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  1. Got Brunson and frank Jackson several weeks ago(shortly after DSJ got traded) in 20 man league and it’s looking good right now. Hope I don’t jinx myself.
  2. Only if you’re tanking in a dynasty league for Zion Williamson
  3. I hesitated after his last stinker and of course he gets picked up and is now looking like a difference maker in deep leagues
  4. He has a great motor. He is all hustle. Reminds me of one of my favorite players back in the day by the name of Bo Outlaw. not related to fantasy but is there a reason he seems to be adverse to jump ball? On one occasion he didn’t even attempt to jump. On another occasion why did he let pat bev take the jump ball?
  5. Dlo is going to go off now that LeVert is out. Dinwiddie should get a bump as well. As a crabbe owner in a 20 deep dynasty league I can only hope he breaks out of his slump at some point.
  6. I think a lot of owners were expecting more than 10/5 when they drafted turner. Jarrett Allen, Ayton, Gasol, whiteside, Adams, Vucevic, nurkic, Ibaka, Lopez, McGee, WCS, were drafted around same time or several rounds after Turner. I think it’s totally fair if an owner burnt a fifth round pick to expect a bit more. Isn’t he supposed to have “upside”. He seems to be regressing.
  7. dropped Jerami grant for him in one of my 12 man leagues. Didn’t want to lose grant because I love his 1/1/1 ability but SGA is going to get that as well, plus he has more upside later on to improve on those numbers we are currently seeing. Now that I have SGA I just have to make a 2 for 1 trade so I can pick up grant again if he doesn’t get snatched up.
  8. I find it interesting that you thought of him. He would be an interesting stash in a deep dynasty league. I don’t see him contributing this year unless you know something that I don’t. The major winners of Melo falling out has to be Eric Gordon, James Ennis, Gerald green. Even then Ennis and Green are both deep league specials.
  9. He’s actually been playing well. Hopefully this new found efficiency at the stripe sticks for good. I hope for a boost in ppg to the previous 24ppg range and a tad more rebounds, ast. Most importantly I just want the threes and stls to continue.
  10. I avoided him in all drafts because I just didn’t think he could produce with any sort of consistency. He’s certainly exceeded my expectations with his recent play.
  11. I read that his teammates are upset with him because he’s that bad of a basketball player. They say he doesn’t know how to play. When you watch YouTube highlights it’s all just him scoring but no assists really.
  12. That’s one hard hit he took.. I’m surprised he’s missing another game after working his way back. I’m willing to take him missing a few games now as long as he returns to being iron man after this. Really hope he can keep the 3s and stls coming.
  13. Turner is looking like hot trash. Good thing I missed him in my drafts, aiming for him in the fifth.. I thought that would been a safe enough range but he yet again regressed this season(to the dismay of unlucky owners who drafted him). Sabonis is outplaying him that you think turners days as a pacer may be numbered... something about pacer centers that that they seem to lose their skills as the years go by. Hibbert 2.0
  14. I think that’s what most of his owners are hoping for. He’s putting up decent numbers now for your team to get by and make the playoffs however it’s his playoff schedule and the fact he’s due to be unleashed that the owners used a pick on him.
  15. I think he should be fine this year. I don’t think Knox will push him for minutes much since they bring different skills. My worry is next season. What would be your moves in dynasty? I don’t see anybody give up anything of value for him in dynasty. For redraft leagues, congrats on picking one of the hottest pickups(14+).
  16. I like Wiggins. He’s quite underrated so it’s nice to be able to pick him up late in drafts.
  17. Overhyped. This year’s Marquese Chriss. Now that everyone knows that Chriss is a scrub they had to find someone else to troll us lol.
  18. Disappear? I’ve been around since 2010(?) I ain’t going nowhere lol. i agree with you that owners ain’t finding guys better than cedi on the wire. I expecteded him to hit some road bumps but he will figure it out. He passes the eye test and the Cavs have every reason to give him the playing time to continue his development.
  19. No, you just have to learn to read the entire post. Bogdanovic is returning which means he’s only going to lose playing time. It’s only going to get worse, not better, so that’s why he’s not a buy low candidate. If you’re going to quote someone quote the entire thing. Don’t be like a fake journalist, not cool. heres the entire post again for those who may have missed it: “hield is NOT a buy low. he's already underperforming and bogdanovic is returning shortly.”
  20. I can’t say I ever hopped on the Hield hype train. I consider him Dion waiters 2.0. If I’m at my last 2 picks and the SG/SF pool was dry, or if I need to pick up a swingman due to injuries I might consider picking him up... I just don’t trust him TBH.
  21. Nice post. Don’t forget Wayne Ellington either!
  22. Hope Bagley gets unleashed. Not sure why a rebuilding team is starting veterans over their young guys. He looks to have good chemistry with Justin Jackson and should both be starting. btw where can we post to get people to vote for position eligibility? Dude was often the only big on the floor last night (Giles barely played) and should have C eligibility! I’ll post it here but mod please redirect if wrong forum. https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/35782177-bagley-need-c-position-eligibility
  23. Not sure if this is appropriate but I wondered why he didn’t get SG eligibility like some PGs did. Dragic, Dlo, Rjax among others all have SG eligibility. He is playing along side Yogi and Frank Mason iii who are miniaturesque. Let’s get yahoo to fix this! https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/35810902-de-aaron-fox-sg-eligibility
  24. I personally avoided WCS in all drafts. he's a good player but he's looking to get paid. I'm not certain if the kings are convinced that he's their guy. a trade would not help WCS as I don't think there are a lot of teams that can use a big who's still more of a traditional big. a trade would open things up for bagley III and harry Giles though, which I think would be King's main incentive for doing the trade(and also to avoid overpaying WCS like the heat did with Winslow). to be clear this is all speculation. I don't have any sources to confirm any of this lol.
  25. hield is NOT a buy low. he's already underperforming and bogdanovic is returning shortly. that trade is not bad for non-dynasty leagues but personally I still like the versatility of doncic a bit more over beal. depends on your team build though.