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  1. I wish the earth would swallow me and and that soft a$$ Titans D right now.
  2. now we get an evening of my gut says he will play and fighting off Chicago for the bye is more important than Gurley's health reasoning... Melvin Gordon and James Conner threads all over again
  3. Definitely a strong feeling of deja vu in here....
  4. CJ wouldn't carry the mail if Gurley was inactive. He signed hours ago... On NFL Live this afternoon, they mentioned the issue may be pass pro with the active rbs behind Gurley. Malcolm Brown was someone they were very high on.
  5. While divisional matchups are notoriously more difficult, AZ is terrible. They just had to bench their starting quarterback for bad play. To expect Gurley to get his normal load without them focusing on the big picture is utterly naive IMO. This thread sounds exactly like the Conner and Melvin Gordon threads where there were signs of concern but owners kept turning a blind eye to them.
  6. Gurley is likely to be dialed back/limited in some way. They will literally beat Arizona in their sleep. I don't think he will dnp but i would not expect heavy usage because if his knee gets worse they are a lame duck going forward.
  7. He's out there... just caught a ball
  8. The game thread said he was helped off the field. I didn't see it because the game went to an ad.
  9. Edelman remains down after the INT per Sleeper.
  10. Smh.... when you decide to deviate from something that was working.
  11. 12 from my TE spot.... thanks Mr. Samuels. Connor feel free to stay away next week!
  12. gronk is blocking well guys.... relax.
  13. Samuels looks phenomenal... what a bunch of bozos!