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  1. 10 team H2H league. We keep 5 players (At least 1 has to be a pitcher). 11 hitter and 11 pitching categories. So it's not the normal 5x5. We are doing email draft now. Because of his high K's and low average, C Davis kept dropping. Finally I just grabbed him in the 15th round (First 5 rounds were keepers). So I am kind of going with a punt strategy since we have so many categories. Right now I definitely have to punt K's for my hitters after adding C Davis. I might also have to punt average, but I have some decent average guys plus some guys who could be really bad or decent. Then I will draft guys like Melky and Incarte to help my average. In pitching, so far I am punting IP and kind of punting Wins although those are always iffy. I decided to go with 3 top stud RP with low ERA & WHIP and big K's. Here is my team so far. C: 1b; M Carpenter 2b: T Turner 3b: Arenado SS: Story MI: Dozier CI: Villar 4 OF: Trout, B Hamilton, A Jones 2 Ut: C Davis 4 SP: Sale, Gausman 2 RP: Jansen & Chapmen 1 P: E Diaz Obviously my SP are hurting but I will draft some of these guys and I could be fine. Shoemaker, Pineda, Paxton, T Walker, G Richards, Nola, Harvey, Shark, Manaea, JA Happ, M Estrada, Waino, Smyly, Rodon
  2. I already have Jansen. I'm trying to decide if I should get Chapman, Britton or Oh as well. Have 2-3 stud RP's before getting another decent SP.
  3. I agree, you could use some more power but it's not that terrible. You do have Freeman, Machado and Jones who are all decent. I would consider moving Verlander & Bruce for a big power bat and a sleeper type SP. I think Verlander has some nice name value but I don't think he quite matches what he did last year. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  4. Go for the kid. He's got some nice upside. You know what you get with Gomez if healthy, which is always a concern. So go with Swanson. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  5. I like your pitching a lot more. Offense is decent but not quite as solid. Overall team I would say solid B.
  6. You just pasted your pitching. What is your offense?
  7. Seager and Lackey are not enough. Any chance you can get Kluber & Trea for MadBum & DJ? Start big and then downgrade from there. After Kluber, I don't like any of his other SP. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  8. I would say Murphy for sure at this point. He won't have another year like last year and he's on the wrong side of 30, but he should be very solid again this year. Then I would probably lean Cutch for his upside but I can see a case for Carrasco as well. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  9. Wow, I would like to help as well but that is a freaking deep league. I know some of the minor league high prospects but some of those guys you mentioned I have never heard of. I can tell you that I really like both those SP's you got. I think Paxton could have a really good season and Davies is being way undervalued. So based on what I do know, I say both deals were solid. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  10. Pretty solid. You have some guys with question marks but some nice upside. I think Kluber has a monster season. Strasburg is always a risk but when healthy he can be great. Verlander seems to have found his stroke again. Carrasco could be a stud or a dud. Overall though, I like it.
  11. I like these guys and the #1 guy is Duffy. I am in a league where there are always some people who do that as well. Pick up are unlimited but they cost $2. So people don't go crazy. I like the idea of owning 1 or 2 decent starting RP/SP guys but don't go overboard with it. Once the top 3-4 are gone, the rest are really a crap shoot. You can still occasionally grab a 2 start RP with good matchups but that doesn't mean you do that every week. It's not a sure fire plan so don't concentrate too much on that in the draft.
  12. I like Freeman most of those guys. I actually like Peraza a lot this year but not as a keeper yet. Cano is also a solid bet but as you said he is up there now and 2b isn't as weak as it used to be. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  13. My hitting is really good, but my pitching is not. It was a keeper league where we HAD to keep 5 players with at least 1 of them being a pitcher. I kept Sale. 11 pitching categories. IP, W, L, CG, SHO, SV, Blow SV, K, ERA, WHIP and No HItter. Below is what we start and who I have so far. We are doing a long drawn out email draft. 4 SP: Sale, Gausman 2 RP: Jansen 1 P: 3 more picks before it's my turn again. Instead of drafting one of the remaining average SP, I was going to grab another RP. Either Chapman or Britton or Oh. Or maybe 2 of those guys. Then I could play 2 at RP and 1 at P. What this would do is almost lock me in at ERA & WHIP as well as Saves. Plus it lowers my losses. And those are all high K RP's, so in an average week they probably match the K's of a 1 game starter. What it does is kills my IP & W and still does hurt my K's some. It also means I will most likely get a lot of Blown Saves as well. Plus less chance at Complete Game or No Hitter but those aren't stats you really play for. Then I will still need to grab some SP's later. Here are the SP's still out there. A lot of which I could get 3-4 rounds from now. Tailon, Nola, Harvey, Paxton, Matz, Roark, Shark, Manaea, G Richards, Eickoff, T Walker, Shoemaker & Pineda. They are all risk/reward guys. None of them jump out as far better than the rest. So am I making a mistake if I draft 2 RP's with my next 2 picks? Or at least 1 more stud to go with Jansen?
  14. I agree with this. Richards was a stud just a couple years ago and he's still young. I think he could have a nice bounce back year. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  15. Save $4 and take Fulmer. He's young and only getting better. But he's the only one I would take over Desmond who will probably only be out 2-3 weeks.