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  1. Ohtani and Miggy for Judge

    Tough call - what does rest of roster look like? Pretty deep keeper league, so who does judge upgrade? Who replaces Miggy? You think you are contending now? Next year? taking long view?
  2. Judge or Stanton?

  3. Upton, Gallo or Olson?

    Upton on his own in a 12-teamer is probably taken 4th round - so 6th round is already good value, when you consider its a keeper league and many of the players in that straight draft who have higher ADP than Upton are kept in later rounds? I think Upton in th 6th is the way to go, especially considering I think your other keepers kind of indicate you can win a championship this year.
  4. help make offer for trout

    I would be happy to offer Judge and AB for Trout - I like Judge, but whats interesting about him is if his cold stretch last year comes in April and not August, he is likely in the minors and his 2017 year never happens. Dude put up a monster year and I think he is gonna be a big power high K guy pretty much most of his career. I would for sure make that deal
  5. help make offer for trout

    You have him confused with his alter ego RUSH1221 who made a few appearances a while back
  6. Bregman for Ohtani?

    If its a re-draft I probably hold onto Bregman, just too many questions on Ohtani (the talent is there) but how his role shakes out to fantasy value. The fact is a keeper, I might lean towards Ohtani, because he could end up being a special talent, where (and I say this as a Bregman owner) he likely plays 3B you would figure if Correa stays healthy and at 3B he is good but I would go for it.
  7. Goldschmidt for Harper - Keep 7 forever

    Its tough because right now Goldy is the better player, he is higher ADP - and they want you to throw in a pick? No thanks...
  8. Dynasty Trade Offer for Bryce

    Agree, would look to dangle Buxton
  9. Dynasty Trade Offer for Bryce

    Not going to say no way, but probably NO...the first round picks are useless if your trying to contend because the keepers are so deep unless you are in some complete rebuild and like some of the top prospects are there to be had so like if you were in rebuild 2018 and took Walker Beuhler, Forest Whitley and Luis Robert as your 3 picks? Are guys like that even available? Are you contending this year?
  10. Pick 1 a final keeper

    I might be tempted to go Eaton just because maybe those guys you have are already similar to Rosario that maybe you need a bag guy?
  11. Betts or Harper

    All things considered just in a bubble probably Betts - with HR up filling that need is not as easy as getting an SB guy who isnt completely popless and can hit you 20 jacks. That said, I cant really fault anyone especially in a draft first round with where the tiers go to take the shot at Harper....
  12. Pick 1 a final keeper

    Looking at how they were picked in the FSTA draft I agree with the top of their order, which was Rosario. They picked Zimmerman 4th in this group in terms of where he went in the draft. It would not be Zimmerman for me, it would be either Rosario or Eaton. I actually think Logo will outperform Zimmerman
  13. Brent Honeywell - SP TB

    I think if he is on the 40-man and hurt in spring he will be placed on the MLB disabled list. Right now there is no 25-man roster. The 25 really only applies from Opening Day until Aug 31.
  14. Keep Devers or Acuna as my 4th?

    Trout Machado and Betts in a 4-keeper league? Who else do you have because I would think you should be more in win now mode. If its those two, I keep Acuna, but I would be looking to move him or both for more established keeper when you have those guys.
  15. help with projecting first pick

    The 4 arms especially still with room to rise in a keep forever league - will go pretty quick I would think, the vets like ZG and JV tend to be undervalued because of the keep forever aspect. Santan and Bux probably gone for similar reasons. Gordon probably goes because someone wants those bags, Schoop as a top flight available 2B. So thats 8 gone, so your probably looking at maybe E5, Marte, Posey and the two veteran arms being there when you pick at 10.