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  1. Chris Archer 2018 Outlook

    Logic and reason and the numbers probably suggest sit, but who knows maybe this is one of those times you go with a "hunch" and against the chalk and it pays off. Or he gets is boobies lit up and walks half the lineup and you think "WTF did I do that?"
  2. Chris Archer 2018 Outlook

    Would be interested to know what they have been offered for trade over the last year to 18 months.
  3. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    To be honest, a lot of the appeal even with the steals is likely to go away with him as an OF, getting those steals was always kind of nice bonus at 1B, gives you some roster flexibility but as an OF that diminshes a bit. My guess is that he will continue to be double digit steal guy as long as Green is there, Green is a little bit unconventional in running and Myers is very heads up and honestly a lot of the professional game is kind of lax when it comes to certain things - Myers will run the kind of stuff that I used to have my runners doing when I coached in HS, but sometimes in the pro game they cant be bothered and think its "bush". Its one of the reasons why I think baseball in comparison to football and basketball is where you never see college coaches going to the pro game, its almost like two different worlds. This year has been uber disappointing for Myers, but as long as Green in managing and give him the green light, he will steal probably at least 15 bases just on the other teams being lazy.
  4. How much better is Bryant than Shaw?

    At what point would he take the arm? Like...I was offered Justin Verlander for my Brandon Crawford? Would he say keep the bat
  5. How much better is Bryant than Shaw?

    Next year would be last year of Bryant, Shaw could either be last year next year OR could up him 1.5X current amount and have him next year and then final would be 2020 with 19 and 20 being at the 1.5 rate. So instead of being $3 more next year, he would be $5 more, but would get him for 2020 OR next season would be final year.
  6. With the pollock injury, my season is really de-railing, I was just about to make another big move when that news hit and I just cant keep throwing future talent to win now and have injuries just kill it. Have actually been discussing shifting gears and thinking about just using my already solid keepers and trying to bolster them with a few studs, trading my high priced non keepers for some great keepers. So one of the discussions with a contender, he has Sonny Gray who is killing him, I have Kershaw and Sale to deal if of his great pieces is Kris Bryant, who would be a $4 keeper for next year, the issue is that the go-back player would likely be Travis Shaw, a $6 guy next year. So I realize that everyone and their brother would rather have Bryant than Shaw, I would too, I realize that Bryant for $4 over Shaw for $6 while not a big difference fact that the preferred guy is cheaper, all the better. Question though is that I have to believe that the gaining of Bryant over Shaw is not a significant enough difference to warrant giving up Sale for a liability. Agree or Disagree? Thinking he would have to throw in some minor league goodies to make this thing viable for me...
  7. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Made big trade for Seager and Kershaw... Myers, Thames, now Pollock. May be just time to toss the towel in....ride it out a bit and then deal Kershaw, Sale, etc to go with great keepers I have.
  8. Robinson Cano 2018 Outlook

    Doesnt make a lot of sense, he is signed for 5 more years for big money. At which point he will be 40. So... 1. He truly didnt know what it was and made mistake 2. He has been on this stuff probably most of career and been masking it to perform, even if he is already paid 3. He is really on decline and thinks he need it just to get on the field and fulfill the contract
  9. What do you have Albies for (cost)? What is the player being acquired? What does the rest of your team look like? Would this move help to secure a win?
  10. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Highest paid player in almost every sport is rarely the best player, its more circumstance of timing and market. I agree that Harper is often overdrafted but he is not alone. My feeling is that in the current climate, there are 2 things at play: 1. I think there were a consensus 1-3/4 Then from 5 on down through like the middle of the 3rd round there was a lot of personal preference which actually allows owners to take a little bit of a gamble on a guy like Harper. 2. my feeling tells me that several out there would rather or taken Harper and then taken Rizzo/Bellinger or someone of that ilk in the 2nd than take Votto and some OF in the second. In part because they would rather be wrong about Harper than be wrong and stuck with Votto and watch Harper go off.
  11. Huge harper and schzerzer

    Whats the non Pham bat you would add in, what 2 pitchers would be out of the rotation? * Its tough in a re-draft sometimes to greatly improve your team via trade, because you need that perfect alignment with trade partner. Its a fair offer you are talking about 4 guys in the top 12-15ADP being swapped for one another, plus you get the extra. I would do it, the math history suggests Harper will miss time at some point - if he does this trade all of a sudden becomes a no-brainer. Do the deal...
  12. Good Offer?

    League is pretty shallow to have some of the dudes you have this a keeper league? If so, I would be looking for keepers.
  13. Offloading Goldy in a Dynasty

    Selling too low IMO.. * Better player than Rendon at 3B? * If Buxton were fulfulling pre-season hopes * If Dahl had a little bit more thus far Its like I could see Dahl and Bux flaming out and you left making a Rendon for Goldy and Fisher deal?
  14. Goldy a buy low candidate?? whir

    I think given fact Goldy is 30, some were already worried about humidor effect and is off to slow start 6 weeks in, sure I think he can be had for cheaper than his price early in year, but when it comes to stars sometimes people still act as if his value is "midst of an MVP season" value, so we will see what you can do.
  15. Too Much for Stanton?

    Yeah I make that trade