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  1. I'm looking at Curry/Drummond or Curry/Gobert. Thoughts?
  2. So for the past 5 years I've been using the basketball monster draft tool and have loved it. To me this feature alone is worth the price as its definitely helped me win many leagues. I've been looking into fb-ninja a bit this year and noticed that they also have a draft tool. Curious about what people think about the two?
  3. Gallo and Warren have both been really this season, but Middleton is a star...
  4. He's been performing very well so far in the pre season.
  5. I would do this if the draft was changed to sunday night. Can't do this saturday night.
  6. Looks very solid but I'm not sure how Capela fits on the team. One of his huge values is blocks and you don't really have a team that otherwise gets blocks. I'd try and dangle him in front of a FT bust team to see if anyone bites.
  7. I'm having a very tough time deciding. I feel one of Durant and Curry will be available and they're basically a lock for top 5 value but the fear is missed games. On the other hand if KAT drops to me do I take KAT. What about Giannis? For the 15th pick I feel one of George, Oladipo, and CP3 will be left. CP3 will definitely have the best value but once again he might miss a lot of games. I like the idea of pairing KAT and Dipo. I could also take kawhi at 6 but that is more risky...any thoughts?
  8. I'm not so sure embiid is a lock for top 10. His per game numbers last year had him outside of the top 20.
  9. You simply can't just add the numbers. You're using a second roster spot to get those numbers whereas AD gets his in one. The free roster spot is worth a lot. Personally I think the z-score value of a player says a lot.
  10. It seems like this year is a good one to try and trade up to 1st pick. AD seems so far ahead of the pack that if he stays healthy, he is going to be a league winner for sure. Some stats: Whole season: - Last season he was worth more than the 10th and 11th picks combined - The difference between him and 2nd was the same as the difference between 2nd and 9th - The difference between him and 5th was the same as the difference between 5th and 30th His numbers post cousins injury were absolutely nuts. Not saying he'll sustain that, but he did sustain that level of play for a long time. The pels really adapted their offense and AD was loving it. Post Cousins Injury: - Worth more than 5th and 6th combined - The difference between him and 2nd was the same as the difference between 2nd and 20th - The difference between him and 5th was the same as the difference between 5th and 45th Is there any reason not to really go hard at getting AD this year? I recall when Durant was putting him his 1st rank seasons everyone was clamouring to get 1st and now people prefer to be in the mid rounds saying "Anyone in the top 5 is good". AD last season had better spreads than Durant ever had.
  11. You guys are all nuts. Kawhi finished no lower than 6th in ranking the last 3 seasons that he played in. He was the focal point on an otherwise lackluster team. The spurs had a slower pace and poor spacing most of those seasons and the man finished 3rd and 4th in his last two seasons he played in. If he goes from that, to a more wide open Raptors team there is no way he finishes outside of the top 10 (assuming he stays healthy). If he is available past 10 you absolutely take him. For me, if he's available past 5 I'd strongly consider him.
  12. Its too bad his playoff schedule is trash. To me that puts a question on whether or not you absolutely pick him first. If he had a better schedule I'd take him 1st overall no question.