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  1. Hield is 26. I am not sure how much better he can get on a young and upcoming team. I would draft based on current production from him
  2. Jimmy played more than 70 games twice in his career. On a stacked Philly team his numbers do not have much room for improvement. I will pass on LBJ in every draft considering career minutes played. It is true that he takes good are of his body but I think that his main focus in LA is not on the basketball court. Pascal is hard worker and I can see him improving next year, similar to Capela from his 2nd to 3rd year. Check it out: Considering his age and room for improvement, after Capela, Gobert, Jrue and Beal are gone in 2nd I don't see many options better than Siakam
  3. so far this season: 1.7 stocks . 1.8 TO for Pascal ; Beal 2.2 stocks, 2.9 TO, Jrue 2.4 stocks, 3.1 TO Difference is not that big in stocks, and Pascal has the best FG% between 3 of them. Make your own decisions. I know I will go after players that do not hurt you anywhere, the likes of T. Harris, Siakam, Otto Porter Jr.
  4. In a few games that I watched Boogie play this year, his vertical lift is almost non existent. I wouldn't draft him too early. Siakam is 2nd rounder imo, regardles if Kawhi is gone or not
  5. After today's performance against New York he deserves his own thread. If he can keep it up like last three games, he could be that secret ingredient for the winning formula. What Rotoworld had to say about him: "Alex Caruso (4%)- Imagine calling this guy a pickup before the season started. That’s how far the Lakers have fallen off and with LeBron James starting to rest that’s a sign that the Lakers are waving the white towel on their season. Caruso had plenty of success in the G League with a 14/6/4 line with 2.2 steals and 1.1 triples, and he’s been a nice surprise in the last two games for the Lakers with 16.0 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.0 steals and 1.5 triples. I think he’ll be a better add next week when the Lakers play four times and they will probably start reeling in Rajon Rondo’s minutes at that point."
  6. I need you to lose next week, because I need him to play. Fantasy gods are on my side because I want players to play
  7. Considering that English is not my first language, can you please tell me where in my post I was disrespectful to Ingram or Lonzo? For the record, here is my post: "Ingram done for the season. Lonzo might not return this season. I wonder how much longer before LeBron goes down with fake injury."
  8. Ingram done for the season. Lonzo might not return this season. I wonder how much longer before LeBron goes down with fake injury.
  9. What is flawed with BBM rankings? Do you have better source of stats other than your oopinion? Basically you are saying that next year you are basically drafting LBJ as 4th overall (after AD, Harden and Giannis), because you think that nobody else puts better numbers. Can you let me know how that works out for you? In the meantime, I will be busy drafting (in no particular order) Durant, Curry, George, Jokic, Embiid, Gobert, Lillard, Giannis, Harden, AD before I will even consider drafting LBJ. Even Tobias, Beal, Markkanen, Jrue, Capela are tempting to draft before LBJ. And yes, I've watched Lakers this year a lot and I do not like what I see
  10. BBM rankings standard 9 cat H2H. This season. LBJ is ranked 16th (in 47 games). For example Kawhi, also 47 games, is ranked . But what do I know, I must be delusional
  11. He has played 45970 career minutes (15th all time) and he is 34. Father time does not miss anyone. For me, the earliest I will take him is around 15th pick overall
  12. I manage fantasy basketball teams, not the Lakers. I want LeBron to play now, I don't care about next season. Welcome to my "Do Not Draft" list LeBron James, unless you are available in late 2nd round
  13. "The Lakers will reportedly keep LeBron James on a minute-limit the rest of the season, and may rest him in back-to-back sets. LeBron's trainer reportedly talked to the Lakers' front office and settled on a minute-limit of 28-32 minutes. L.A. has three back-to-back sets remaining and LeBron's status for those will be determined based on how he feels. The trade deadline has passed in most fantasy leagues, so owners will have to navigate reduced production over L.A.'s final 17 games. Source: Yahoo! Sports Mar 7, 2019, 1:48 PM" Maybe basketball is his 2nd job and Hollywood is his first?