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  1. You're weird. A hit in efficiency is worth it for the extra 3s. If cousins and horford can start hitting 3s so should giannis
  2. I have beastwin ever since knight went down and have been on a winning streak. The problem with 9 cat rankings is that they weigh TO too heavily. The same ranker was projecting Danny green to be top 70 value. I punt TO and beastwin has been a blast to own. Hope he keeps it going.
  3. He really hasn't been producing though. He's been averaging 27 min on the season so it's not like he hasn't been getting minutes. I don't see how much better his stats will get at 34 min when he's averaging a mere 5.7ppg and not much else except rebounds at 27mpg.
  4. that's incorrect. they shut down Melo before the all star break with thier scorched earth tank. Funny how people can't remember that. Almost one month to the day... February 18th, 2015 "On Wednesday, the New York Knicks announced that they're shutting down Melo for the remainder of this season and that the superstar forward will have surgery to repair the patella tendon in his left knee by team orthopedist Dr. Answorth Allen soon." I stand corrected. But my point was sometimes team won't shut down a reasonably healthy player at the mid way mark. They would choose to hold off until later. Carmelo actually required surgery so they had reason to do it earlier for him to make training camp. We've seen this happen many times. Why would the Suns keep playing knight and risk him getting injured in a pointless season?
  5. Jennings is a much better player than Payton, but can his health hold up? If the magic become competitive and stay in playoff hunt then he's more likely to get heavy minutes. If they fall out of contention then it's youth development time again.
  6. I'm not sure if I trust T Jones. The guy has the most unfortunate injuries.
  7. Knight will only be back briefly. The Suns have nothing to play for, but shutting Knight down this early in the season looks bad. The Knicks didn't shut down Carmelo until much later in the season as well last year. Knight is going to shut down sooner or later, the question is when. This makes Goodwin a good stash.
  8. Kudos to those to held on and passed up on ww gems like Barton, Devin Booker, Myles Turner
  9. Better than bazemore? Not in fantasy. Bazemore brings 3's and stocks and efficiency. MKG is a better rebounder but that's all he has over bazegod.
  10. This guy can play. Seems to have high iq like most Spurs. With teams looking for stretch bigs it's nice to see one that clearly enjoys playing close to the rim and draining mid range js
  11. Exam didn't do nothing. Mudiay actually is decent for my team since I'm third in fg% and I'm punting TO.
  12. Going to make a mental note for myself to buy low on this guy
  13. He doesn't have 1/1/1 potential, it's more like 2/.5/.5 potential lol. Are we looking at the same stats? On the season, Thabo is averaging 1.7 stls, 0.8 3s, and 0.7 blks. If you round the 3s and blks up, that's 1/1/1 potential. On the other hand, I'd say Meyers more closely resembles 2/.5/.5 potential. He can maybe get to 2 3's/game if he has more FGA and is currently averaging a pitiful 0.3 stls and 0.4 blks this season. Pretty sure he meant the 2/.5/.5 for Leonard. He probably just read the post wrong.
  14. I don't own green, I'm just fascinated by the reaction of owners who burned a 4th-6th round pick on him because of his high adp.
  15. I traded him it's been an amazing ride so far. Reason I sold high was because I thought he might be gone at the trade deadline and he might not produce in a new system. Was able to get giannis for him but if he ends up staying at the nets all season we could be looking at a second round of third round value.