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  1. nobody confused any of those teams with "the best team in baseball" so to have things fall into place like that 3 out of 5 years, your are right probably will not happen anytime soon. Its tough to win 1 WS but to win 3 out of 5? No doubt a great achievement, but as the leader of the "lunatic fringe" said many times on the Giants flagship, "two things can be equally true"
  2. Would you rather be the Padres right now or the Giants? Please dont tell me about 3 in 5. Im talking now.
  3. Take the top pick - the numbers are pretty overwhelming this year its better to have one of the top overall picks.
  4. Wheeler, Diaz, Castellanos - I just cant trust Marquez
  5. Clevinger in the 19th - in my rankings they are not that far apart, Nola is bottom half P1 and Clevinger high end P2.
  6. But those 10 names are off the board in the first two rounds - So the question is do you take him as a low-end P1 in a standard sized league in the 3rd round - which is I think where he is going in many drafts, this news might bump him to 4th. But someone mentioned auction and thats where in the right league where I could see him really going cheap. I mean draft? Sure, he is gone 3rd or 4th round, period, But I could see a scenario in auction where he is a pretty good discount, not sure 15-16 bucks low like someone mentioned, but I could see him low 20's. .
  7. 2-catcher league I go Realmuto, 1 C league I go Rendon
  8. So one of my two main leagues does Yahoo, here are my big two complaints and curious if these are things my commish just has the settings wrong or its not an option with Yahoo. * Waivers - having both FAAB and FCFS - so Bidding on all players like Monday night through Wednesday, those get processed, then from there its FCFS the rest of the week? The meaningless waivers (kickers/Def) or waiting to see what happens with injury seems to be kind of a pain. * Trade process - My guess is this is a setting, trades dont happen immediately upon accepting by other owners, so sometimes if youre doing a trade to fix lineup late in the process you might get the player you might not.
  9. Agree with a lot of the sentiment here - I think if you cant get a haul now, then stand pat. Its keep forever so you dont lose anything and I think Rizzo is a bit undervalued this offseason, with as bad as 1B is right now a team in contention may be willing to overpay to upgrade that spot. I would either take a great deal for you now or wait it out. Its not like its e5 or Miggy where you are thinking this might be my last chance to get anything.
  10. Which Hicks is that? Agree that Brantley is probably No.7. In a 20-teamer have to figure that closers are not that easy to just stumble across, so one of the closers might be a viable option.
  11. I really like No.4 - Sanchez is a fast riser as a prospect and I am really excited to see what the new P coach does in Cincy with Castillo coming off his bounceback 2nd half. I think Castillo might be the best MLB upside player in these offers. No.6 is intriguing as well, but second to No.4 for me.
  12. So looking at the results of LABR mixed: You acquired Freeman a 2nd rounder for Soto a 3rd rounder, in addition you got Flaherty a 4th rounder for Freeland a 16th rounder and the only "throw in" was a guy who wont likely play in the majors this year? Good job saying yes before he sobered up. follow me on twitter @hackerschamp
  13. So looking at the traditional 5 categories over the last 4 years, so that is 20 competitions head to head - Betts is 14-6 straight up vs Bryant. Future? Mookie is younger. Seriously do not even know how this is a question.
  14. They had announced he would not, had a pretty big hole at 3B because of it with guys like Ty France and Vosler who they got in a deal. With Urias ready to go and Kinsler signed earlier in the winter. My guess is Machado plays 3B, Urias SS and Kinsler 2nd, although could maybe see Kinsler at 3B and Urias at 2B if part of the agreement was Manny at SS.
  15. Its a great move for the Pads (not crazy about Opt out, but at least its 5 years not 2 or 3) They should really be good perhaps in 2020, but certainly ready to contend in 2021 as their plethora of top pitching prospects moves closer to being major league ready. Probably plays SS for this season, then in the future will decide what the best combo is between he and Tatis as they will man the left side. Is it Tatis at SS Manny at 3B or vice versa? Good problem to have.
  16. Ask the Giants how the Johnny Cueto opt out is working for them...
  17. Realize its a very small sample size, but in every park he has ever hit in, Manny Machado's highest batting average in any park is at PETCO with a .444 average there. Most of the west coast parks deal with the marine layer, but since they brought the fences in a few years ago, you see a number of HR especially those oppo boppo shots by RH batters into the section which previously would not of been an HR. Is it a band box? No, but until you have legitimate hitters playing there and not hitting HR, then I think the stats can be somewhat skewed.
  18. Depending on the number of teams and assuming its a mixed league using both leagues, I would expand the lineup a little bit - using a CI (which is another 1B and 3B) in addition to the 1B and 3B and then a MI (which is another 2B or SS) plus I would go 5OF, my guess is you are planning to go 3. Im a 2-Catcher fan, but I understand the rationale in todays catcher landscape to go one. Again depending on how many teams/owners may want to go saves OR at the very least have like a Saves + Holds/2 but overall looks solid, nothing too crazy or redundant.
  19. Not a great deal, your selling low on Altuve probably buying high on Corbin - thats not a good position to trade from. Stand pat.
  20. If thats the case just get rid of the keepers, I think having some sort of value to the keepers instead of just everyones best 6 with no auction value or round value makes some think - "I cant win". Which honestly in a 6-keeper league is a pretty defeatist attitude.
  21. I think for 2019 only, Stanton is going to have the better year, but I think overall value, age, position, injury history etc. Machado would be ranked higher for me if I were taking the long view.
  22. Scherzer is the best player in the deal, but Benny and Haniger are guys I really like in the OF, so if that team needs OF help, they got some. Age wise the OF side probably wins. I think because of Moustakas value in the real world has hurt his fantasy perception but I would way more prefer him than Turner. I agree its probably a win win, I kind of agree with that consensus.
  23. I like idea of 1 pitcher 1 bat - that said if there is a run of bats I could see going 2 pitchers but I like enough of those pitchers that I assume 1 will still be there. My targets at that turn: Cole, Verlander, Snell, Beuherl, Thor - maybe Kershaw. Probably pass on Sevy, Bauer, Carrasco if there were 2 bats I preferred and then go best PP next turn. On the flip side Im not in love with a lot of those bats, but I guess it is the 4th and 5th rounds in theory: Bellinger and Marte would be first two. Im not taking a C there if its a 1-C 10 team league. Is Khris Davis DH only? If so not taking him either. Given fact you have Arenado, probably not taking Rendon either. If Marte and Bellinger are gone, I might consider going P P if ones you love are there. I think in a 10-team league there will be some middle infield value at the next turn. Not sure how 7x7 changes, I know Votto is a great OBP guy and 1B stinks, so he could be one to look at. You probably need some steals up the middle, I prefer Whit to Mondesi.
  24. Look at results of LABR mixed draft the other night: Marte was 3rd pick of 3rd round, Benintendi was like 7th pick of 3rd round and Soto was 10th pick. My rankings are 2019 only, now if I was in a dynasty rankings or something like that it might be reversed because of Soto's age, but given he steals the fewest by far and not sure exactly what his power is at this point - is it closer to 35 or 25HR? If I am trying to win THIS year, Im taking Marte.