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  1. No to both of those
  2. Bump? Anyone... Or is it possible to do blind bids daily?
  3. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    His splits last year were not like this, his avg was better vs lefties
  4. Dylan Bundy 2018 Outlook

    Lefties kill this guy, Oakland does have a lot of its thump from right side so thats not a horrible matchup. Pretty good discussion on him in a recent podcast of Sleeper and the Bust, talked about how his future may be in the bullpen or if the O's use an opener next season, start him as that opener against RH heavy lineups. The peripherals on his fastball are not good especially behind in the count where hitters are sitting "dead red" his slider which had pretty good success in the past has been "OK" and the cutter which was reintroduced to help him vs lefites has been largely ineffective. Decent start last night, TOR seemed to load up some lefties with MCkinney, Rowdy Roddy Teliz and Smith Jr. but DB held his own. September facing guys who are more like 4A guys might be a little bit of fools gold. O's will be in full rebuild next year.
  5. Trade Josh Gordon?

    Probably would take Gordon and a 3rd, now...that said if Gordon looks like Gordon 2013 - it could take Gordon straight up. So I might wait.
  6. Trade Josh Gordon?

    I would do what it takes (within reason_..I would start with like Gordon and a 4th or 5th and see where he is at. Problem with Gordon is that he is just so risky, one more slip and he is pretty much gonzo for another year. Does you league have any restrictions on numbers of keepers? I mean sure he is a "why not" keeper at that price if you get to keep as many as you like, if you only get like 2 keepers, a guy who is a puff away from another long suspension might not be all that appealing as 50% of my keeper pool
  7. Whats your record? its a good sell. Obviously you would love Bell to come back and Gordon to turn into 2013 Gordon - if Mixon were healthy this is a good trade, fact he is not, you kind of lose of of the deal's appeal, which is production over the next couple weeks. I would pass.
  8. Duke Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I had a chance to keep him at $10, he ended up going for like 16 so I was a little disappointed at myself, but when I was trying to evaluate the situation to me he had a really solid year in 2017, however, they added two very capable upgrades to their backfield in Hyde (who can do some 3-down work) and Chubb. For a guy like Duke, its all about touches, carries and catches - my thought in watching the Browns 17 was that here and there he was getting some carries but that in 2018 those would be next to none, in 2017 I thought he might even lose some targets to others plus Landry signing Njoku another year, Gordon, Callaway etc. It to me all pointed at a guy whose ceiling might be a flex play.
  9. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    He went for $10 in our league, guy is still holding him
  10. Auction Keepers for next season?

    Gotcha - and honestly that is a really low price on Kershaw even with the health risks, he was a health risk going into this year and went for $60 in our 13-team league on a 260 scale. So if you can give Seager away, yep I would do that as option 1.
  11. Gerrit Cole 2018 Outlook

    Same reason games take longer...because of increased strikeouts. Very rarely is a strikeout going to be a 3-pitch at bat, probably looking at least 5 pitches to get that strikeout and his walks are up as well. Deeper counts - he is having good results but those deep counts result in higher pitch counts.
  12. Auction Keepers for next season?

    I like the chosen above, I also like Cain, I think bags are becoming tougher to come by, I mean even "paying" for a guy like Billy Hamilton this year didnt really pay off with the expected 50+ steals. Obviously dont have the choice with Seager - maybe look for a 2 for 1 type deal? Maybe Kershaw and Baez or Andujar for an arm not as risky as CK?
  13. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Anywhere at this point is better than nothing - Dez just needs to prove he can be good teammate not a distraction, honestly him not getting the ball but proving he can live with that would go a long way in the market opening up for him to come in and be a 2nd or 3rd WR.
  14. Prospects service time?

    Most sites will tell you year? Which there will not be that many, so from there you can kind of research them, this site as the offseason gets rolling and players are discussed in that discussion usually has some pretty good dialogue from followers of the team as to what they might do with certain players.
  15. Im in a league that uses Yahoo (not a fan) but trying to see if there is no capability or if our commissioner just is not using it. Does Yahoo have Blind Bid FAAB and FCFS free agent pick up capability like MFS does? So on MFS, we do blind bid waiver period, waivers process Wed night, starting Thursday morning is a First Come period through the kick of that players game. Is this available in Yahoo? Our league has a ridiculously small bench (4 players) and so for things like Kicker or D/ST, would prefer just to FCFS instead of placing bids on these, also normally I dont pay for QB, but in this league I did because I just wanted a "set it and forget it" QB so dont carry a second one. But with 2-3 blind bid periods, not 100% sure when they actually are throughout the week - but like if you dont win the bid then what? seems like FCFS has to be an option at some point.