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  1. Can't argue with you there. It's the toughest part of managing a fantasy football team as opposed to fake baseball or basketball. Patience is a virtue in a long season, but with 14 matchups and with a player generally having a bye somewhere in there, that's just over a dozen appearances. Losing a few of those is like a baseball guy being out for 30 games. If I were already in an 0-2 hole and played him last night, I'd probably be looking to transfer the risk and take someone who could definitely help me win in week 4.
  2. A few problems with that. I don't see anyone is giving up a true 1st/2nd round value for a Gronk right now. I will completely agree with you that if it's offered, you should take it (unless it's Gurley...) The other question is why someone would draft Gronk in the first place if they don't think he can stay healthy. He's missed a game or two in just about every season since he joined the NFL including a few absences that were significantly longer. He's a physical player who sometimes pays the price, and you accept that risk for the extremely high ceiling he gives you when he's on the field.
  3. You're welcome to try, but at this point I think most Gronk owners see the last few weeks as sunk cost and would be holding on for the payoff. Being on limited snap count and not being targeted in his first game back shouldn't affect his projected worth once Brady comes back. It would be a special kind of foolish to sell low on him now.
  4. Maybe, just maybe, this is the year that BB finally features one back consistently in his offense. Blount could be a beast ROS if that's the case. Of course, who isn't expecting him to pick up some retread like Spiller and give him all the goal line carries every other week.
  5. Fred Biletnikoff
  6. I'm really torn on this one. I can see this turning into a "stack the box" situation that would hurt his value, but a "dink and dunk" passing game with a good O-Line can work even with a young QB. I'm not sure defenses will get away with cheating against the run for very long. Maybe the naysayers are right and it's too much risk at the top of the draft, especially with so many variables in play, but I'm cautiously optimistic about how this could develop.
  7. If Alex Gordon isn't owned in your league it might be time to pick him up. 2 homers tonight and a nice stretch of games prior to that.
  8. CJ Cron just off the DL. Might take a little time to shake the rust off, but a legit power bat when he gets going.
  9. I hate having extreme positions, either too close to first or too close to last. So much that can happen over two dozen picks that can really mess with your plans. There's nothing worse than seeing a run on a position take place and having to watch helplessly as every good option goes off the board. I'd much rather adjust my strategy after 11 picks rather than after 23.
  10. The 17 year old kid next door to me loves anything to do superheroes, comic books, etc. He was really looking forward to the release thinking it was going to be another Deadpool. He went to an early screening yesterday and was really disappointed. If he didn't like it, I'd say that it's probably pretty bad.
  11. I've been waiting to see him pitch in the majors to find out if his MiLB numbers are a mirage. 320 Ks against 41 BBs is really impressive, and he's not giving up hits while he avoids walks. He got tested a bit when he moved to AAA in the PCL with an ERA around 3.8, but his WHIP remained low and his walk rate was still excellent. I haven't really looked at what/how fast he throws, but it's his control that gets him results. If he had a FT starter role I'd add him in every team I own.
  12. Out of the lineup today.
  13. His MLB results have been inconsistent, but the scouting reports always seemed to indicate that he was worth keeping an eye on. In dynasty league especially, he's a good player to grab and suffer through the growing pains. I'm not sure if he'll keep it going this year, but it won't be a huge surprise if he has a good run.
  14. I read something earlier that said he could be available to pinch hit so it doesn't seem to be serious. As long as it's not a hamstring issue I'd just take that at face value and assume he'll be back soon.