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  1. Either Ors

    I thought CarGo got hurt today. Either way I give the edge to Schwarber but both are extremely risky. Then I like Solarte over Cesar but that is also very close.
  2. Sale/Olson for Cole/Hoskins. WHIR

    I am definitely not keeping Hoskins. I am just thinking about that upgrade for this year and just how much of a downgrade is Cole from Sale right now. I could try it with Darvish instead of Sale.

    I totally understand the worry but it's totally worth the risk if that is all you are giving up.
  4. That is really close but I like the Marte/Seager side more. I think that is more big time upside.
  5. This is a 10 team H2H keeper league. We count 11 hitter and 11 pitcher categories. We keep ONE hitter, ONE pitcher and then THREE any. Sale was obviously my keeper SP so losing him hurts, but Cole is younger and looks pretty amazing. And Hoskins looks to be a long term stud. Plus I am currently starting J Bell at 1b. He's been decent but I would much rather have Hoskins there. Then I play matchups and start 2 each week out of: Kingery, Davidson & Bell. On a side note, I am considering dropping Davidson for O Herrera, Frazier or Villanueva. Thoughts on that? My team: C: Castillo 1b: J Bell 2b: Cano 3b: Arenado SS: T Turner CI: E Nunez MI: LeMahieu 4 OF: Trout, Pollock, Judge & M Smith 2 Ut: Olson & Kingery Bn: M Davidson 5 SP: Sale, Darvish, Bundy, Manaea & Godley 2 RP: Osuna & Giles Bn: Maeda, G Richards & Trevor Williams NA: Kopech
  6. Jose Abreu For Eaton? WHIR

    Great deal even with the Cobb for Turner add.
  7. First ever AL Only Auction. WHIR

    Thanks. I agree. Pitching went early and at a really high price. I tried to get a couple good pitchers early but I just wasn't willing to spend what they were going for. I am going to look into some trade ideas. I think I might be ok if I can get a solid SP and keep Bundy, Bauer & Sanchez.
  8. Rank these players WHIR

    I actually like Bell most of that group because he doesn't really hurt you anywhere. Then I like Bour, next. I know he's off to a slow start and he's in a bad lineup too but I think he's solid. Alonso is decent but I just don't think he has as much upside as the other 2.
  9. I've played in fantasy leagues forever but I have never actually done an auction league before. And this was also my first AL only league. It's a 10 team league. 5 of those teams were new to the league, so I'm not the only newbie. We kept 5 players this year and next year we keep 10. There are about a thousand strange rules in this league that I won't get into, but basically you can keep a player up to 4 years at the very most. It's also a 2 catcher league and I have Sanchez, which in a 2 catcher AL only league is HUGE. Please tell me what you think of my team. It's a standard 5x5 format. I have guys I have never heard of on my team because it was extremely thin pickens. Not happy with my Middle Infield but or G Torres gets the call up and plays to his potential, it could be decent. I have no decent relief pitchers so I had to get some good ERA & WHIP guys to make up for it. I feel like I have some solid young arms with potential, but I don't have an ace. C: G Sanchez C: C Vazquez 1b: Abreu 2b: J Ramirez 3b: E Nunez SS: Y Solarte MI: E Escobar CI: Candelario 5 OF: JD Martinez, Haniger, Mazara, E Rossario & Drew Robinson U: Raja Davis Bench: D Valencia, Brad Miller, Profar, V Martinez & G Torres (No NA slot) 9 P: Bauer, Bundy, A Sanchez, M Minor, Miguel Gonzalez, Shane Greene, Chad Green, M Moore & Bedrosian Bench: Z Duke, J Kelly, A Pruitt & Martin Perez (I can't move Perez to DL until next week)
  10. rate my OBP league team! WHIR

    Very solid all around team for a 12 team league. Should do very well.
  11. Pick 2: Maeda, J. Montgomery, Matz

    I like Maeda & Matz. I think they both have more upside if they can stay healthy.
  12. 3 for 2. FAIR? WHIR

    Yeah you are right. I am just going to drop Peraza for Kopech, move him to my NA slot then pick up Castillo as my catcher.
  13. 3 for 2. FAIR? WHIR

    I give: Justin Turner, I Desmond & J Peraza I get: Hosmer & Bauer I picked up Kingery with the plan to put him on my NA and then grab someone else, but instead he is starting. Then I can't put J Turner on my DL until Yahoo does, which I assume will be once the season starts. So right now I don't have a catcher. I could drop Bour or Peraza to pick up Castillo as my catcher but I would rather try the trade first. This team I am offering this to has a lot of pitchers and needs middle infield help. If I did this I would grab someone for my NA slot and then grab Castillo as my catcher. I have enough 3b that I can afford to lose J Turner who is out probably for a month.
  14. My 5? WHIR

    So I just finished an expansion draft where 5 new teams go to pick our 5 keepers from the entire list of players from the 5 teams that left after last season. It's an auction league which I have never done before. Standard 5x5 pitching and hitting. Next year we keep 10. The overall pickings were pretty slim so I think I got some good value. 23 player roster and $260 cap. Here is my 5 and their keeper cost. I feel like I did ok, but as I said I have never done an auction league before. G Sanchez $13 Mazara $6 E Rosario $10 D Bundy $4 A Sanchez $3
  15. Auction league keeper help. WHIR

    Trout just seems like way too much. We get $260 for 23 players so spending almost a quarter on one player seems crazy. I actually have never done a auction league before so I'm not sure what to expect. I talked to the guy running it and he said Trout usually goes for around $40-45. I guess getting the stud top catcher in Sanchez is probably a good start.