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  1. If he was dropped, Willy Adames has been heating up with lots of multi-hit games.
  2. Hard to argue against it at this point. I've long been a Bird apologist, but it's impossible to defend him right now. He's striking out left and right, and making mental errors in the field as well. This may very well be his last real opportunity with the Yankees and he's blowing it in a big way. It's disappointing for sure.
  3. Man, he looks absolutely awful and lost at the plate.
  4. I see more like D'angelo Jimenez, 2003
  5. Is anyone else that uses ESPN not getting the little notification this year next to your players' names that shows whether they are in their teams' starting lineup or not?
  6. Seriously, the O's Opening Day lineup is about as abysmal as any I've ever seen. Going to be a looooong year for O's fans.
  7. Eh, a 30 year old with a ~.750 OPS at AAA who is owed approximately $30 million over the next 2.5 years isn't much of a trade chip IMO.
  8. I actually was hoping that he would need to go on the DL, so that I could plant him there and not feel compelled to keep running him out there and getting nothing in return except sinking further and further in the standings.
  9. Weird, I can't find Adam in my ESPN league. Is he really not in their player pool? Seems strange for a guy who has already pitched in 7 games.
  10. He hit .261 with a .343 OBP, .871 OPS, and 11 HRs in 157 ABs as a 22 year old. He also showed a lot of patience at the plate and looked mature beyond his years. Factor in that his team plays in a great hitter's park, with a stacked lineup, and those are the reasons that many are so optimistic as to his outlook. Unfortunately, he really hasn't been able to stay healthy since he put up the above referenced numbers (back in 2015). He missed all of 2016 with a shoulder issue, was arguably the best hitter in the league during Spring Training in 2017, then started having heel and ankle problems as the regular season began, I believe resulting in two separate surgeries last year. He had more issues with the heel and ankle this Spring, neccessitating yet another surgery. The injuries are obviously a problem, and he'll need to show he can stay healthy or he could go the way of Nick Johnson. But the talent is real, and the opportunity for him to seize the 1B job and put up big numbers is there. He may not ever win a batting title, but he's not a sub-.200 hitter either.
  11. I'm not worried about the calf. I'm worried about the shoulder. If you saw the game, you'd understand. Josh Donaldson's arm weakness leaves Blue Jays fans, media buzzing Josh Donaldson ain't right, and it's obvious
  12. Yep, he shouldn't be on the field right now.