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  1. I was looking closely as I was working some 1B rankings - when you look at the season Bellinger had - only 10 players in history have had that across board production of at least a .300 average 45HR 115 runs and rbis plus at least 15 steals. Ruth, Gehrig, Mays, Bonds, A Rod, Griffey jr, Walker, Pujols, Sosa and Canseco. If I were in a yearly re-draft league, and landed the first pick, I would think Bellinger would at least be in my thoughts.
  2. Made push last year for free agents Harper and Machado - have to assume they will be players again this year, but this time maybe for pitching???
  3. You get caught peaking or relaying signs from 2B or some coach doing it and you will get your batter drilled...when I was coaching HS baseball right around the end of my days doing it, the chart number wristbands were coming out - in a lot of ways these were designed to stop sign stealing from those trying to pick the coaches signs. For my daughters fast pitch team we still use them and both the P and C have them on I read out a 3 digit number and they look at a wristband chart kind of like a QB has and both know what it is. Obviously this works a little better with coach calling pitches. But you could do same for Catchers, they look a their chart, and put down 3 number sequence. I mean wasnt one of the most famous HR in baseball history - Bobby Thomsons shot heard round the world supposedly the product of the Giants having a guy with Binoculars in the scoreboard in centerfield and then pulling or putting up some sort of number based on the pitch? That was nearly 70 years ago and pitcher catchers haven't modernized?
  4. Side A for me. CK was rocking a 5.80ERA when he got hurt in early May. He has traditionally been a slow starter but that seemed worse than normal. He will be 34 in April, if he gets off to a slow start again or has a rough year, you are not likely gonna get anywhere close to this kind of offer.
  5. Our league they have to be posted on message board by day and time, usually its the Sunday night prior to the draft which is the following Saturday. They are not "locked" until that deadline, so you can post mutliple versions - lots of trading actually happens involving teams who post early as people may see what guys they are not keeping and make offers involving minor league picks or players or 2 for 1 type deals. Some owners dont post until the very last minute some post "fake" keepers to try and influence people to do certain things.
  6. If you need someone I am available - yes last year I know one of the ones we did was on Fantrax
  7. Agree, I dont think that its wrong going different direction, but this would be my guess as well.
  8. My frustration at Harper inflation through the years is well noted on these boards - but agree 100% if Im late second/early third and getting him - yep sign me up. I generally like big free agent signings in their second seasons, I just think there has to be a natural relaxation, this game (especially hitting) is not one you want to do when "pressing" - although still like Harper mostly in roto formats.
  9. A lot of leagues just do sort of "offline" trades - where you will have to reach out, text email etc owners and propose trade, if both sides agree, usually post on the message board or some sort of Doc - I think a lot of sites are kind of that way in the offseason.
  10. Probably depends a bit where each team is - I agree if just given a choice with no context, sure give me side A. But if I have a fairly deep roster, so Im cutting two players to keep 15 that are pretty good and I really need a frontline ace? Then give me the Degrom side.
  11. Pick the remaining 4 from the list below: Machado $2 (big disappointment) Clevinger $6 Flaherty $6 N. Cruz $16 (old) C. Seager $1 (always hurt) Bichette $1 (unproven) Paxton $1 (inconsistent, gets hurt) Urshella $1 Y. Gurriel $10 (old) Laureano $6 Its a pretty easy 4 for me - yes Machado was kind of a let down, but at $2? he just doesnt run much, his average dipped but this season was almost identical to his 2017 season. 2nd year in new place, I expect a little bit more comfort - but its tougher hitting situation, parks, division, lineup around him etc.
  12. At least those guys are gonna pitch - You are gonna pay $27 Million to Rusney Castillo and Dustin Pedroia - if they really want to keep Betts, at least for this year, they need to find a team who has cash but is prospect poor and offer them a couple of prospects and Rusney for nothing with that team eating most of Rusney in exchange for prospects -
  13. Its 100% being done - one of the pods I listened to one of the hosts in passing mentioned his post-season league. Ive seen it for football quite a bit. Football it fits, do by round is easy, every team has 1 game. In baseball even doing by round, some teams might play more games, more at bats, etc. So there is some randomness to that component and its not even like football where you are obviously seeing who will win and move on, but its like who will win in 5 or 7 games versus sweeping someone?
  14. Yep us too, years ago one of the first platforms we used was a site called TQ stats - probably used them in the mid 2000's then they were sold and the platform changed and stunk - anyhow the original guys from TQ are the onroto guys, so it was such a welcomed thing for our league. They have great individual service, really ideal for leagues that use minor leaguers like dynasties as they will add guys for you who are not in their database, but they already have a lot of the top draft prospects and international talent in their database long before they are signed or drafted to an MLB team. I know it works well for season long roto - but not 100% sure for other formats, daily games, frequent lineup change games because I have heard they lack an app.
  15. You are right about Twins, I guess where my confusion or how Im interpreting might be off is that if your approach with regards to launch angle has changed, shouldnt that be manifesting itself in an increased in FB%? One of the real bad launch guys we discussed last year was Yandy Diaz, kind of a sleeper type but could he make launch angle adjustments - and it appeared he did and thus you saw a FB% go up like 10%.
  16. Someone who to me the numbers if a scaled back ball might scream regression is Max Kepler. At bats roughly the same, HR jump from 20 to 36. His HR/FB% went from 9.9% to 18%, but whats even worse in that is that his overall fly ball rate stayed roughly the same around 46%, but whats a little worse in that is that his infield fly ball rate went up by 5%, so balls that had NO CHANCE to leave the yard went up at the same time your HR/FB% essentially doubled.
  17. I would set the under over back around 5 or 6. This year seemed to just be one of those seasons where he got some windows of opportunity and took advantage, there were two months May and September where he didnt even attempt to steal a base and he was only CS one time. So to me that tells me he picked and chose his spots well, I see one came off Thor who allowed more steals than anyone in the majors this year at least one maybe more came on the backend of double steals. This is a guy who has never had more than I think 5 maybe 6 in any season majors or minors. Its one of those bonuses, if he steals 10 great, but as I am plugging my roster in and the numbers I think I need, if I had him on my roster, my projection would be about 5.
  18. Cole probably ends up in LA with the Angels - my guess is that they will let it play out with the staff, maybe add a mid-level type piece but then pull the trigger at deadline this time.
  19. I go Muncy - positional flexibility and pop. Is it 1 or 2C league?
  20. Yasmani Grandal Mil - C,1B Mitch Garver Min - CJosé Abreu CWS - 1BAdalberto Mondesi KC - 2B,SS Mike Moustakas Mil - 2B,3BTrea Turner Was - SS Miguel Sanó Min - 1B,3B Yuli Gurriel Hou - 1B,2B,3B Aristides Aquino Cin - OF Mike Yastrzemski SF - OF Mark Canha Oak - 1B,OF Brett Gardner NYY - OF Kyle Lewis Sea - OF Kyle Seager Sea - 3B Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Tor - 2B,SS,OFMike Trout LAA - OF Nick Solak Tex - 2B,3B Edwin Encarnación NYY - 1BCarlos Correa Hou - SS Ian Kennedy KC - RP Mark Melancon Atl - RP Adam Plutko Cle - RP Clayton Kershaw LAD - PZack Greinke Hou - P Charlie Morton TB - PMike Clevinger Cle - P Mike Minor Tex - P Johnny Cueto SF - P Sandy Alcantara Mia - P Marcus Stroman NYM - P Brad Hand Cle - RP Craig Kimbrel ChC - RP Corey Kluber Cle - P
  21. If its like football, which one of my leagues uses, the paid CBS one has a lot of customization options - not sure about the freebie.
  22. 3/5 seasons he has played less than 120 games. Seemed like with him, a lot of times there are two issues. One is that the injuries are not clear sometimes where its not like "torn ACL" its soft tissue strains and sprains that seem to be vague at times and secondly is that the recovery for him, at least the narrative is that he tends to take longer to get back from these injuries. .
  23. The guy who was our commish actually in the late 90's actually put in an interesting rule which I havent seen other formats used, but it makes sense and we still use it today. So in "Traditional" roto lineup configurations, you have CI and MI one thing he put in was that if a guy played say 12 games at 1B and 9 games at 3B, with the 20 game rule he would not be 1B or 3B eligible, but if combined 1B+3B exceeded 20 you could plug him into the CI spot, same with 2b and SS for the MI spot.
  24. Not sure I have ever seen 20 games inseason, even our league which originated in the stone age was 5 pre-ASB and 10 after all star break. My simple point was that when it comes to rankings by position, that Yahoo has the lowest requirement pretty much of any sites, that most sites still use what the traditional number was, which was 20. At this point most of the discussion is about the offseason and rankings, etc as it was with Kingery which is where this started. Actually when looking at guys thus far this year, I have not run across a huge number of impact guys that are gonna be Yahoo eligible and not something else. The interesting thing about positions that nobody has really talked much is the shifts and I cannot understand why for the life of me we even bother listing positions. If the player listed as being the Third Baseman, is now standing in shallow RIGHT FIELD, with the player listed as First base to his left and the person listed as second base to his right - he is no longer the 3B IMO - he is the second baseman, and the second baseman is now the SS and the SS is now 3B. When you are no longer the closest non P/C Infielder to Third Base you at least for that batter are not the third baseman. Baseball has an obvious time problem as it is, it sure as heck is not going to have the manager come out to change the lineup card in this instance, but still....why have positions at all these days.