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  1. It seems like some of these player fall to the floor usually onto their sides when they tweak their ankle to avoid shifting their entire body weight onto the awkwardly placed ankle - it's almost like a protective mechanism.
  2. i suppose if he keeps this up he may actually replace danny green for good. right now you are still taking a bit of a gamble until he shows he can string a couple games together. the talent is certainly there. might be worth giving up a streamer spot and hold on to him briefly to see where this goes.
  3. points are the easiest to pick up on the wire. there are always injuries and guys stepping up. it's SO EASY to find a guy who can score. they may not be getting 18ppg but come on, you can barely find 18ppg guys even in the middle rounds, never mind on the WW. That said it's pretty easy to find 12-14ppg guys on the wire. Korver's stats are all minor drop offs in H2H. Korver is never a fg% nor ft% anchor. his averages last season were totally in line with what he had been averaging the majority of his career with minor drop offs here and there that shouldn't break or make your team in h2h due to the low volume. The fact that players with overall unimpressive averages can get over-projected by negligible %'s that hardly matter shows just how flawed BBM rankings can be. btw here are your definition of korver's "all star" numbers in 2014-2015: 12.1ppg 4.1rpg 2.6apg. wow i'm sure teams are losing sleep game planning to stop this stud.
  4. he thankfully doesn't shoot enough freebies to hurt you much. that fg% stings when you're trying to win that cat though.
  5. first of all i compared yahoo and espn rankings to show the discrepency in the two different leagues. there is a long of bias among yahoo players whose default setting have RHJ in the latter middle rounds. if RHJ is truly worthy of top 42 value then why in espn is he being draft 140? BBM rankings have to be taken with a grain of salt as not all categories are weighted the same. % should weighed less in low volume guys(as they shoot less volume hence unlikely to change the overall % of your team, so when ranked individually it makes them look disporportionally better), same with TO's in low usage guys as it skews the value of a role player on BBM rankings. one has to realize how underwhelming 9pt/8reb/1.8st/0.6blk is. that's only marginally better than tony allen, and there are often a few low end centers that pop up during the course of a season with that kind of production(but switch stl for blocks). yes there are builds where the extra 3 rebounds can be valuable, but very specific builds. taeng is wrong when he says 3's are the easiest category to get, pop corn stats are (pt, reb, ast). BBM's ranking on devin booker is exactly why I don't use it as the end all be all when prepping for my drafts. It tends to underrate guys like brandon knight, d'angelo russell, devin booker whose value are weighed down by their high TO's. (seems like the beginning of every season we keep having to go through this same argument). BBM ranking also caused multiple players to draft danny green and kyle korver in the 5th round last year, guys whose low TO and good % gets overweighted by BBM. In Korver's case he simply scored 2-3 points less than projected, and other category was around his career averages, yet he was barely rosterable in standard leagues(and that caused him to fall to round 11 value by seasons end vs round 5/6 where he was being drafted). Is CJ McCollum not worthy of an early pick? Is it unreasonable to believe Devin Booker will play at a similar level as CJ McCollum?
  6. jrue has been on my DND list for several seasons now. someone will always draft him so let someone else worry about when he's returning. the "good" news(from a basketball standpoint anyway) is that he's away to be with his wife who is recovering from brain surgery, not because of any nagging injuries this time. the other good news is his wife was reportedly doing well post-op.
  7. I think the only reason he played so much last season was because of Chandler's injury. Now that Chandler is healthy he will be taking those minutes back. Harris is by far the least talented of all the swingman on that roster, so it makes sense for him to play less minutes. that's my prediction anyway.
  8. I think booker owners are in for a treat, maybe even for that owner who took him 3rd round. I took a gamble hoping I could snatch him late and some other lucky owner got him. so i say if you like him, just go ahead and draft him even if it's early. he's going to produce at the level of cj mccollum, who I've seen getting picked in the 3rd round.
  9. i don't see harris in the rotation(certainly no more than 14-15mpg). barton will handle most of the sg minutes while gallo will handle most of the sf minutes. there will be times where chandler backs up the 2 or 3, there will even be times where he takes the court with both barton and gallo(not sure if they would list gallo or chandler as the 4 in those situation not that it matters). point being if he's healthy, he will see the court and be productive.
  10. you make good points but i have to point out that 3 holds little weight. we've seen guys like grant hill, amare stoudemire, gilbert arenas signed to big contracts. you would hope the respective teams did their due diligence to make sure the players were healthy but we know how those contracts turned out... i don't own parsons but i've been a fan of his game. i do hope you're right and that we see him back on the court sooner than later.
  11. those projections were for the alternative players. 9.8pt, 8reb, 1.7stl were for RHJ.
  12. so 9.8 points, 8reb, 1.7 stl is basically his projection(i would even say his rebounds are a tad high on this). if you're going for a build that's rebound heavy and punting points/3's then that's about the only time to burn a 8th round pick on that, but late rounds seems pretty fair otherwise. I would not draft that over covington, bazemore, carroll, caldwell-pope who can contribute healthy dose of pt's, 3's, and steals while sacrificing just a few rebounds. all these guys are being drafted 9th-10th round. Modest projection 12pt,5reb, 2three's, 1.5stls.
  13. it's early. people playing on yahoo are picking him around 8th round simply because they haven't done their homework and RHJ is being throw at their face by default rankings. on espn where they did not over-rank him players are able to draft him as a late flyer in 12-13th round, where he belongs.
  14. as bad as josh smith was, if mudiay reaches josh smith level it would actually be an improvement (unless you are talking strictly about smith's last 2 seasons in the nba then yes they are equally bad).. mudiay's % were probably the worst we'll ever see in some time(or so I hope). he somehow shot worse than brandon jennings..
  15. If he doesn't improve his fg% and TO he may flame out the way Johnny Flynn did a few years back. Athletic pg's are dime a dozen and there are many skilled pg's looking for their chance in the nba. The time for him to show he belongs on this stage is now. i passed on the opportunity to stream Tony Parker this week as I want to see if he can improve his game. I'm usually willing to take a few losses early in the season to give my sleeper guys a chance. 8 out of 12 teams make the playoffs so just making the playoffs is fairly easy after all.