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  1. George Springer Trade

    its a sell low on Springer, which I would avoid if I were you...
  2. Dynasty team help

    Team is pretty solid plus you have some guys who should improve upon last year...
  3. Early Keeper Talk...

    Yeah the years on Seager were not a concern unless it looked like he was gonna miss a lot of time, but all reports are he should be back in ST, so would almost move him to the lock list at that price. I guess the question is, should I perhaps look to deal Ohtani and one other in a 2 for 1? I really like guys like Hampson and Kikuchi (depending on where he signs)
  4. Kris Bryant 2019 Outlook

    I would expect that one way or another he will not get past the 3rd round, in a lot of leagues my guess is that he will be a popular pick around the 2-3 turn.
  5. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

    Honestly, Im usually not worried that much about average in the first round, I was simply making the point he is not a liability in that category. The big question with Story is whether or not you buy the 27 steals, because in a lot of ways that is what vaults him. If you tell me right now he is gonna reproduce his 2018 numbers, Im taking him pretty darn early, people are talking Bregman, and both had great years, but if you put them head to head in the 5 traditional categories, Story would of beat Bregman 4-1.
  6. Would of preferred the initial one to that...but getting arms is big help.
  7. Trade Help

    I like that trade, some of the peripherals around Bum are not good, his hard hit rate was up, velo down, I think he is likely to be dealt which pretty much any park that he gets dealt to would be a downgrade. I would do that deal in an instant.
  8. WHIR - Ideas for my offseason

    Its a tough spot.. * Ideally as a baseline, you would like your 4 keepers to at least be in the top 64 overall players. In some of the early Mocks on fangraphs, some of your guys highest position was right around the top 64 bubble: J Up 55, Gordon 58, Donaldson 60, Chapman 64, Aguilar 70. Its tough to just say "I am in rebuild" because its a 4-keeper league, so my thought it to take the 4 players you think will do best and try to compete. I would say Verlander, Donaldson, Gordon and either Upton or Chapman. Its also a keep forever league, which when I see those leagues I tend to think its because owners in the leagues are hoarders with mancrush tendencies, so rebuilding and getting top players via trade, not likely. Because you have a bunch of guys on similar tier, I wouldnt be affraid to deal any of them for extra picks. Chapman is a guy who I think is a little overvalued, might net you a couple picks.
  9. OBP vs AVG Leagues

    Agree as well...if gonna get off average, I think OPS is the preferred choice
  10. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

    Yes on Story, no on Baez. I am probably a little more bullish on Story than some, I think the numbers are pretty legit, I realize its probably not .290, but I think he can be an average neutral player. In roto, I always look to finish top 3, last year .265 average was 3rd, so I think he can beat that meaning he would be at least neutral or slight contributor on average. Probably if I had around the 8th pick is where he would at least be in the conversation as a selection.
  11. Trade Mookie

    Yeah there is some inflation for sure, the $40 savings might not be getting you what I might have thought it would have.
  12. Early Keeper Talk...

    Kikuchi getting posted, is he worth a $1 as keeper?
  13. Trade Mookie

    So you would take say Mookie + $1 garbage over Mondesi and say Judge or Stanton or Khris Davis type player, a guy who could be had likely in the $40 range? In an Only setting, I would rather have Mondesi plus a $40 player than Mookie and a $1 player. Assuming of course this is a standard sized only league, using 23 active spot roto. Sometimes these "only" leagues are pretty shallow, no CI, no MI and like 3 OF and 10 teams, basically end up the equivalent of a 12-team standard mixed.
  14. Clayton Kershaw 2018 Outlook

    No way he was gonna get $200 million, this contract gives him a shot if he has a really good 3 years go cash in on one last 4-5-6 year deal that some team will overpay.
  15. Trade Mookie

    The difference is in "only" leagues is that when you pay 52 in a 10-team mixed, your $1 guy is still really good Only a lot of times IMO its about having as few worthless spots as possible. So that $40+ in savings is adding two really good players OR another star. Depending on some other factors like who your other keepers are, etc. Its something I would consider.