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  1. Ha, well played. How about "If the score is tied or close to tied late in the game" instead? That might make it necessary to risk putting him, especially if the running game has been ineffective. But for the most part, I agree with you. I was imagining reasons why they might have him on the field, but the most likely outcome is that he'll be inactive.
  2. Trying to figure out if his practicing is legit, or just a smoke screen. There's no doubt that Miami is an important game for the Bills, since their next 3 opponents (NE, @Seattle, @Bengals) are much tougher. The argument could be made that they're better off having Shady available this week to ensure a win, and risking a mild to moderate injury causing him to rest/recuperate for a few weeks afterward. They have a bye in there, so even a 3 week injury would make him available at Cincy, which is a very winnable game for the Bills if they're close to full strength. It's hard to sort out all the possibilities, but I'm guessing he'll be active if at all possible, but will have less than 10 snaps and even fewer touches. If the game isn't close he won't play at all. Either way, he's not likely to be worth anything to fantasy owners. Buffalo would love to at least split the next 4 games and go into the last part of the season with a winning record and an easier schedule ahead.
  3. Given his relationship with the practice net that would be a risky proposition...
  4. Time to get back to the Rodgers discussion. A few reports have come in about personal attacks, but I think those involved were just engaging in some absurd banter to underscore just how bad the 49ers D is. Be that as it may, let's keep the focus on Rodgers. By the way, his name is Jacquizz. I really don't want to spend the rest of my season suspending people for "hilarious" vulgar reinventions of his name, so just...don't. Really...don't.
  5. Fitz looks disgusted already. Interception #1 in 5...4...3...
  6. YES! That's why I drafted Miller. OK, well...I drafted him last year, but that's why...
  7. The scary part about starting Forsett is the likelihood that they'll use him primarily between the tackles. A few weeks ago (can't remember which game) they inexplicably did the same thing with Riddick and he rarely got back to the line of scrimmage before he was wrapped up. I'll admit that I'm not a Detroit fan so I wasn't watching the game intently, but it sure seemed like the left side of the offensive line was incapable of creating opportunities for a successful running game. No matter how quickly Forsett ramps up, he's not going to have the same timing and chemistry with Stafford that Riddick has developed, If that leads them to use him primarily as a ground weapon, his floor could be very disappointing.
  8. Chargers tried their level best but couldn't quite find a way to lose.
  9. As a Charger fan I'd like to say, keep it up Denver...
  10. Many off-topic posts removed... Most of them were by people who should know better, but for some of the new folks: Questions about who might be available and would provide a suitable replacement for an injured player belong in the Assistant Coach forum. Comments about the impact of Reed's absence on your team, or how many players you have who are incapacitated, or any other problems you're facing, belong in the Vent and Rant thread. Triumphant announcements about trading him because you knew he was an injury risk belong in the "Cool Story Bro" (CSB) thread. Suggestions for replacements belong in the WW Touts thread. (That is not, however, the place to debate the merits of those recommendations. Accept or reject's up to you, but don't nitpick them.) Let's stay on topic with discussion of Reed's fantasy outlook.
  11. Diggs out. Two solid defenses facing struggling offenses. This might be lowest scoring game of the year.
  12. Guys, you can discuss the wind and potential impacts, but you know better than to ask roster questions here. We don't want to have to lock this thread until game time, so if you see a Assistant Coach question please don't reply.
  13. A little surprised no one's made a thread about him. With Dez hurting he should at least be in the conversation as a bye week fill-in. The entire Dallas receiving corps (corpse?) reminds me of Battlestar Galactica. One big ship and then a rag-tag band of followers.
  14. Mod hat off... I'm always looking for lottery tickets. In fantasy baseball, I'm the guy who picks up every prospect that gets promoted and hopes to get that adrenaline-fueled run of great stats. I understand why Meredith is intriguing and why someone might pass up a proven, steady commodity hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. It seems like the main point of disagreement is whether it's worth the opportunity cost of dropping your weakest player to roll the dice. You can point to positive signs like his situation with most of his competition injured, and his success in limited exposure to NFL play. You can also point to negatives, especially his lack of pedigree and his inexperience with being a focal point of the offense rather than an afterthought. What's funny about the argument so far it's not really about who he is, it's more about how you do the risk calculation. Not just tomorrow's game, but what are your chances of getting him off the WW if he blows up? There's too much league-to-league variation, both in settings and in personalities of the individual league members, to state unequivocally what the "right" move is. We're about 15 hours from game time. I'll go on record saying that I think he'll be good for 8 targets, 5 receptions, 65 yards. I'm not basing that on anything like skill or talent, just that that line will be just good enough to encourage his owners, and not good enough to convince the detractors, so we can spend the next week arguing about whether he'll be better or worse against the Jaguars...