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  1. Not really, coop’s last 3 games before his blow up game were 14, 10, 5 points in 0.5 PPR. That’s like a 10 point average which is startable as a WR2/flex range guy even if your team doesn’t suck.
  2. Yep, this is accurate. There’s a high chance Coop will go 3 catches for 17 yards next week
  3. Too bad 90% of ppl who drafted him in the 2nd/3rd round are out of the playoff race now
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got like 2 catches for 17 yards lol
  5. 1 catch for 10 targets is insane haha
  6. Montgomery was getting like 5 carries a game right so that means Jones should get at least 2-3 of those carries. That makes a noticeable difference imo at least 1.5-2 more fantasy points per game
  7. If Zuerlein misses the extra point then the Rams would be up only 8 and then Rodgers would have 50 seconds to potentially tie the game. If Gurley slides then it's a guaranteed win?
  8. Looks good. Next week, 7 carries for 55 yards?