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  1. I go Muncy - positional flexibility and pop. Is it 1 or 2C league?
  2. Yasmani Grandal Mil - C,1B Mitch Garver Min - CJosé Abreu CWS - 1BAdalberto Mondesi KC - 2B,SS Mike Moustakas Mil - 2B,3BTrea Turner Was - SS Miguel Sanó Min - 1B,3B Yuli Gurriel Hou - 1B,2B,3B Aristides Aquino Cin - OF Mike Yastrzemski SF - OF Mark Canha Oak - 1B,OF Brett Gardner NYY - OF Kyle Lewis Sea - OF Kyle Seager Sea - 3B Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Tor - 2B,SS,OFMike Trout LAA - OF Nick Solak Tex - 2B,3B Edwin Encarnación NYY - 1BCarlos Correa Hou - SS Ian Kennedy KC - RP Mark Melancon Atl - RP Adam Plutko Cle - RP Clayton Kershaw LAD - PZack Greinke Hou - P Charlie Morton TB - PMike Clevinger Cle - P Mike Minor Tex - P Johnny Cueto SF - P Sandy Alcantara Mia - P Marcus Stroman NYM - P Brad Hand Cle - RP Craig Kimbrel ChC - RP Corey Kluber Cle - P
  3. If its like football, which one of my leagues uses, the paid CBS one has a lot of customization options - not sure about the freebie.
  4. 3/5 seasons he has played less than 120 games. Seemed like with him, a lot of times there are two issues. One is that the injuries are not clear sometimes where its not like "torn ACL" its soft tissue strains and sprains that seem to be vague at times and secondly is that the recovery for him, at least the narrative is that he tends to take longer to get back from these injuries. .
  5. The guy who was our commish actually in the late 90's actually put in an interesting rule which I havent seen other formats used, but it makes sense and we still use it today. So in "Traditional" roto lineup configurations, you have CI and MI one thing he put in was that if a guy played say 12 games at 1B and 9 games at 3B, with the 20 game rule he would not be 1B or 3B eligible, but if combined 1B+3B exceeded 20 you could plug him into the CI spot, same with 2b and SS for the MI spot.
  6. Not sure I have ever seen 20 games inseason, even our league which originated in the stone age was 5 pre-ASB and 10 after all star break. My simple point was that when it comes to rankings by position, that Yahoo has the lowest requirement pretty much of any sites, that most sites still use what the traditional number was, which was 20. At this point most of the discussion is about the offseason and rankings, etc as it was with Kingery which is where this started. Actually when looking at guys thus far this year, I have not run across a huge number of impact guys that are gonna be Yahoo eligible and not something else. The interesting thing about positions that nobody has really talked much is the shifts and I cannot understand why for the life of me we even bother listing positions. If the player listed as being the Third Baseman, is now standing in shallow RIGHT FIELD, with the player listed as First base to his left and the person listed as second base to his right - he is no longer the 3B IMO - he is the second baseman, and the second baseman is now the SS and the SS is now 3B. When you are no longer the closest non P/C Infielder to Third Base you at least for that batter are not the third baseman. Baseball has an obvious time problem as it is, it sure as heck is not going to have the manager come out to change the lineup card in this instance, but still....why have positions at all these days.
  7. Position Eligibility Rules CBS P.E. Rules (scroll down a bit) 20 games played preseason, 5 games played in-season ESPN P.E. Rules 20 games played preseason, 10 games played in-season 5 starts (3 in-season) to quality as a starting pitcher 8 relief appearances (5 in-season) to qualify as a relief pitcher Fantrax P.E. Rules 20 games played preseason, 10 games played in-season 5 starts (3 in-season) to quality as a starting pitcher 8 relief appearances (5 in-season) to qualify as a relief pitcher Yahoo P.E. Rules 5 starts or 10 games played preseason and in-season 3 starts to quality as a starting pitcher 5 relief appearances to qualify as a relief pitcher NFBC P.E. Rules (click “Rosters” to find P.E.) 20 games played pre-season, 10 games played in-season Does not use separate starter and relief pitcher positions
  8. Any thoughts what happened here with regards to the organization and Searage? For several years, the narrative is that this guy was the pitcher whisperer as he seemed to be credited with getting guys on track but the last couple of years some guys I think people were excited about going to Pittsburgh under his tutelage like Archer or even Ivan Nova pretty much flopped meanwhile guys who have left Pittsburgh recently Cole, Morton, Glasnow - seem to be flourishing.
  9. Probably should ask this in Platform thread, so my apologies in advance as we have hijacked the SK thread, but do those platforms have setting options? So when I mentioned Traditional Roto, meant that for years the standard was 20 games, do Yahoo or ESPN have setting options?
  10. One of the first leagues I ever did in the mid 90's was an innings pitched league. One of the challenges with the game shifting the way it does is that so many pitchers are not eligible for a traditional quality start either because they did not go 6 innings OR they did not start. The Opener has become a factor, the innings and not getting 3rd time through the order dynamic is also a factor. Four maybe five years ago, my main league went to Modified Quality Start + wins - a Modified Quality start is 5 IP with 2 or less Runs, 6 or 7 innings with 3 runs or 8 with 4. Not perfect, but lot of 5 inning guys, the issue these days is the Opener/Follower (although were still shallow enough league at 13-team mixed that the number of openers isnt a huge impact).
  11. Looking at a guy like Marte - took huge jump in HR, but when you sort of go inside the numbers you see he also made some hitting adjustments, he lowered his Ground ball % by 8%, so more line drives and fly balls vs ground balls, probably more = more HR, he also seemed to take a more pull the ball approach as his pull % went up about 7%, and his LH power and changes really emerged. So would I expect 30+ again? Maybe not maybe ball has some regression, but I think its still 25+ vs say dropping back to sub 15HR as he was in 2018.
  12. And Yahoo is probably the top platform numbers wise with ESPN still in the mix though their latest "upgrade" may have driven a few people away. All the other platforms are really small in numbers of customers in comparison Source? Im curious because it seems a lot of the mocks I follow, discussions and rankings generally use the 20-game standard, which if the site most users were using was 10 or 5 starts why they wouldnt go that route
  13. Its a joke - basically stating that yahoo is one of the more liberal when it comes to positional eligibility of any format with the least amount of requirements -
  14. I think one of the first things I will look when I see HR jumps is HR/FB % if a guy changed his swing to hit more fly balls and saw a jump I will chalk more of that up to swing change and not 100% the ball if the HR/FB stayed similar. So good example is Semien - his FB% over the last two years was essentially the same, but...this year his HR/FB% doubled, as did his home runs - to me thats someone that might have benefited from ball, luck, etc and probably slides back some.
  15. You are right, Yahoo, is 10 but I think on Yahoo if you hit a double or triple during that season I think that gives you 2B or 3B eligibility its one of the more loose when it comes to position eligibility or by loose has some of the fewest games needed. What I mean by "traditional" is your old school Roto settings, which pre-date yahoo - and I would say the plurality of leagues out there are still probably 20 games though obviously youre right, some providers are less. .
  16. He missed what about a month or so this year with injury - seemed to play full time most of the time this year. I would assume Phillies will have him slotted somewhere, as who knows the new manager perhaps is not a fan of super utility guy, especially if its an old school manager, which if you are interviewing Dusty Baker, seems like you might be looking that direction. In traditional Roto settings, which is 20-games he is 3B or OF only, didnt reach 20 at SS or 2B, that said, his steals could be nice value at 3B.
  17. Just read an article about guys who might be DFA's and he was at the top of the list, so I might guess 50-50 he isnt even a Yankee next fall. I can see him getting a shot somewhere else, but with the injury history and not the "lottery ticket" of playing home games in that band box, will those saying they will gamble still be willing to do so?
  18. Agree, he was kind of the guy at the top of the lists last year that some were saying was most likely to fall...his numbers were not good when he went down with the broken arm.
  19. I enjoy Pollack's list as a good reference point throughout draft season, he was a frequent regular with Sporer on SATB and I found their discussions some of the better Pods. The 1 guy I just really wasnt feeling their love last year and appears to may way too high (probably shouldnt be on the list anywhere) is Nate Eovaldi. They love that guy...and I just dont see it.
  20. I know when ESPN did their HR tracker they had overlays and different stats and your are 100% right, one of the stats was Barely and also "lucky" whatever exactly that meant, but it gave you a good indication of who was out over their skis a bit. I remember the year Chase Headley had that career year and hit like 30HR, I think he led the league in barely HR.
  21. Ball for sure had some impact as there can be a little more jump to the ball and also seams - if you have pitcher friendly seams, they can create more movement, sharper bite on curves and sliders, etc. Less seams and those become more difficult. When I coached HS, you had to use the NFHS stamp approved ball, but every ball manufacturer had a NFHS model, one year I had a lights out pitcher with the best 12-6 curve I had seen from a HS pitcher, and back then the Diamond brand had great seams for pitchers, and so I would use Diamonds on my home games, but I remember playing our rival and they knew him forever and the ball they used at home when we played them was one with little seams, of course the next time we went there I brought Diamonds with us and when we got Foul Balls, I would tell our guys to toss in a Diamond from our bag and keep the other one out, little bit of Gamesmanship, but for sure balls mattered. I think what the interesting thing from a fantasy standpoint is trying to decipher HR jumps from players and whether its ball related OR is it swing change, launch and lift changes, etc? I think for me HR/FB rate will probably tell some tales, guys who saw big jumps in that stat but maybe didnt jump flyballs overall might suggest it was more ball related, where a guy who all of a sudden has a lot more fly balls, that guy might be more swing related.
  22. I remember doing the Mock in December with some in this group, I think I got him around 10th or 11th round, and then in another one I did, he went earlier than I was willing to pay, maybe like 8th/9th round. * He burned some folks for sure, so that always has a bit of "pump the brakes" * Colorado - the PT, the way they seem to jerk young players around or never really seem to give them a clear path to PT? Seems the clearest path right now might be as an everyday OF moving forward, but some discussion Ive heard recently might have him in the Super-Util role?