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  1. I wouldn't worry about Vogelbach either. His run is over. I would also drop Cano though.
  2. He will get his days off, but no loss of standard playing time. There is no platoon.
  3. Lopez is 2nd, Dozier is 1st and DH and some 3B so no chance of lost playing time.
  4. 12 team h2h points which one to pick up and play while Profar is in the dumps?
  5. Need to pick up backup te to replace gronk. 10 team ppr Which wr do i drop? Ridley, j. Brown, m. Goodwin, c. Davis
  6. 10 team ppr Current RB are D. Johnson, Hyde, Miller, Collins and Mack Do I drop Mack for: Cohen M. Davis Hines Chubb A. Jones
  7. why are people stupid? If you wanted to try to get a double header in Philadelphia, why would you start the game at the specific time rain is supposed to move in instead of starting it at 11 or 12 when the forecast is sun?
  8. Should I take Tanaka off DL? If so, which one of these should I drop? Or should I hold Tanaka on DL to see how all my pitchers do and determine next week? 12 team h2h points, 6win, -2loss, 1inning, 1k, -1every 2er, every 3bb, every 3hits, 5 complete game Flaherty, Fulmer, Gibson, Arrietta