just about freeing up space.
  7. Favors without a doubt. No Gobert. Help with mine please. THanks.
  8. If losing James Johnson means you have to punt assists, then I think you were already punting them anyway. I would rather have Bradley for sure. Johnson is decent but he's nothing special. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  9. Which side wins this whir

    I actually like the DeRozen side but I have never been that high on Blake. I always thought he was a little overrated, even when healthy. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  10. Capela or Turner

    Turner for sure. I think Capela is playing a little over his head right now while Turner has yet to get his groove. I like them both but I think Turner is the easy choice. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  11. I give: Kemba, Fournier & Vucevic I get: Lillard & Capela As you can see below, we count O-boards & D-boards so adding Capela is nice. I would probably pick up Dunn, Sefolosha, Rozier, M James, T Booker, Belinili or E Turner. My team: PG: Kemba SG: Fournier G: Holiday SF: MIddleton PF: M Turner F: Vucevic C: Boogie C: Nurkic Ut: Covington Ut: Reggie Jackson Bn: J Henson, Redick, Pope & Mitchell
  12. Drop Jrich for?...10 ream 9 Cat H2H..WHIR

    I agree, go with Saric
  13. Who wins these trade? Whir

    I don't like either but I'm not that high on Schroeder.
  14. I give. P George, Collison and Barnes I get. Middleton, Covington and Bogdonavic This is a 10 team H2H league. We keep 3 players. I kept: Boogie, M Turner & P George. We count 11 categories that include FTM, O-boards & D-boards. My team: PG: Kemba SG: Fournier G: Holiday SF: P George PF: M Turner F: Vucevic C: Boogie C: Nurkic Ut: Collison Ut: Reggie Jackson Bn: H Barnes, Redick, Pope & Mitchell