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  1. By the way, someone just dropped Oh. So I could pick him up as well.
  2. I originally wanted to roll with 3 RP. 2 in the RP slot then 1 in the RP/SP slot. Just to have good ERA & WHIP. But so far Diaz has not looked good. His ERA & WHIP are TERRIBLE. Plus he only has 7 saves on the year to go with 2 Blown Saves. And he's not getting the K's at the rate I was expecting. Then Chapman just got hurt. So now I am thinking about rolling with just Jansen then I have Cahill and Karns who I can start at RP. This would give me a huge boost to IP & K's and probably wouldn't hurt my ERA or WHIP too much. I could drop Eduardo Rodriguez or A Cobb instead but they have been putting up solid numbers.
  3. I agree, if you can swing that A Jones deal then I like it. Otherwise, I would rather keep Tanaka. I'm also not as high on Desmond as most.
  4. Get Hill now then Betances then I would take a chance on Rivera just to see if he can be that under the radar solid hitter. Drop all the guys you mentioned.
  5. Adding Hanigar is very good for you and probably not enough of an add to scare the other guy away. Go for it.
  6. For anyone who can't see my signature, here is my team and league info below. As you can see, I still have plenty of 2b & SS to take the hit. Team 2. 10 team H2H league. We keep 5 (At least one has to be a pitcher) Hitter: Runs, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, Steals, BB, K, Avg, Slam Pitcher: IP, W, L, CG, SHO, SV, Blown SV, K, ERA, WHIP & No Hitter C: Realmuto, 1b: Bellinger, 2b: M Carpenter, 3b: Arenado, SS: Villar, MI: Dozier, CI: Y Alonso OF: Trout, Hamilton, Altherr & Trea Turner. UT: C Davis & Marwin Gonzalez Bench hitter: A Jones & E Suarez DL: Story 4 SP: Sale, Odarizzi, Cobb & Cahill. 2 RP: Diaz & Jansen. 1 SP/RP: A Wood Bench SP: Eduardo Rodriguez & Chapman (Only 2 DL spots available so he's on my bench now) DL: Paxton
  7. Guy in my league really wants Trea Turner from me. I am pretty sure he would give me Goldy too since he's older and Trea qualifies as 2b/SS/OF. The deal I want to offer him is. Trea Turner, A Jones & E Suarez for Goldy & Benintendi Good deal? Too much or too little for Goldy?
  8. My team is hurting (LITERALLY). I have like 5-6 players on the real life DL and we only have 1 DL slot. It's a H2H points league, we keep 6. So I was thinking about offering this. D Price, J Donaldson & Belt for Carrasco, Villar & B Hamilton Am I giving up too much?
  9. I agree with above. Don't like deal 1 at all but I really like deal 2 a lot.
  10. I'm not as high on Yelich as most so I like DeGrom side
  11. I have too many high K guys on my roster. I think I can survive with Villar & Story if I can get rid of C Davis. The only reason I drafted him was he fell so far that I couldn't pass him up. He is good for a lot of Runs, HR, RBI & Walks normally. But still those K's and low average are killer. So I was going to offer this for Zimmerman. I worry that Zimmerman will get hurt like he ALWAYS does. C Davis & E Nunez for R Zimmerman. I can then grab a free agent like A Altherr or Y Alonso or Josh Bell
  12. 10 team league. 1/2 PPR. We can only keep 3. I am keeping David Johnson for sure then most likely I will keep Julio Jones and Mike Evans. Which means I just drop Ajayi and get nothing for him. So I was going to see if I could swing 2 for 1 trade. And considering the 2 I would be trading are Ajayi and Julio, there are only a small handful of players that are worth those 2. So here are the trades I would consider. 1. Julio & Ajayi for L Bell (I can see this being accepted because of Bells injury history. Bell & DJ RB combo would be amazing) 2. Julio & Ajayi for Elliott (I know this owner really well and I doubt he does it, but it would be great if he did) 3. Julio & Ajayi for Antonio Brown (This one I'm not sure about. Is AB that much of an upgrade over Juilo?)
  13. Cain Desmon De Leon But every single one of those is very close.
  14. I pasted my team and league below for those on tablets or phones. One other question. As of now I am starting 3 RP's. We actually only need to start 2 and then 1 RP/SP. I decided to go with 3 stud RP's with low ERA & WHIP and high K's, but now I am thinking Diaz just doesn't look that good. So should I trade him straight up for Maeda who is also struggling? Team 2. 10 team H2H league. We keep 5 (At least one has to be a pitcher) Hitter: Runs, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, Steals, BB, K, Avg, Slam Pitcher: IP, W, L, CG, SHO, SV, Blown SV, K, ERA, WHIP & No Hitter C: Realmuto, 1b: C Davis, 2b: T Turner, 3b: Arenado, SS: Story, MI: Dozier, CI: Villar OF: Trout, Hamilton, A Jones & Souza. UT: E Suarez & Carpenter. Bench hitter: Bellinger & E Nunez 4 SP: Sale, Odarizzi, Paxton & Shoemaker. RP: Chapman, Jansen & Diaz Bench SP: Cobb & Gausman DL: G Richards
  15. Guy in my league really wants Villar. He mentioned Judge for Villar but I think Villar is still worth more. He's at least had a proven track record in the majors. Plus I feel like Villar is just now starting to hit. He's close to .300 over the last couple weeks. Still high K's but not as bad. I think Judge will eventually be in the high K stat too. So is B Hamilton fair value for Judge? I can just punt K's for my hitters, but I want to improve my average. I believe it's team 2 in my signature.