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  1. Valanciunas is on my DND list based on draft position. There's no way I use anything higher than a 6th round pick on him in future seasons. Center that don't block shots is such a waste of a spot.
  2. His jump shot is so broken and he just doesn't have any confidence. It's not like he's not getting opportunity. He's already getting good minutes and started regularly. I'm not touching. It seems like he shoots 1-7 with regularity. The decent games are few and far between.
  3. He shot 2/17 for the last two games. He is shooting sub .400 on the season and just when you think he's about to pick it up he lays two gigantic eggs.
  4. Brogdan and Mudiay may be available in your leagues. I dropped him for brogan. If he gets traded I'll drop some deadweight for him but no reason to stash him at this point when there are players on the wire that can produce right away. Dropped in 12 team or shallower.
  5. Jinxed by the roto blurb. As soon as they mentioned he hasn't missed a game(dec24th blurb), this happens! Writer should have kept that to himself! You never say these things out loud!
  6. Those in standard leagues should have moved on already. He was borderline rosterable before rjax returned. He still has value in 14+ though.
  7. Owners of Marcus Morris and Wilson Chandler say hi. Time to move on already. At this point he can serve as a "high upside" steal specialist at best.
  8. What's it going to take to pry this dude away from an owner? Trying to trade for him but no luck.
  9. I highly doubt the 8 rebounds per game is sustainable. I think he'll average around 4.5rpg ROS.
  10. Much better than Danny green and Rondae Hollis Jefferson. Now this is a glue guy I like.
  11. He's averaging 8/2.6/2.7 and just 1stl. He's like a homeless man's Rodney hood.. That's one F'ed up ranking if it has Danny green at 75. edit: just looked up bbm. Danny green is 71 and few spots ahead of Rodney hood!
  12. Just traded for him before he blows up. I'm pretty sure he will be much more consistent post ASG. He's a young guy so growing pains are to be expected. He will be fine. i traded Thad young for ginannis last year too before giannis blew up. This is the kind of trade you make 10-20 games into the season, trading for high upside guys when their value is still low to win that championship.
  13. So many better players in standard league that won't take you through a roller coaster ride. Would drop him for hot players like Jamal Murray without a second thought.
  14. Nobody is buying Greg Monroe. i bought Devin Booker with Rodney Hood recently. Hood is going to be good all season and is the better player at this moment but I have big hopes for Booker.
  15. It was enes kanter before the last 3 games. Now it's just DNP.