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  1. That is exactly how I would describe it currently. I would have absolutely no weather concerns if the game started right now.
  2. Jeff Tanchak (the Cleveland weather guy calling for 7inches rain and 40mph wind) was just on local tv and said forecast is not going to be as bad as it looked to him earlier He just revised his game forecast to a high temp of 60 degrees, with a steady light rain throughout the game accumulating .25 to .32 inches of rain, and wind of 14mph from the east. I won’t get blamed and tell anyone not to sit your guys if you have better options and want to avoid a potential weather game, but I think the game could end up being okay at least early on.
  3. Well I just walked outside again and now there is a very slight drizzle now, but not much right now. If not for the doomsday forecast, I wouldn’t even think it was worth it to post an update here. Here is a live camera feed from downtown Cleveland if y’all want to keep an eye on it. Looks gloomy but honestly it looks like that a lot here in the fall.
  4. I live about 20 minutes south of downtown Cleveland. Right now it is not raining where I live. Ground is wet from a decent bit of overnight rain but that’s it so far. Feels like low 50’s temperature and wind is currently like 5-10mph at most right now.. Of course the weather looks like it will pickup closer to game time. But if the game was being played right now then there would be almost no impact, other than me having to wear jeans instead of shorts to tailgate. I will try to post closer to 1pm if I can especially if there’s a major change. And just so you are aware, the weather Jeff Tanchak guy who was saying 7 inches of rain is well known for being over the top in his weather forecasts to everyone who lives here so gotta be careful just listening to him.