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  1. Many posts have been rendered invisible. Political/social commentary, belittling comments, name calling, off-topic nonsense, and game commentary. You fellas have had quite a day. Keep it respectful. Keep it civil. Keep it relevant. If general baseball topics crop up you can express an opinion, but not for two pages of bickering and snarky comments. Agree to disagree and move on.
  2. True but I don't think that's the problem. His K rate has about doubled this year. It doesn't matter how small the field is...not striking out is a prerequisite to hitting home runs.
  3. Well, I'm hoping that his April cold streak with be over soon. After all, it's now April 53rd... I'd have to look at stats to remember what season I'm thinking of, but I do remember a long cold streak that convinced me that he was over-rated. I also remember that he roared back and made everything all better. While worst case is always possible, I'm still very confident that he'll get on track.
  4. guys know better. As soon as you start expressing political opinions or disdain for an entire generation, you should know that you're well out of bounds. I'm sure there are plenty of forums on the internet that would welcome your sage opinions on political correctness, but this isn't one of them. We'll unlock the thread shortly, but anything posted that's not directly and specifically related to Kevin Pillar's performance on the field will be removed.
  5. Travis 2 for 3 with a double. I doubt I'm the only one who has him in my lineup due to an off day for my real 2B. Yay...
  6. I'm missing something I'm sure, but why is Judge batting 6th? Castro 4th?
  7. Enough bickering over ABs. For what it's worth, however, saying "His manager said he'd get 500+ ABs" is NOT the same as saying "He'll get 500 ABs". Misrepresenting what someone said is a great way to make a small disagreement into a two page argument. At this point, anyone can read what was written and, in the unlikely event that they care, can decide for themselves who was right. Consider this an official moderator advisory that the discussion regarding number of innings is closed. ^^^^After further reflection it was decided to make the argument invisible. Leaving it up my inspire more replies not.
  8. If you look at paragraph 5(b) of the standard MLB contract it does specifically mention "motorcycle racing" as a banned activity. It also includes a catch-all prohibition against participating in sports that present a substantial risk of injury. Remember that these provisions are written and approved by lawyers from both sides, so the language is carefully written and words are precisely chosen. "Motorcycle racing" is not the same as "Riding a motorcycle". "Sports" is different from "Off road travel". In order to void his contract he would have to violate a clause that explicitly proscribes an activity he was participating in. Also, individual contracts are frequently modified to be more liberal or restrictive depending on the team and the player. He may have been given permission to ride motorcycles, or he may have agreed to avoid them completely. No way to know unless someone in the organization leaks the actual terms of his contract.
  10. You've mentioned my status as a moderator twice, so even though I agreed to disagree I want to try this one more time. I actually said that you are a reasonable person but that you were quibbling about semantics: "Given the context, I think the meaning of "solid contact" was clear to any reasonable person who isn't interested in quibbling about semantics." Please read that sentence carefully. It says that a reasonable person (YOU) would only argue about my statement if they were interested in quibbling about semantics (Which is what I suggested you were doing). There is no way to make that sentence imply that you're not reasonable, unless you ignore the last part. There was no personal attack. As far as your question, I never said that he hasn't "crushed any". I was responding to someone who had said that 4 long fly balls were an encouraging sign. I disagreed, because I don't believe that a player who can hit a HR ball 450 feet (big swing, solid contact) is necessarily getting on track when he starts hitting balls 330 feet (big swing, less than solid contact (<--phrased a little differently. Better? ). So far this season Bird has an average exit velocity of about 88 MPH, which is well above league average but not great. What really caught my eye, however, was his average launch angle of 23.6 degrees. That's extremely high. In fact, I checked a few dozen players and only found two with a higher number than that. Most were much lower with many in the 10 to 15 degree range. Either he's got one of the most extreme uppercut swings in baseball or his bat frequently impacts the ball's lower hemisphere, driving it upward. If that's the case then a real improvement would be an increase in his LD% and a slight uptick in exit velocity, along with a reduction in that launch angle. The last word on this is yours. What do you think?
  11. The characterization of your argument as "quibbling" isn't a personal attack. I'm also not aware of any source that has, as a definition, anything regarding the phrase "solid contact". I'll just agree to disagree that only solid contact from a power hitter can result in a warning track fly ball or one that just squeaks over the fence. I'm not encouraged by Bird having 4 long fly balls. I'd be a lot happier to see the K rate go down and his batted ball profile contain more line drives.
  12. Last year Stanton's longest home run was 495 feet. I think it's safe to assume that that represents "solid contact". He also hit a few that barely broke 350 feet, and of course there were some that didn't make it out of the park. Is a 320 foot fly ball from Stanton "solid contact" or is it an example of a power hitter who can hit a long fly ball even when he misses by a bit? If Bird has 4 warning track flies in the last week, did they fail to become HRs because he's a weak hitter or because he didn't hit the ball squarely enough with the barrel of the bat? Given the context, I think the meaning of "solid contact" was clear to any reasonable person who isn't interested in quibbling about semantics.
  13. I'm a lot less interested in homers than I am in hits. I want to see solid contact, not just loud outs with an occasional dinger. In fact, hearing about 4 near misses isn't encouraging at all because I suspect that he's trying to swing out of his shoes with every at bat. His FB% is high and K rate is around 33%. Fly balls at the warning track are a symptom of the problem, not the solution.
  14. The 2017 thread is thataway...>
  15. On behalf of myself and the entire moderating team, I'd like to thank you for using a finger as your example.