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  1. Won 1 of 3 chips.. lost 1 by 1 pt. Winning roster QB - Mayfield RB - Chubb, Kamara WR - M. Evans, R. woods Flex - D. Henry TE - Kelce K - Fairbairn DEF - Minn
  2. Lost by 1 when Mahomes and D. Williams drive cut short and KC decided to kick a FG and couldn’t get the ball back. Ugh.. Roethlisberger had 1 more pt than Mahomes.. would have given me a narrow win.
  3. Omg.. I am 1 pt away. What are the chances kc gets the ball back.
  4. There you go Carson owners.. now get to work Mahomes
  5. Please.. I need 4 more points from either Mahomes or Damian Williams.. doable if they can get these guys off the field.
  6. Had Robby A over Julio because I was scared Julio might not play. Once I heard Julio looked ok, I switched it back. Going to cost me the ship.
  7. Ugh I need more from D. Williams. Getting greedy I know.
  8. Sounds like Yahoo. They project final score after every play.
  9. Well if you were paying attention, you would know that! Limited Mahomes and forced him into off balance throws to salvage his day.
  10. Man Baltimore is going to be a tough out with that defense. More impressive top to bottom than Chicago, IMHO.
  11. The Bal D is legit folks. Dont expect huge games against them
  12. I'm pretty happy so far with D. Henry and Titans D. Also happy that I dropped Rivers this week and that I told people in the Asst Coach forum to start D. William's over Gordon. With that said, K. Allen giving me 0 last week made me lose with probably my best team ever.
  13. Rivers got me this far but I actually dropped him so I wouldn't be tempted to start him. Starting Baker over him.
  14. Benched Gus Bus for D. williams. Lets see how that ends up.
  15. 20-25 points is extremely rare in leagues that dont have points for yards allowed. 13 points is a really good score.. Championship weekend starting off right!
  16. Holy smokes!!!!!! Wow I'm a genius for starting the Titans D!!!!
  17. Yep same here... they stopped Saquon but AP is going all day on them.
  18. Josh Johnson awareness in Madden should be moving up.
  19. OT seems possible. I also have Titans D starting but I'm hoping Henry can cover the loss.
  20. What in the hell? The crowd was chanting for it.. Give him the balllll!
  21. DJ and Michel - the others carry a lot of risk, and a low floor. Thanks for the help on mine.
  22. I see.. in that case, McKenzie might be a good start