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  1. When they played interleague games last season, did Cruz play the field, or were those games he sat out completely? Didn't own him last season and just seeing how that would affect his PT.
  2. Anyone else concerned about this knee issue? Or you think this was just him 'resting'?
  3. Hawks' Kevin Huerter: Game-time call vs. Houston 4 mins ago | by RotoWire Staff Huerter (ankle) is questionable for Monday's game against the Rockets, Kevin Chouinard of the Hawks' official site reports. Huerter has missed two consecutive games due to a left ankle sprain, but his return could come as soon as Monday in Houston. Look for an update on his status closer to tipoff, but if he's unable to go, expect Kent Bazemore to draw another start at shooting guard.
  4. Anyone want to guess as what his ROS avg will be? If indeed he is recovered from his neck, I could possibly see him 12/5. Which would be a nice boost for the fantasy playoff stretch.
  5. If you are talking rest of season, I have more faith that Teague would provide more fantasy relevance and get you more overall points ROS than what Tyreke will.
  6. If you are thinking longer term, like ROS value, I would say drop Huerter as he will take a hit once Bazemore and Prince return. If you are thinking shorter term, then I think Schroder is your drop.
  7. Out of the trenches of mediocrity, ol Pat decided to show up last night with a line of: 3 pts, 11 boards, 7 assists, and 3 blocks The points were underwhelming (as usual with him), but the rest of it...just wow.... I know not to expect this consistently from him but that was only done in 25 mins of court time. Did anyone happen to watch the game and see what caused this outburst?
  8. For ROS this year, I go with Lavine. I think that Dray will be hurt by Boogie's return. Help please:
  9. that's a great team that I almost would say nobody. But if you really want Bagley, then Reggie is your drop. Help pls:
  10. This is a H2H, Points based league (scoring system is at the bottom) I am currently in first place sitting with an 11-0 record. We can keep players a max of 3 seasons. I currently have both KAT and Embiid under control for the next 2 seasons. The owner of Giannis is under his last year of control for him. That owner has approached me about a possible 1 for 1 deal for either KAT or Embiid. With my team performing the way it is right now, I am leaning towards no and possibly discussing it during the off season (if he hasn't traded him by then), but...this deal definitely does intrigue me. What are your all's thoughts on this? Am I crazy for passing on this at the moment? And a second part to the post...if you did do this trade, would you trade KAT or Embiid??? Here is the scoring system: Scoring System Stats Name Settings AST Assists .2 points BK Blocks .2 points PTS Points .1 points ST Steals .2 points TO Turnovers -.1 points TRB Total Rebounds .15 points
  11. I mean, I am wondering too who loses minutes when Crabbe does come back. Looking at the minutes distribution tonight of guys who could be impacted, you have: Kurucs - 32 mins E. Davis - 24 mins Dudley - 21 mins Carroll - 28 mins You gotta wonder, of those 4 (unless I overlooked someone who might also be affected), you would think that Kurucs won't be getting 32 once Crabbe is back. The real question is, just how many minutes he will lose. If he only dips down to say 30 mins and the other guys are affected more, it shouldn't affect him that much. But will the Nets coach do that? Or will he still give the majority of the mins to the vets? Thoughts?
  12. Nope, we only count points for the 6 things listed above.