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  1. I would stick with PG13 if you can afford the wait. He’s also a good handcuff for when Leonard has rest days.
  2. Solid team. I'd replace Brown for Nance and maybe Green for VanVleet.
  3. My honest opinion is that your team is not very good for a 10 team. I am guessing you are a punt FT team. You have elite FG guys that are weighed down because of Rubio, Wiggins and Kuzma. You are also rostering Thybulle who belongs in the FA pool for league of your size. I would pair up Wiggins (trash) with one of your desired bigs and get an upgrade in the guard or forward position. Also you have no 3s so Redick really doesn't belong in your team either. I'd try to trade him as well to boost your elite stats of FG%, AST, BLK, REB
  4. I like SGA for the upside. But I am biased as you can see
  5. That's an easy drop? McGee is an upgrade over Portis. The only thing that can spoil the block party is if Kanter decides to sign with the Lakers.
  6. I think so too, but if anybody can help him with a resurgence it is Lebron.
  7. There are enough 3pt shooting wings now for the Lakers. It would either be Melo or Kanter joining the team.
  8. That is a great return for you.
  9. I'd probably pull the trigger. AD is worth the gamble for me, but then again I am risk seeking. People would tell you to not fix something that's not broken, so if you are coasting through your league, maybe your lineup is pretty good already.
  10. Mitch for me since Holmes value is directly tied to Ayton's and Ayton is injured right now. He will be coming back and hurt Holmes value.
  11. Wow fleeced. That owner really likes Anderson or something. Paid league?
  12. They credited one as a steal and removed a block.
  13. wow, if that was offered to you, I'd take it in a heart beat. Covington when healthy is top 20 potential and you would dominate steals in the league. You would still be competitive in blocks as well with JJJ, Lopez and Cousins. I'd maybe swap Zubac with Robinson to bolster your blocks that you lose in the Allen trade.