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  1. Great timing with all the bye weeks kicking in 😪
  2. Even if Chubb gets 15 carries instead of 20 carries once Hunt comes back Chubb will still be a back end RB1. Not sure if you can trade him right now for anything better than that because everyone knows that Hunt is returning in a few weeks. It really depends on your league mates and how they view Chubb. If you can get Saquon, CMC, Kamara, DJ, Zeke, Cook, etc for Chubb I'd be willing to make the trade. Bell and Fournette I would consider it. But any less than that and you're probably losing value even with only a 65-70% snap share Chubb. I'm a Chubb owner that is slightly worried about Hunt's return. But I'm in a situation where my league mates probably don't view him as a top end RB1 ROS so the best course of action is to hold him rather than sell him at a huge discount.
  3. I was just trying to illustrate a point. Not being literal lol. Just saying that Jones has been getting the same volume as last year even with jamaal getting more carries. Yeah if Jones gets only 30% of the volume and the Packers don't sustain their current volume of running the ball as a team, then I would agree with you that Jones value will take a big hit. Honestly if you guys are all convinced that Jamaal is going to get 60-70% of the work then you should trade Jones to someone who has a more optimistic view on him. If Williams out-touches Jones by the end of the year (barring any injury) I'll eat crow for sure
  4. It doesn't matter. Even if Jamaal is getting 50 carries a game, as long as Jones still gets his 10-15 carries and 3-5 targets a game, Jones will still be an RB1/RB2. That's what i'm trying to tell you guys.
  5. I was just stating the fact that his volume has stayed consistent last year and this year. Even though Jamaal may be getting more carries, Jones is still getting his
  6. well the Packers are running the ball more this year than last year. They were literally 32nd in the NFL last year in running plays per game. So even if Jones is getting less % of the carries, the total pie is bigger this year. So I think he can still get enough volume to be a 10-15 ranked RB in fantasy this year. Again, I never said that Jones is going to get 90%+ of the work and getting 20 carries a game. I'm just saying that he's still got a lot of value even with a 50-60% of the workload.
  7. Jones averaged 11.7 carries a game and 3.2 receptions a game last year which was good for the 15th overall RB on a per game basis. He's averaging 14.25 carries a game and 2.5 receptions a game this year in games with Jamaal Williams playing. I think there's a decent shot he finishes the season in the 10-15 range if he stays healthy.
  8. I'm saying that even with just 10-15 carries and 3-5 catches a game Jones has proven that he can be a low-end RB1/high end RB2 which is still great return on draft investment. Sorry that you guys aren't getting 20+ carries every game but he's still very valuable. I don't own any shares of either Jones or Jamaal anywhere in my leagues so I have no stake in this backfield. Just trying to ease the panic because people here are saying jamaal is better or that aaron jones is an RB3 which are just not true
  9. I mean there's an entire year sample size of when both Jones and Jamaal were playing i.e. last year and Jones looked fine to me
  10. Week 1: Jones 14 touches, Jamaal 7 touches Week 2: Jones 27 touches, Jamaal 12 touches Week 3: Jones 11 touches, Jamaal 14 touches Week 6: Jones 15 touches, Jamaal 18 touches. Jones average: 16.75 touches. Jamaal average: 12.75 touches Jones 57% Jamaal 43%
  11. I've been watching the Packers, aaron jones, and jamaal williams for years now. Aaron Jones was never going to get 20 carries every week. But he can get 10-15 carries and 3-5 catches a game. With that kind of volume, he has proven that he can put up low-end RB1/high-end RB2 numbers. With his draft position in the early 30s, that's a pretty good return on your draft investment. Look, if Aaron Jones was going to be the only guy and getting 20 carries and 10 targets every week then you wouldn't have been able to get him in the 3rd round. Even with Jamaal being a factor, Jones can still be a back end RB1/high end RB2, which is exactly what he was drafted to be. Even tonight, 9 times out of 10, he's going to catch that passing TD and he would've had 14+ points tonight. Jamaal played the entire year last year with Aaron Jones and Jones still had enough volume to be a low end RB1.
  12. Jones is the #4 ranked RB on the season that makes him an RB1. Every RB1 will have RB3 type weeks. From reading this forum you guys are making it seem like Jones is like ranked 30 on the season or something. You guys probably drafted him in the 3rd round and you're getting 1st round value and still complaining I have no words
  13. Jones had 45 points last week and 23 points in week 2. He has plenty of upside
  14. AJ fumbled and also dropped a wide open TD pass and Jamaal has looked good tonight. Being objective here. Im an AJ fan too