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  1. Francisco Mejia 2018 Outlook

    Excited to see the deal, it was a good trade where I think they maximized Hand's value.
  2. Francisco Mejia 2018 Outlook

    Ive seen this happen from time to time with AL prospects when they come up at the end of the year for a cup of coffee and end up DH'ing most of the time, even though they were primary at other spot in minors, the fact their "majority" in majors even though it was really small sample was DH, they get that eligibility only.
  3. Would you trade Acuna and for who? WHIR

    Were getting to that point in the season where some of the overpays for rookies you see in the early going, especially if they didnt come out blazing, are just not there. Keeper he has obvious appeal, re-draft you probably wont like the offers. Probably just hang onto him and hope that potential manifests itself down the stretch
  4. My Ozzie Albies for his Clayton Kershaw? WHIR

    If you need your whole staff to contribute and rally the pitching staff, then Yes I probably do that deal, especially being a re-draft.
  5. Anderson Espinoza - P SD

    Has not thrown in a game in 2 years? He was so young when started that you are right, at only 20 still plenty of time for a great career. This guy got as high as top 25 at one time or another in all 3 of the prospect rankings, certainly worth a stash. He is probably still a couple years away at least from pitching in the bigs, I dont think he had been above A ball but as a dynasty owner, I think one might hope to see a good fall, good spring and get off to a hot start in 2019 and get on some mid-season rankings and become a strong asset again
  6. Which side would you rather have? I own Cole and am in rebuild obviously both are great keepers - how close are these 2? Assume they will be fairly close ADP next year so is $8 worth making a move? Cole will be in his walk year.
  7. Warriors Legacy?

    There was a lot of chatter shortly after the 2009 draft that the Warriors were gonna flip Curry for Amare Stoudemire. The NBA draft usually falls on a Thursday which is often the first night of our annual golf buddies weekend which is an out of town event, I remember being in some dive bar, most of the guys on the trip are Warrior fans and everyone was pumped we were getting Amare...thankfully that fell through
  8. Warriors Legacy?

    Loved him as the up and coming HS drafted 2nd rounder 6th man scorer on the We Believe team, but like so many before him in the Warriors dark days, if he is your best player, you are going nowhere. Whether that was Antawn Jamison, Larry Hughes, or whatever fraud the Dubs trotted out there as their "Franchise" player, that was always the biggest issue for me. Who is the guy at the top of the roster?
  9. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Buy low? If he hit .280 the price would be 400-500 million? I am involved in the Harper debate most offseasons, he has had injury seasons, disappointing seasons, but that does not prevent him from being a 1st round ADP pick. Why? Age and talent. I think those two things will rule the day when it comes to Free Agency, I think they will see star power, youth, talent and have the money to spend.
  10. Warriors Legacy?

    With as important as one player is in the NBA - you would think they would propose a Franchise player tag like the NFL, the "you get paid a little extra from home team" isnt working. .
  11. Warriors Legacy?

    Was not even the Eastern Conference finals, it was the semis Bulls were the 5 seed, Finals ended up Pacers or Knicks vs the Magic.
  12. Warriors Legacy?

    That was a HUGE trade - in part because by taking Ellis off the team, they lost just enough to keep their pick (had it been 1 later they would of lost it) that pick was Harrison Barnes who was an underrated part of that first Championship and really their turnaround. That was a great draft Barnes, Festus and Draymond in the 2nd.
  13. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    If he has a decent 2nd half his season will look somewhat like 2016, which will likely include his second highest season HR total and second highest or even highest RBI total (depending on where they hit him). As for contract, he is gonna get paid. When you have raw tools, star power and youth on your side - so many of these contracts given out have bad back ends to where you often know your are peeing away the last 60-100 million, this guy on a 10 year or 12 year deal doesnt necessarily have that. Although I would say I agree that he will want some opt outs along the way. There will be 2-3 Suitors ready to go "all in", if he put up like an MVP type season, I could of seen like a 12-year 500 Million dollar deal or something way off the charts like that. My guess is you will see like a 10/300 with some opt outs. Giants were major players on Stanton, were willing to pay that money, they have Pence and Cutch combining for like $30-35 million coming off the books and will need an OF - Given how the Warriors have taken over this town now with Boogie as well and they will be moving to SF after next season right down the water from the Giants park, I can see them trying to make a splash with that next franchise player.
  14. Warriors Legacy?

    Seriously, to win 3 Championships? I never thought I would see one, in part because it felt for a while like the NBA was going to be sexy locations where stars would congregate (Lakers, Miami, etc) or your typical Blue Bloods and the rest of the league was just window dressing. Whats interesting about the history of the NBA is that in a league where 1 player makes such a difference, the little things and tweaks to the rules has had a drastic cause and effect relationship. I often think about the 80's to early 90's Lakers teams, really were formed off two miracle trades that landed them two overall No.1 picks. IN 79 draft they used a pick received in a trade to get Magic Johnson, then after winning the championship in 1982, they had the No.1 overall pick again through a trade and got a top 50 overall all time player James Worthy The Celtics, who were the other dominant team of the 80's, also had two major moves, one involving the Warriors. The first was their star Larry Bird was taken a year before he could come out of school, I guess back then if a player was draft eligible you could take him even though he still had 1 year of college? Then they traded the No.1 overall pick Joe Barry Carroll or as Warrior fans used to call him Just Barely Cares or Just Barely Carroll to the Warriors for the 4th pick Kevin McHale and Warriors center Robert Parish.
  15. Warriors Legacy?

    In reading some of this wanted to offer a few opinions as a Warrior fan: * Dynasty? 5 years ago this team lost in the 1st round to the Clippers. A lot of those dynasty teams you mentioned had like 8-10 year runs of reaching finals, losing finals or very least losing in the Conference finals. * In terms of Durant, there were so many things that had to fall into place - and honestly as a long time Warrior fan, its about freakin time that things fell into place for us. So many moves through the years the Warriors were in the wrong place with the wrong rules. Example A: In the early 90's, Warriors had one of the best small ball groups assembled with Tim Hardaway, Latrell Sprewell and Chris Mullin. They had the unfortune but fortune of an injury year in 92-93, got the 3rd pick, traded it (Penny Hardaway) and 3 1's for the 1st overall Webber. Whose ball handling etc made him a great fit and they were fun to watch, won 50+ games even with Tim Hardaway out. Unfortunately at that time, the rookie scale we know today did not exist, Webber signed a 15-year deal, but had a 1-year out which he took, then held out for money and feuded with Don Nelson, result Webber traded and opportunity lost. Example B: Prior to the Lottery, the teams with the two worst records flipped a coin for No.1 - Warriors had one of the two worst the year they decided to put in the lottery, which was Patrick Ewings year. They got the 7th pick due to rule change. Got a HOF in Mullin, so wasnt all bad, just a rule change that hurt the Warriors. Example C: In 2001, Warriors had a solid draft which included Gilbert Arenas in the 2nd round. At that time, 2nd rounders couldnt count for Bird rule and so he plays great in the season prior to Lebron and Mello coming out, Warriors end up picking like 10th and then lose him to free agency. When the Warriors "We Believe" team pulled the upset of Dallas, that next offseason they made a serious run at Kevin Garnett but McHale took a worse offer and shipped him to his old team in Boston. Put KG on the Warriors? This Warrior team is fun to watch when engaged, and they made some great moves to give themselves a chance to land Durant, Curry's ankle injury cost him some money on his first deal, Klay and Draymond were great picks and it set them up to even have a shot.