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  1. Any other thoughts?
  2. If you can afford the pitching hit then I say go for it. It's a lot to pay but Altuve is a beast.
  3. I like Ramirez A LOT especially with his added power this year. He doesn't have the power of Sano, but he should be good for 25 or more bombs, but with 20-25 steals. Ramirez will do that with a much better average and probably a third of the K's of Sano. Getting a RP in return doesn't make up for it. I would hold on to Ramirez for a better offer or keep him.
  4. 10 team H2H league. We keep 1 SP, 1 Hitter and 3 ANY. Hitter: Runs, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, Steals, BB, K, Avg, Slam Pitcher: IP, W, L, CG, SHO, SV, Blown SV, K, ERA, WHIP & No Hitter C: Realmuto 1b: Bellinger 2b: Dee Gordon 3b: Arenado SS: Marwin Gonzalez MI: Dozier CI: Smoak OF: Trout, Judge, Inciarte & D Santana UT: Rendon & Reddick Bench hitter: Maybin & Y Alonso DL: TREA TURNER & M Taylor NA: Rossario 4 SP: C Martinez, Paxton, Fiers & Wood 2 RP: Chapman & Jansen 1 SP/RP: J Nelson Bench SP: Wacha & Maeda
  5. Anyone? My league info is pasted below in case you can't see signature. Right now I am seriously considering dropping Maybin for Marrifield and Y Alonso for Parra.
  6. With Trea Turner still out for a while and now then Taylor plus now Maybin, do I need to add more speed? I still have D Gordon and Trout plus even Inciarte, Santana, Reddick & Dozier have some speed. I am definitely dropping Maybin and I am also considering dropping Y Alonso who has been very average the last couple months. So I am thinking about dropping them both for 2 of the following. Leaning the top 2 guys. G Parra (As long as he gets the at bats he puts up solid numbers) Merrifield (Good replacement for steals and he gets a ton of doubles) J Reyes (On fire lately and my only other healthy SS is M Gonzalez) O Arcia (Decent all around numbers and he's a SS)
  7. Should I drop Kemp or Y Alonso for Reddick, Scooter, Arcia, Chisenhall or Merrifeld?
  8. Drop Newcomb for Scooter, but if he goes cold drop him for Happ. Then I like Gurriel going forward.
  9. As you can see in my signature, we keep 1 hitter, 1 pitcher and 3 any. As of now my keeper pitcher would most likely be Wood or Carlos Martinez. That leaves 4 keeper hitters, but I have 5 guys I really like. Trout, T Turner, Arenado, Judge & Bellinger. Guy in 9th place is already giving up on this season and he wants Turner and I think I can get Sale. Normally I would not trade a player just because he's on my DL but it sounds like Turner may be there for a while. So should I offer this? Is this fair? I give: Paxton, Kemp & T Turner I get Sale I need to do the 2 for 1 since Turner is on my DL right now. I add Kemp as well just to create room for Trout coming back.
  10. I actually like Ray more right now. I feel like you know what you are getting with Ces. Always injury prone with power but nothing special. I think Ray is just now coming into his own and could be a stud for years. So if you give him up, try to get a more reliable less injury prone OF. I agree, you could use a little help in OF. Maybe see what you can get for Verlander who has great name value.
  11. Side A wins that and it's not close. Betts is the best player in the deal and Bellinger might be the next best player. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  12. I like that deal. You are selling your hot hands for some more proven guys. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  13. I would go with Moose at CI over a slumping Reynolds. I think Reynolds was hitting way over his head the first month and a half. Then at OF I would go with A Jones. He's been solid lately and has proven himself to be good in the past. Even though he's facing a better SP, I like Jones. Help with mine please. Thanks.
  14. I give: Marwin Gonzalez (he qualifies at literally every offensive position except catcher) & Kemp I get: Ozuna The other guy has E Nunez at SS and it sounds like he's about to go on DL. So he really needs a solid SS. Marwin has been solid all season but other than average he's not doing much. If I did this I would then pick up Souza, Melky, Choo, Mancini or another SS like Swanson or Didi. This would give me a nice power boost that I need after recently giving up some solid power. I am not desperate for power with Bellinger, Arenado, Judge, Trout and some others but I think another top power bat with good average would be nice. 10 team H2H league. We keep 5 (At least one has to be a pitcher) Hitter: Runs, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, Steals, BB, K, Avg, Slam Pitcher: IP, W, L, CG, SHO, SV, Blown SV, K, ERA, WHIP & No Hitter C: Realmuto 1b: Bellinger 2b: Dee Gordon 3b: Arenado SS: T Turner MI: Dozier CI: Y Alonso OF: Judge, Inciarte, Maybin & Marwin Gonzalez UT: Rendon & Smoak Bench hitter: Kemp & D Santana DL: TROUT NA: Rossario 4 SP: C Martinez, Paxton, Pineda & Chase Anderson 2 RP: Chapman & Jansen 1 SP/RP: Wood Bench SP: J Nelson & J Montgomery DL: CC Sabathia
  15. Believe it or not, Holiday is actually a free agent in my league. So I want to do a 2 for 1 just to grab him. But I also fear that he will be gone before the trade goes through. I can't drop Hamilton or Story for Holiday. And I have no SP I can drop easily.