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  1. Make trades or stay put? WHIR

    I am also not a fan of HIlton. Yes Luck coming back will help, but at this point Luck could be out another month or more. I would see if you could do a 2 for 1 giving up Hilton and maybe Quiz for a solid WR. See who owns D Martin and sell him Quiz & Hilton for his best WR.
  2. No keepers, no PPR. Who wins this? It's team 1 in signature. Hyde is pretty much my #3 RB behind T West. I might play him in great matchups instead, but West feels safer now.
  3. Getting Evans. WHIR

    If I did this I would probably hold DMac for another week, just in case Elliott case is changed again. But I can easily drop DMac for Cohen, Stewart, C Thompson, Powell or K Williams at Arizona. He should get some TD's. Then someone dropped Maclin, so I could try to get him for ARob. If not, then Moncrief, Cobb, John Brown or Galladay. Again, I only need a WR for A Browns bye week. The rest of the time I will always start Evans & A Brown. Then Fournette & T West will start most weeks.
  4. Trade scenarios 100% WHIR

    I wouldn't do either. Especially if you said you just lost D Johnson. Even if you think you are solid at RB, that is a huge loss. I think CJ Anderson is going to have a very solid season. I'm also not as high on Cooks as most are. Keep what you have.
  5. Getting Evans. WHIR

    This is the way they want to do it. Trust me I felt the same way when I first joined, but I feel like I can take advantage of the stupid format more than others. A couple years ago, it was a TD only league so yards did not matter at all. I was able to talk them into a more normal scoring format but they are dead set on keeping the roster format as is. But as I said, that lame format, makes a deal like this even better for me. I just offered him the WR swap first. So Tate & HIlton for Evans & ARob. Hoping he viewed Tate's first game going over 100 yards as his usual type of game. Which I guess it was since he didn't score as usual. Evans is a TD machine. If I can get him to go for it without giving up Hyde, that would be amazing.
  6. Getting Evans. WHIR

    Anyone? Am I giving up too much? Basically it's: Hyde, Hilton & Tate for Powell, Evans & Moncrief (assuming I can get those 2 which I think I can)
  7. Team with Evans has Elliott, DMac & AP. With our league format, having both Elliott & DMac doesn't work. So I told him I will take DMac off his hands, but now he has WR trouble. He has Evans, ARob & Watkins. I really want Evans to pair with A Brown. So I was thinking about offering this. I give: Hyde, Hilton & G Tate I get: DMac, M Evans & ARob He might go for it because he is giving up a useless WR and a RB who could be useless as well. If I do this I just move ARob for Moncrief. If I can't get Moncrief, I will find someone decent to fill in for A Browns bye week. Evans already had his. So I really don't need another WR with Evans & Brown. At RB, I can start Fournette & T West. Then I can drop DMac for Powell or Stewart or Lacy or maybe for whoever starts in Arizona while DJ is out. Because it's NOT a PPR league, I feel like G Tate's value is limited. I hate giving up Hyde so quickly, but I feel like West can be a great replacement this year. Plus I still think Powell will get better so I can grab him as my #3 RB. 12 team H2H league, NO PPR and NO Keepers. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 Def. No flex and we have to have EXACTLY ONE of each position on our bench. QB: Bradford RB: Fournette & Hyde WR: A Brown & Hilton TE: Reed D: Texans K: Santos Bench: Luck, T West, G Tate, Doyle, Eagles & Myers
  8. I like Cook a little more than Hyde this year but they are really close. I like Rudolph much more than Witten. So I would do it unless it's a keeper league. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  9. No Evans who to go with at WR? WHIR

    I agree with the above. ARob & Matthews would have been my 2 choices. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  10. Maybe I low ball if first and give up Cobb instead of Moncrief?
  11. CJ Anderson or Kareem Hunt for week 1? WHIR

    I think it's closer than the rest do, but I still lean CJ. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  12. I agree, go with WIlliams. He has really only one guy ahead of him. Carter is in a huge mess of a backfield. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  13. I love my top 2 WR, but then I really don't like the rest. So I was going to offer this. I give: Reed, Moncrief & Riddick I get: Eifert & D Adams (I can then add free agent C Thompson) I think making it a 3 for 2, he will most likely take it. Is D Adams enough of an upgrade at #3 WR to make this worth it for me? 1/2 PPR. We keep 3. I kept D Johnson, Julio & Evans. So I started off with a great trio, but I waited too long to get QB. It's a 2 QB league. 2 QB: Taylor & Cutler 3 WR: Juilo Jones, M Evans & R Anderson 2 RB: D Johnson & M Lynch TE: Reed Flx: J Cook K: Boswell Def: Pats 7 Bench: Goff & Glennon. Powell, Riddick & Prosise. Cobb & Moncrief
  14. Both are injury prone, but I think I trust Gronk's health a tad more. And since it's not a PPR, I would much rather have Gronk. In PPR, they are much closer. Gronk is more of a TD threat. Let's say they both stay healthy and play every game. Gronk probably goes for 75 catches, 1200 yards and 12 TD. Reed probably goes for 90 catches, 1000 yards and maybe 10 TD. Both are high risk with very high reward, but Gronk has the higher ceiling.