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  1. My league ended last week but this dude played extremely well for me the last week I had him. Should not be sitting around on ww in 12+ leagues.
  2. He gave my team a fighting chance to win the semi with this performance. Been a tough week for some of my guys.
  3. The fg% and missed game is costing me big in the semi. Ibaka also got suspended. Facing team w curry, klay, griffin with 13 games between them. Needed every single game. Hope he has a huge game on Sunday to make up for the fg% somewhat.
  4. Trying the build a brick house this past week. Need him to play well for the semis next week.
  5. Thought he was a useless stiff but he's certainly bringing in the stocks this past week.
  6. Went with zubac over him. May be a mistake. This guy has been getting a ton of blocks.
  7. I hope his fg% won't drag my team down too much. There's all of a sudden an influx of good C and PGs in the FA pool. Might have to drop someone like Corey Joseph for him.
  8. I think he played low min due to the game being a blowout. He's still the best pg with Lowry on the shelf.
  9. I don't own him but would have looked to sell before the trade deadline. Seems like a prime shut down candidate, same boat as melo.
  10. I updated my sig since you guys seem to care about it so much. Carroll, J rich, Len, Mudiay were all stashes from before ASB(I guess it makes more sense to assume someone is an idiot rather than that they haven't updated their sig). I've got Ross, WCS, big sauce, Joseph as the replacement. I dropped Middleton for portis when Middleton was expected to miss back to backs so my analysis is far from being immune to mistakes. I'll probably end up streaming that spot. But Cody Zeller is for fools. There is no upside to his game. You don't win championships by playing it safe
  11. haven't update my sig. That was from beginning of season dude. What does that have to do with Cody Zeller being roster worthy?
  12. Snore. those numbers are not going to win you any H2H leagues. Too many other good players available unless you're 14+ and well is dry. there are so many things wrong with rankers. If you believe 10pt 6.5reb 1 blk is top 100 material then go ahead. Those are hardly roster worthy.
  13. Those are deep league special numbers. 14+ leagues. And even then it's pretty underwhelming.
  14. I don't get it.. Am I supposed to get excited over 9pt 5rb and 1block from a C in standard leagues? Frank the tank was a much better to own because of the scoring output and 3's. Cody just doesn't do enough
  15. i was intrigued by this dude but wasn't sure if dropping Len or even WCS would be worth it. He's producing better than Len and WCS so far but I imagine Len and WCS would have slightly longer leashes since their franchises have nothing to play for. I am aware my calculation could be wrong though.