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  1. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    Reminds me of AGonz when he was with the Padres. He had elite contact skills, but swung at everything. The result was a lot of weak ground balls and easily caught pop ups. He was the only decent hitter on the team so he tried to win games by himself. After a month or so of completely abysmal results, he calmed down and started waiting for something to hit. Bellinger will figure this out.
  2. Gleyber Torres 2018 Outlook

    Sorry folks...until he plays in the majors his thread in the MiLB forum is the only place to discuss him. Once he's promoted we'll reopen this thread.
  3. Gleyber Torres - SS NYY

    It looks like the Yankees are being smart and methodical. Torres is only 21 and lost a year to injury, so I don't think this is about control. They took steps to make their infield pretty good without having to rush Torres back, and now they'll let that play out. Drury and Walker might be surprisingly good, but at the very least they'll probably hold their own. It makes sense to let Gleyber shake off the rust in AAA for 100 ABs and then look at his progress vs. what the veterans are doing. It's a long season and an even longer career, so the only people who should care about a spring, summer, or 2019 arrival are fantasy owners, and we don't count.
  4. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Daniel Palka could be an asset this year. He's 26, but acquired off waivers by the White Sox who could use a lefty power bat in their lineup. Fell off a bit last year as he seems to have tried to work on his abysmal K rate, but in 2016 he hit 34 homers between AA and AAA. His ceiling is probably Adam Duvall, but that wouldn't be a bad return on a guy who's almost certainly going undrafted by, well...everyone.
  5. 1st & 2nd Round Fantasy Predictions.

    It's way too early to have this discussion in the main forum, and so far it's just a bunch of guys offering speculative opinions based on things that may or may not be true once the 2018/2019 season actually starts. Once the current season is complete and a little time has passed for teams to make leadership changes and player moves, this discussion can continue. For now, you are welcome to ask for keeper advice and rankings in the Assistant Coach forum.
  6. Prospects to grab for next year?

    I'm a bit surprised that no one has mentioned Gleyber Torres. Of course it'll depend on his recovery from TJ, Yankee off-season trades/acquisitions, and what he does in ST, but he has a chance to open the season as a starting infielder for one of the best offensive lineups in baseball.
  7. Joe Flacco 2017 Season Outlook

    FYI, this post is fine and doesn't cross the line into Assistant Coach content. It's general, mentions a few generally available options, and gives some analysis. Where we run into trouble with posts like this are replies that veer off into extended discussions of Bortles vs. Taylor (Off-topic) or specific questions ("I want to add Flacco, should I drop X or Y"). As long as the discussion remains focused on Flacco and doesn't include anyone's team/league/roster decisions, it's fair game. Carry on...
  8. Gleyber Torres - SS NYY

    With the Headley move it sure looks like the Yankees are planning for him to be in the majors to start the season. Of course they could still re-sign Frazier, but with power abundant elsewhere on the team it makes more sense for them to concentrate on a player with contact skills and some speed. If Torres can impress during ST he can be their 3B right out of the gate in 2018.
  9. Waiver Wire Touts - Playoffs and Beyond

    Tout (verb): An attempt to explain to others the merits of something. This is the touts thread. It's not the "help me set my lineup" thread, nor is it the "which player should I add" thread. Posts here should contain the name of a player who is available on most leagues FA list and, if necessary, a brief explanation of what makes that player attractive. There is no reason to debate the merits of a player here, since there are threads devoted to that. There is no reason to critique last weeks touts by citing this week's results, since most of the players mentioned here carry significant risk or they would already be on someone's roster. The idea of this topic is to suggest names to be researched/considered, which is why it's pinned here above the player threads rather than in the Assistant Coach forum. Let's try to keep this topic as useful as possible for the fantasy playoffs.
  10. David Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    Yes, it's now twice as likely that DJ plays this year. It went from a 0.000000001% chance to a 0.000000002% chance
  11. Damn, my Kelce against his Hunt. 12 point swing.
  12. Colts Defense??

    I just added Colts DST and plan to roll the dice. McCoy can go 150 yards and score twice against them and there's still a good chance that Peterman will give it all back. You never could be a disaster, but with so many "good" defenses being banged up, there just aren't many risk-free options.
  13. Rafael Palmeiro 2017 Outlook

    No reason to have a thread about Palmeiro. If, by some miracle, he makes it onto a MLB roster, this topic will be reopened.
  14. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I haven't seen this mentioned, but isn't Gordon a FA next year?
  15. rotoworld mock draft pick discussion thread

    I would recommend placing it in the Community Baseball Rankings forum. I took the liberty of creating a thread for your results and any subsequent mocks. It makes sense to have them available for reference.