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  1. I owned some shared this season from time to time in my 2-C leagues, in my home league which consists of like 40% Giants fans, he was on the waiver wire in a 2-Catcher 12-team league...which says all you need to know right there, but in watching him there were some signs of life it just seems he takes so many off balance flick of the wrist a** out swings.
  2. Heard a stat today and looked it up - he has not hit 1 HR at home this season. Um when your paying a dud $20 million a season and he has 0 HR at home in the most prolific HR season I can remember across MLB - should we think about moving the fences in??? Im just sayin...
  3. In some leagues he will go in the range you mention - but my guess on an ADP is like somewhere 65-75 overall
  4. Lot of data from the weekend with probably plurality of leagues drafting last weekend. Also as data comes out, keeper league values are generally higher, but as mentioned above auction values are really league specific with a lot of factors. I have traditionally felt the "values" you see on ESPN and other sites generally tend to be lower, and in some cases like 20% lower. Part of it is the keeper issue, guys have Cmac, Mixon, Barkley, Kamara for $12-18 bucks as keepers, gonna make Lev Bell or Zeke in the 60-70 range. We have an owner in our league each year who will end with like $20+ on a 200 cap and say "guys were just going for way more than my ESPN list" - needless to say I do not believe he has any cashes or ships.
  5. Need some CBS help - we switched over (not sure why but owners complained things were too difficult fo find at times on MFL, so we went to paid CBS) * Seems some confusion on best way to set "lineup" configuration- we have QB RB RB WR WR TE and 2 Flex spots, is it easier to use minimum maximum versus "flex" * also seems like many players are "inactive" even though they dont appear to be, I tried to set a lineup, it all appeared right, guys were not in the reserves, had 8 starters and message wouldnt let me set because it said I didnt have any "active WR"
  6. I guess the other question is should I drop Engram and keep Cooper and Anderson? I like Engram and agree he is consensus top 5, but he is not top 3 and to me the difference in the TE game between TE4 and TE10 was like less than 2 points a week last season. So is he going to rise up and distinguish himself?
  7. Need to pick 1 of these 3: DJ Moore 8, Robbie Anderson 2 or Amari Cooper 26 - I have Mixon, A. Jones and Engram for total of $23 which is great value - also have Miles Sanders and Damien Harris as kind of "free" keepers from my rookie taxi squad. Obviously some boom and bust with all of them, some question marks, I feel like at the end of the year, the number of weeks they produce as a WR1 will be fairly similar, maybe 5-7 - am I missing anything here? Right now I have it slotted as Anderson, simply to give more $ in the auction.
  8. Well the Crawfords failed to recruit Harper, lets see if they can land their own Brother in Law? Pads have been looking to trade for an ace (Linked to Bauer, Thor, and supposedly had the coin to pursue Manny and Bryce last offseason, so maybe they take a run at him with that money? This injury along with Scherzers missed starts and stanton taking forever to come back probably has my hopes of a title falling short.
  9. Bellinger, Bregman, Turner for me would be pretty much locks in my mind. I love your top 3 pitchers, but I might keep Alvarez, I guess the other thought might be doing a 2 for 1 but in only 4 keeper leagues, that market might be pretty narrow unless you dangle shiny objects like Alvarez and Buehler - but even then my guess is that say the Trout owner probably wouldnt go 2 for 1. Will be interesting to see where Cole lands - good news for you is there are really no wrong answers among your top 6-7
  10. Some guys in auctions love Stars n Scrubs model, Yelich as no.1 pick overall and he is getting some value there, although on a 245 scale its not massive. I would not make the move personally but I know where some folks are coming from.
  11. He had a 2.65ERA when they pulled him from the rotation back in late April/May - and in back to back games before going out to the pen the Dodgers yanked him at 4 and 2/3 basically losing two wins. Its really a catch-22 because the Dodgers are so good you would love to see him there in a good park good division with a job, but the plethora of arms just doesnt ever seem like he will be a sure bet (regardless of his performance) to stay in the rotation. A deal for Rivero at the deadline would have been nice, I think being locked in as a mid-rotation guy in Pittsburgh would be a nice landing spot.
  12. No - Correa is worse (pretty significantly than Tatis) Lynn is having a great year, but he is one of those guys who next year will have like a 4.65ERA and probably no guarantee to be better than what youve got and same with Blackmon - solid player but these are not STUDS Im talking two UBER superstar types for Tatis is all you should be considering esp in your format. Now if it was like an "only" league and guys like Blackmon and Lynn were replacing guys who didnt have jobs and were not even playing everyday and shoring those up could win it for you, then it might be a consideration, but this is a pretty easy Hell No for me.
  13. In 2nd, team in first and I made similar moves in the preseason - teams who were probably not going to contend in 2019 with OF who had 1 year left at value price were looking for futures package, cheap longer term keepers, minor leaguers, picks etc. Both of us made trades, I acquired Stanton, they got Yelich. The difference between the production Yelich has given versus Stanton and his replacements is almost directly correlated to them being in 1st and me in 2nd. I have really worked the Waiver Wire hard in auction keeper and the price you pay for them in FAAB becomes their auction price and I was able to package some of them with minor leaguers and other assets I had to get some studs. Kingery, Giolito, Mercado, Dozier, Biggio, Canning - all $1-2 guys who I got off the waiver wire and flipped in package deals to acquire: Lindor, Altuve, Scherzer, Arenado, Greinke. Best Auction buy: Buehler at $38 on 260 or Luke Voit at $10 Worst Auction Buy: Darvish at 9 or McCutchen at 12 - loved them both at the time, Darvish I dropped and bought back for $2 Best Add - see list above Worst Drop - Voit Lots of good trades - Worst - preseason deal for Stanton and Mikolas
  14. In a keeper league when you have GREAT value on a stud like Tatis, especially in a shallow league where everyone is pretty good, you should be getting OVERWHELMED with if I make this move I have a great chance to win - that usually means trading your 1 stud keeper plus your biggest dud for 2 STUDS. Like Tatis and Puig for Arenado and Trout thats the kind of return you should expect. In my auction keeper league, I actually acquired Arenado for the stretch run, along with Scherzer (right as he was coming back the last time) traded super cheap Giolito and Mercado plus two top 100 minor league guys Gorman and Swaggerty for Arenado and Scherzer, both of whom are non keepers. Your trade last year didnt net you nearly enough return and neither does this one. Again, should be Tatis, your worst player and a middling guy on your roster for 2 Studs and another solid player who is an upgrade over the midling. Tatis might have higher ADP next year than Arenado or darn close.
  15. One of the fairest deals Ive seen called up for collusion...