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  1. Just got dropped in my main league, gonna try to watch a few Pirate games this week and see what the eyes say...
  2. I finally cut bait...just cant trust him and honestly it doesnt really matter who the opponent is if you cant throw strikes. I realize he has Miami this week but if you cant throw strikes does it really matter what laundry the other team is wearing? I actually watched his last start versus Miami, had kind of a friendly zone, some "low" strikes that got called helped him out in that start. Someone else can deal with these ups and downs.
  3. Even then that might be like an 8-team 3OF league or something. I would still have him in my top 40OF. hit a Bomb and 3 RBis today.
  4. Assume this is re-draft since he was not available until he came up. Im probably think Vlad is the worst of those 3 in terms of ROS but the other 2? Bryant is super frustrating to own and watch right now (trust me I have a lot of shares) and Cruz is well, the ol Steady eddie, but do you want to be the one holding the bag when age catches up? Not sure. Of those 3 I would probably gamble on Bryant, but maybe that is me just being stubborn.
  5. Yes...if you are trying to tank for higher draft pick next year. Otherwise F No.
  6. Last night was going along just fine, then couldnt get through the 5th unscathed and ended up not much helping ERA or getting a QS for those in leagues that use them. He did get the win and have over a K. His avg fastball is 4th best in the league in a stat I heard following the game last night. They had Turner off the line against Posey, I think pitch was supposed to go away, ball came back over the middle and he yanked hard shot down the line, if Turner was in normal spot he probably stops it and if fields clean its a 5-4-3 double play, instead its a double down the line, runner from 3rd scored and then Posey ended up scoring, so 5 1/3 and 3 runs instead of maybe 1. Its baby steps right now but for those who made investment to this guy as P1 or high end P2, its not quite coming quick enough.
  7. I remember not owning him the year he kind of brokeout and then was a little surprised when I got him dirt cheap the next season, then watching him that year, as mentioned not great fastball velo, but good curve, reminds me somewhat in watching Stripling this year. Not a huge buyer at this point, but he is in a good spot and has shown with health if he has command going that he can be effective. in todays climate, Im sure most would be just fine with his 2016 numbers. Would expect the K rate to settle in more in the 8 per 9 range.
  8. Lots to dissect here - * So the Anderson bat-flip, sure it might have been a bit over the top, but it shouldnt be a big deal. But for those who are gonna grow the game with this? I mean he will hit what 20HR? which is like less than 1 per week, so are people really viewing in 162 on the off-chance today is the day he hits a HR and bat flips? Dont mind a good HBP when player gets caught trying to peak in at catchers signs or if player does a dirty play and you want to retaliate, my daughters coach when they were 12 in fastpitch the runner at 2B was signaling and not being very discreet and so she had a play where P would catch ball from catcher wheel and fire a pickoff play and the SS would go behind the runner and kind of an "oops". I think as a team you want to respect your opponent, to me hitting a HR and getting excited is a natural reaction - but things like stealing when you are just crushing a team and or doing things like that or disrespecting an inferior team things like that I am not OK with. .
  9. That was the thing a lot of the chatter from guys like Sporer and Pollock thought his K's were gonna rise, probably that ratios would come to more "normal" levels, but that with some of his numbers that he was a likely candidate to see K's rise, obviously that has not really happened. I will continue to monitor and in some leagues where I have reserves and not many appealing options on waivers I will hold and see.
  10. I actually thought he had a few favorable strikes low in the zone but probably evened out. Was encouraged to see the high velo as he approached 100 pitches for the game.
  11. I own him, biggest issue has been command, has not really been able to command offspeed stuff and as a result has gotten rocked at times gave up 3HR including one to the pitcher vs the Brewers on opening Day, vs the Pirates guys like Adam Frazier had 3 hits.
  12. They have started in March probably 2-3 times over the last 5-6 years (not counting the 2 game deals in foreign countries, but real Opening Day) I think its probably a combination of the early start you mention with so many teams just "saving the bullets" and not having guys throw much in spring maybe? Curious to see where some of these guys are in terms of work they got in the spring most years vs this year? Walker Buehler barely pitched in spring.
  13. I love the guys at PItcher List but looking at their Top pitchers on 4/1 the carnage is pretty rough: Sale, Carrasco, Beuhler, Paxton, Mikolas, Pivetta, Strasburg, Darvish - injuries to guys like Seve and Clevinger as well. Not to bring down PL because these arms were pretty much in line with universal rankings and its been BRUTAL. So the question is why, how long do you wait to turn around and whats next? Last year guys like Castillo and Marquez got off to pretty rough starts and turned out to be really good by the time it was all said and done, curious of the slow starts who are you concerned with trying to get rid of, who are you staying the course. FWIW I own a lot of Mikolas and in one league where I have no bench, I have dropped him.
  14. Kind of in same boat with those 2, considering Pinder for Dozier, want to hold into Diaz a little longer.
  15. Cant really sell, too much invested at this point, I own shares in 3 of 4 leagues and it was not cheap in any of them. If I owned him as a cheap keeper and were being offered a more consistent frontline veteran I might think about it. But its a long season, saw a lot of rough starts last year from guys who went on to have great seasons so just need to stay the course at this point.
  16. So what exactly is the compensation for Kimbrel in terms of Lost pick? Because the Red Sox were over the Luxury Tax, their comp pick would be after the 4th round, but what pick would signing team forfeit? 1st round?
  17. Stick he is the exact type of guy the Giants need - RH power hitter - can play corner or LF -
  18. His breakout as a $1 guy helped me win in 2011, always have liked him, every year there is a vet (former fantasy relevant) player who puts up good numbers, maybe 2019 is Alex Gordon's year to do that.
  19. Yes, but the tougher question is who are you dropping
  20. Command just not quite there right now, had a little bit of bad luck in that one that got through right side under Goldy didnt seem like a hard hit but just well placed with 2 down and runner in scoring position. I own him way on the cheap took him more on performance and also what some respected folks were saying about potential K growth, but having a little bit of buyers remorse.
  21. He threw more offspeed % of the time than anyone in the majors last year and watching most of his two starts this year, he throws a ton of offspeed. Fastball seemed low 90's, 90-92 with a few in the upper 80's. Biggest issue was could not put anyone away. Had that rough 3rd inning with the 2HR plus a couple other hits and he had almost everyone of those batters at 2 strikes, some 0-2, 1-2 and 2-2 but just couldnt finish em off. Good news on a couple fronts was that he settled in and made some good pitches and was pretty clean after that. Also thought for sure with his spot leading off the bottom of the 5th and him being around 75 pitches they were going to hit for him, but they didnt, he hit and then went out and pitched another 1 1/3rd, so that was good to see them stretch him a bit.
  22. I guess good news is that it likely wont impact steals which is why a lot of us paid for him.
  23. Always been a pretty slow starter - has a career batting average of .222 in March/April - which makes it kind of tough to see if last year was the new norm and he will put up the hot second half he usually did up until last season or what.
  24. I think his spot came up at that point as well I want to say to lead-off the inning - so it was probably a situation where it was like he was maybe going to go one more but since his spot came up, no since pushing.
  25. They have a rotation that has some upside and potential, but yes they also played the Giants, who when you associate the fantasy game to reality the one thing is we know fantasy is about hitters and in my 12-team auction a few weeks back that uses 5OF, and CI/Mi the Giants had only 1 hitter to go off the board - Posey. If I were playing DFS I would be looking to face that team a lot.