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  1. 2019 Fantasy Football Platform Discussion

    Our league currently uses My Fantasy League, its a great site but some of the owners complain that some things like the waiver claim process is a bit too complicated. We dont mind paying like 80-120 for the season, so like up to $10 per team. * Decimal Scoring * Waiver process that has both FAAB and then a FCFS like from Wed to kickoff. * Customize playoff schedule, we do a bottom 6 tourney for the top pick the following season * potential for creative scheduling, we are discussing some sort of head to head but also some sort of play all. Like top 6 each week get win bottom 6 get loss plus your regular head to head matchup. Any suggestions/experiences out there? My other league does Yahoo, I cant stand it. Waivers seem limited, trades are too inconsistent in how they are processed.
  2. Looking at a trade, on 260 cap Degrom is $38 Severino is $8. Obviously they are both SP1's by most calculations, including me. Obviously the $30 is huge, it would allow you to add another pretty significant piece. The rest of the team has a lot of bargains, so it can absorb to take on some salary pretty easily. Would you do a Severino at 8 for Degrom at 38 straight up? If the answer is no, what kind of piece would you need to close the gap and make the deal?
  3. Agree completely its not like your sitting on a team of vets that likely wont compete - I mean if you had like Kershaw and MadBum that you were worried about the decline and not much offense, I might see trading vets you think you want to get rid of before they really lose value, but two guys who are young and in their prime? Some folks when it comes to prospects just cant help themselves, which is what the team with Vlad Jr intends to take advantage of.
  4. I would say when you start talking about naming rights for your children, that might have crossed the line of paying too much. I dont know if I would trade those two for Vlad Sr in his prime who was in the hall of fame. I would likely not do either of those straight up for Vlad Jr, let alone both. Your staff cant really afford to deal off a Cy Young winner for a guy whose never batted in the majors and yes he has a great hit tool, but I think he is way overvalued. The owner is smart he is trying to fleece people who get crazy stupid over prospects, but there is no freakin way I would do that trade. Vlad's ADP right now is in the 4th round - Judge and snell are both going way ahead of him, so why would you trade a late 1st and 3rd or 2 2nd's for 1 4th?
  5. 2019 Draft Day Targets (Reaches)

    Its Buehler for me, in mocks and such where its a snake draft and not an auction I can see taking him where I need to, which is likely somewhere in the 3rd round and who knows he could be gone. Ive pretty much been saying since early mocks that I felt like he was a P1, I know there was some surprise when I took him in the 4th round of Mock 1, but at that time I thought he was a SP1 in a 12-team league, basically around the 9-10 spot for me. Looking at the draft results from LABR mixed the other night, he was the 10th pitcher off the board, went early 3rd. My one real snake draft I pick early so will have to get him on 2-3 turn area which I intend to do.
  6. Commissioners Corner 2019

    Thanks for feedback, kind of feel the same although Im a little frustrated with the guy with 30 minor leaguers because this is the second time it happened and honestly probably half of them have no value were at one time prospects but have fallen off and there is nothing in the rules to really drop them. In this case the owner did check to see and 99% of the time when you post a pick up especially in the callup who is gone- the owner will alert you that he is gone - as the player at the time of the ML draft was not in the database never got added so when he checked (and by that time he was) the player was listed as "eligible free agent" as opposed to saying what team he is property of. The owner who drafted the player in the call up is pretty honest and respected member of the league, he is usually very consistent in who he looks for in these call ups. I know he went into that process with probably 2-3 names in mind, so I asked them for his list, he gave me 3 names, one of which was this guy, one was a player who got taken (ironically by the guy who owned the foreign player) and then one is still available, going to present it to the league.
  7. Yes I make that trade but if you can convince him to overpay even more for Vlad, then fleece him.
  8. Do this big auction keeper trade?

    I would do it - you are not keeping Albies. So you are getting a $20 turner for $20 of Brantley, Hoskins and Vlad. Thats like trading a 1st for a 2 4th and a 9th. Hell Yes you do that, plus throw in another 2nd round keeper at $20 in Bregman, Pretty easy deal for me.
  9. 2019 Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Looking at the math - lets take a standard 5x5 Season Long Roto 12-team league. Assuming traditional 9 active pitchers, my guess is its probably on average 7 starters per team, so that is 84 starters. Traditionally there are 150 rotation spots in the bigs, 5-man rotation with 30 teams. So assuming this is used by a few teams and maybe the backside of their rotations, I think at most you might have 15 "openers"? Really does not impact the fantasy game in standard sized leagues as the guys being opened for were likely waiver wire fodder. * I think deeper mixed and "only" leagues - especially ones with a QS component get impacted. * I think you might get a few beneficiaries like a Yarborough and his 16 wins.
  10. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Giants are in a tough spot because they have some horrible contracts: They are on the hook to the tune of about $110 Million not only this year but also next for Brandon crawford, Brandon Belt, evan longoria, Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija and Mark Melancon. Not that fantasy always mirrors reality but how many of these guys will even get drafted in a standard league? Their farm system is among the worst in the game none of those guys are being flipped for prospects. So its really a two-pronged approach - try to win in the majors and home those guys bounce back while trying to build up the farm system thinking 2-3 years down the road. So overpay Harper? The problem for Harper is that if he does sign short term deal he is doing so looking to sign big deal 3 years from now while still in 20's but does he want to try to earn that deal hitting in one of the worst parks in the majors for a LH pull hitter to put up numbers? My guess is NO. This is just Boras using the Giants as a big market team who will make a legitimate annual offer and it will come up short like most Giants offers do when going for the top free agents.
  11. I like both those pitchers but not at that price
  12. Who to Select. Consecutive Dynasty Draft Picks. WHIR

    Alonso because he put up great numbers and is so close. The other two who I think will really be risers as assets in the rankings this year are Gorman and I like Hoerner as a guy I think will rise on many lists this season
  13. Joey Bart - C - SF

    Has potential to be top 5-10 fantasy catcher, my guess is he will be on the fast track through the minors. Likely start in AA this year and will be probably half time in AAA. The challenge for Bart is the pathway to San Francisco is blocked by their franchise player who: * Has indicated he wants to remain catching for a while * Is their face of the franchise and signed through I think 2022 * If you had option to maybe move him to 1B, you have Brandon Belt there, who has 3 years left for about $51 Million. In todays climate of not paying players are there a lot of teams out there that will pay Brandon Belt $51 million. Now you could say the Giants would eat some which undoubtedly they would have to do, but is the combo of Bart at C and Posey at 1B worth paying $30 Million for Belt to go away because its that much better than Posey C and Belt at 1B?
  14. Isiah Kiner-Falefa 2019 Outlook

    Agree, I think there was a good chance he could be 350+ at bats through a role as backup C and maybe playing 3B which had gap after Beltre retired. But you are right the pathway to at-bats got a little more congested.
  15. Iglesias at a time when closers are not really stable is one who thus far has been considered a "safe" play and decent value for those not wanting to pay Diaz or elite level ADP prices. His numbers in 2018 were very solid, had 30 saves, ERA under 2.50 and a WHIP in the very low 1.'s, under 1.10. Strikes out over a batter per inning. Word coming out from Reds on Friday is that he might be in line for the Hader role. New pitching coach Derek Johnson, which I have touted as one of the reasons I think Reds will improve prefers that fireman best reliever in those high stress situations which could result in Iglesias in that role and not the traditional closer role.