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  1. For re-draft leagues, I understand where you are coming from, for keeper leagues, especially ones that have some sort of minor league reserves, if having a league site that is up 365 and you arent waiting to "open" up, or like Brock said you want to have specific rules and constitution for your league and not have value and league shifts based on the whims of a website. So give you an example: Last year Victor Martinez, didnt play in 2012, was drafted in our league for cheap, was gonna be a great keeper because our rules state that if a player does not play, his eligibility goes back to the year before. I acquired V mart in a deal knowing he was C eligible, now, on this same board a year ago, people were saying things like "I hope this site or that site gives him C eligibility" - really? Why isnt your league determining that through your own rules and constittion. Wouldnt you rather know that because your league has a standard set of rules? Onroto is $100 per league, we have 13 owners in the league, that is less than $8 per franchise and its a 365 day website that never goes away (I can tell you who did what in 2011 -which sometimes for contract debates, etc can solve things), so when you think of 8 bucks over 12 months, thats what 75 cents per month to make sure that the host doesnt somehow alter the outcome with their decisions? But again, were an auction keeper who had 5 guys come in from out of state for the auction, so I guess we see things a little different and like Brock says, we have been at it pre-internet. Now if Im in a re-draft pretty straight forward league, but if you are in an auction keeper league, or any keeper and its one that intends to be around a while and be somewhat serious, I cant see why one wouldnt pay 75 cents a month to do that.
  2. Is there even a way to do that in like yahoo or espn leagues or do you have to have some other less used system? Not sure, have never used either of them for baseball. The league I commissioner was around before fantasy sports were on the internet, so we have our own constitution and own rules, so our thing is to fin a site where those can be applied, not to be determined by whether or not a website can or cannot do something. Onroto is what we use, its $99 for the season, thats less than $10 per team for 6 months of stats and being able to create a league how you want.
  3. As many have said, the great thing about only leagues, is just the depth to which you must go in the guys drafted. I was in an AL-Only league, 12 owners in the mid 1990's. Auction, roto 23 active spots, 2 catchers, a 2-C league thats 24 catchers when you have 14 total with a starting job. It is crazy the guys you get excited about, the little things. There are 42 Starting OF, we need 60. If a guy simply HAD a starting job, that made him extremely valuable in that format. Only leagues have a couple issues: 1. The Trade thing - if it isnt done right, it can be a league killer. I personally make guys coming over as frozen, cant be picked up and guys traded away their stats keep running that season. As a commish and league you have to think the intent of the "only" format is to go deeper in your player pool not have the outcome altered because your guy gets dealt away or you drop some long reliever for Doug Fister. 2. Because guys dealt are so much more of an impact, like if you trade an expiring star in an only league, it has such implications because you are usually dealing it and taking on true horrific players in return plus some minor leaguers, maybe a keeper or two, picks, etc. So the hard part is nobody likes Vetoes, but you need some protection in those leagues, because 1 guy has such a massive impact.
  4. Personally, both my leagues are FAAB, so that eliminates this problem Do some people not hoard their money all year? When I was in an AL only league way back when (the Brewers were still in the AL) the answer is guys traded over are not eligible for pick up.
  5. Agree 100%, I think its important to get a staff anchor or two, but then ton of guys with upside or bounceback potential who should be great values at end of drafts and auctions.
  6. What about Bartolo Colon? They resigned him very early in the offseason process and I saw an interview with Beane where he praised him, so I assume he is somehwere in that rotation mix?
  7. Is he the 5th starter though? That is the risk somewhat I guess depending on your league settings. They resigned Colon which kind of throws a monkey into the wrench a bit.
  8. You are right about the bad patches, I paid $21 for him the other night ($130 cap) but there was major pitching scarcity and I wanted one frontline guy (actually wanted 2 but inflation made that impossible)
  9. If I could design the dream league, I think it would be to take the 12-13 owners we have now, and have 2 leagues, an AL only and NL only. - Auction Roto, each owner has an NL Team and an AL Team. If a player gets traded or signs in offseason, he is the property of your franchise in the otehr league. - It would be fun because you would have two teams going at once with two chances to win money, maybe one team could be in a rebuilding year while the other is a contender. - In addition to the roto, have some sort of World Series tournament at the end for also a cash prize, but the maority would go to the roto of each league.
  10. I think there is a method to predicting a breakout for a young guy or a bounce back season, but certain guys like a Francouer who has been around a while all of a sudden goes 20-20? Where Im sure he was drafted for a decent amount of money because he was a starting player and in "only" leagues, that alone has value. I guess that is where the fluky comes in that you take a guy simple because he has a job and the guy totally blows up. I wish we were a little deeper, for me, I would like to see us in the 15-16 range, where you start to talk about catcher scarcity, closer scarcity, 45 middle infielders in a league of 60, again scarcity comes big into play - but when we got that big you had a ton of dead wood. One thing I do like about the "only" leagues is the fact that everyone is going to perhaps have some guys that might be on the outside looking in at starting jobs at the beginning of the year, and there are many guys with upside that would be interesting to see how to put your money out there, where in a mixed 12-14 team league, you just arent taking those guys. You mentioned Pedro Alvarez, would take him in second in NL Only league, same with Taylor Green from Milwaukee. Especially if the league is a keeper league.
  11. I did an AL only league in the mid 90's that was the catalyst for our change, though we did ours in mixed format. It was actually a $130 auction with 12-keepers 23 active spot roto. Contacts were up to 4 years, price didnt have to change for 3 years, could add a 4th year if 1.5 increase year 3 and 4. I loved the depth of it and as others have mentioned that is the lure of it. In our mixed, we once got it up to 19 owners and that was cool, but these days we just have a solid and committed to a live auction about 13 owners. My biggest complaint about the "only" format was: 1. Trade to another league. 2. Breakout flukey guy had a much greater impact than they do in mixed leagues because of the depth issue and Im not talking prospects here Im talking about guys like Jeff Francouer throwing up a 20-20 or Asdrubal Cabrera or even a guy like Ellsbury having a power breakout. 3. Pick up process control I think is important because you are often taking on a very valuable player and dropping a complete scrub. So that has to be a real fair process, if I were in an "only" again, I would certainly want some sort of blind bid system and more of a weekly than simply a by the seat of your pants format. Its a little bit of those head shakers that really swing the league.
  12. IMO still one of the top handfull of starting pitchers in the game. Doesnt get much run support, so that hurts the wins a bit, because his pitching numbers are good enough to have 20+ wins every year, its just the Giants brass doesnt know how to build a ball club. One thing i look at is his contract situation, he could of gone the "safe" long-term route trading security and giving up some dollars, instead this guy has said, lets go year to year or shorter deals and I will maximize my value because I will continue to produce.