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  1. Not literally.
  2. Regarding Brach, keep in mind that it's not unusual for a good setup guy to collapse when asked to close. Last year he had 7 save chances and blew 5 of them. It's a small sample size, but proceed with caution.
  3. There was a point where I thought the Pats had zero chance to win. When they used Edelman to throw to Lewis it sure looked like desperation to me. I honestly thought that Belichick had run out of ideas and was resorting to gimmick plays and hoping to get lucky. Edelman missed by inches but the truth is it was a great throw into good coverage...and it failed. Down 25 with only 21 minutes of football left, and facing a 4th and 3? Hopeless, right?
  4. He's a guy who's easy to overlook. I'm sure most people who did pick him up last year were either dealing with injuries to starters or were chasing homers and looked specifically for someone who seemed to be on a power binge. If you weren't in those situations then a player on a bad team with a putrid average would completely fly under the radar. I don't know about his glove but his batting stats are reminiscent of Adam Dunn. Big swing, a lot of Ks but a good number of walks. That can be a valuable fantasy commodity as long as he gets regular playing time. Petco isn't the abyss that it used to be, but it would be great is Schimpf could get traded to a bandbox where his strengths would be maximized.
  5. I've been listening to the NY sports radio hosts crucify Bruce for weeks now. It makes me wonder, didn't they ever watch him play before April-July of 2016? His August with the Mets was horrific, but it was hardly unprecedented. In fact, it would have been surprising if he had pulled up stakes and moved to NY without disrupting the best streak of his career. It seems to have escaped their notice that he did right the ship a bit in September by batting .250 with 6 homers and .321 OBP. I don't know which Jay Bruce will show up in spring training or on opening day, but aside from the larger park resulting in a few lost homers I think Bruce will be exactly who's always been next season.
  6. Shady minus a thumb and Rex...a recipe for disaster.
  7. I think part of that will change, possibly this week. Cunningham did well with his 6 carries against a solid Jets defense. I don't think he's a better back than Gurley, but I'd be surprised if they don't try to change things up more often. The Rams must know that their offense isn't capable of generating a consistent running game with one predictable approach. With a 4-5 record they can experiment a bit since there's nothing to lose.
  8. You're observations are correct, but don't change the fact that he has the hardest path to fantasy production. He's a capable back, but he's not good enough to make something out of nothing. It's made worse by the Ravens' emphasis on the passing game and the fact that Dixon did well enough in his role. I think what we saw last night was what we can expect going forward. 50-60 yards and an occasional TD when the stars align. Flex play or bye week fill in, but not someone you can roll out consistently as an RB2.
  9. I need a near-impossible 29 points out of Shady. Full PPR.