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  1. Kawhi said himself that he wouldn't be playing in finals without load management. Remove Kawhi from Raptors roster in finals, and it is a very close series with small edge (finals experience) to GSW. So yes, the rest allowed Kawhi to play in the finals and we won because Kawhi was playing. I don't think it is an outlier. We will see same situation with Embiid, with rest during regular season to keep him fresh for playoffs. Maybe not 20 games, I am expecting 12-16 game range
  2. Not me. Difference in blocks (1.1 Kleber vs 0.7 Powel) and 3s (1.1 vs 0.5) is not significant enough to justify hit on FG% from PF/C position
  3. Lakers thread please where we can discuss McGee greatness on defense
  4. 31, 63, 64 - number of games Embiid played each season. Considering how 34 year old Gasol schooled Embiid, Sixers will do everything to keep him fresh for playoffs Nothing to worry about Embiid's impact on Horford
  5. It is also important to remember that fg%, ft% and TOs are not negatively impacted by number of games played. This is why I never punt any of those 3 categories and my team is always competitive in them. All I need is to be competitive in another 2-3 categories and I have chance to win in every week. Punt assists build works very well in this scenario.
  6. I have a very similar approach. I prefer players that are solid across multiple categories and not causing you to lose some cats (FG%, FT%, TOs). Harford "weakness" in rebounds is still positive contribution to rebounds category for your team that you may (or not) win . Opposite example is Simmons. His weakness in FT% and TO is essentially forcing you to lose those two categories, punting them or not.
  7. Horford stats last year were similar to LMA. Good %s, low TOs, and contributing in many categories with few weaker categories that barely hurt your team (pts, reb, stl for Horford, 3s, stl and ast for LMA) They finished 29th and 25th perr game (34th and 16th in total value). Where would you draft Horford (and Aldridge) this year? I l think Horford will return top 60 value in H2H and I have no problems taking him in 4th-5th round.
  8. weirdest discussion on this forums ever 😀 I agree that athleticism and muscles are overrated in basketball. Tim Duncan made All-NBA and All_defensive teams on one good knee. And he also made it to the NBA finals and won the title
  9. Considering his durability, in competitive league (any format, roto or H2H) KAT should be top 3 pick. I have no problems with people taking him 1st or 2nd. You want your round 1 pick playing as many games as possible, especially in H2H. Per game value can be deceiving. Last year, AD was ranked 2nd in per game value and KAT was 5th according to the BBM. Who was better player to own? Total value tells different story. In last 3 years, KAT was ranked 3rd (18/19 - after George and Harden), 2nd (17/18 - after AD) and 2nd (16/17 - after Curry).
  10. All I am saying that I will stay away from Mitch in 2019/2020 season, unless he is available in 6th-7th round. I know that I will be watching from sidelines how is return on investment for people who used early round picks on him. He can be great in the future, but I am curious where are people going to draft him next season?
  11. I think the question is what do you expect for Mitch next year and where do you draft him? I am not saying he is not a useful player in general, but if you draft him in first 3-4 rounds he has potential to be a major disappointment relative to where he was drafted. I don't think he is worth a pick in first 4 rounds. And the fact that Randle, Portis and Taj were signed this summer tells me that even Knicks do not believe he can play starter minutes. Per36 numbers are nice, but you need to be on the court to produce (he has 5.7 fouls/per36). Right now I see a big that uses his athleticism to block shots and score, and very little skill moves to give him even bigger advantage. He looks very uncomfortable with the ball in his hands if he is more than 5 feet away from the basket. Three years from now, he can be first rounder. Next season, I see minor uptick in minutes, reb and points. I fully expect his blocks to go down (around 2.1 per game), as opposing teams adjust to his presence. Something like 23-24 min/ 11pts/9 reb/ 2.1 blocks. His high FG% has minor impact on your team (low attempts). With no 3s, ast and bad FT% I am staying away next year. After that, it depends if he improves or not
  12. On the top of my DND list with all the hype going on. I think Mitch can block shots but overall he does not have a very high bbal IQ. In other words, right now he is not a very good player and that limits his ceiling as block specialist. The way I see it, in order to play in NBA you need to be a good bball player. It means that you should be capable of doing basic things. At the minimum (regardless of position) you should be able to grab a rebound, make the right pass and score the basket. If you compare reb, ast and FGA with other Cs, I see lots of red flags for Mitch. He played 1359 minutes and had 423 reb, 37 ast and 485 pts. And his FGA are dead last for top Cs on BBM. Also his FGA on Knicks team are at the bottom of the list. Which tells me that other players are not passing to him because he cannot: 1-make a pass, and 2-score the basket. It translates to 1 reb for every 3.2 min played, 1ast for every 36.7 min played (yikes!) and 1 point for every 2.8 min played McGee with his bbal IQ, has 1reb/2.9 min, 1 ast/31.5 min and 1point/1.86 min. If McGee or Tristan Thompson have better per minute numbers that tells me: stay away from Mitch this year and see if he improves (I think he will not)
  13. When his career is finished, he will be GOAT. MJ who? He has never lost a playoff series and already have 3 rings at the age of 23 However, is he worth owning in fantasy? Projections?
  14. True, but the real question is where do you draft him?