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  1. Will this guy stay in the rotation? Do we think he’s on an innings limit? Considering picking him up in a 10 team, but we are capped in terms of transactions per year...
  2. I think .290 is very optimistic- think more like .260 with 25-30 HR, which still plays at catcher.
  3. Rodgers back in there tonight, and hits a HR in first AB.
  4. According to Twitter, took a fastball to the head. Not great.
  5. Not playing for the second night in a row- anybody know why?
  6. He’s just got to stay on top of hitters- too many 0-2 or 1-2 counts that turn into walks because he’s nibbling.
  7. it’s just a matter of time until Pollock gets hurt.
  8. I know I am kicking the beehive here, but what do we think about AJ Minter getting saves in ATL? Gotta be good for 10-15, right?
  9. Made the team, but not sure how many at bats he’s going to get. Do we think the dodgers will rotate their OF enough for him to get 400 AB?
  10. So you are drafting booker over freeman?
  11. Talent wins out. Aaron jones is a much more talented player than jamal Williams and has already shown improved pass protection this preseason. He’ll be the guy by mid season.
  12. As a packers fan, I believe jones will be getting 10-15 touches a game by mid-season, assuming health. Williams is a banger and great blocker, but when you watch the RB’s on this team run the ball, Jones has a burst the others don’t. Ultimately, in an up tempo offense that is trying to push the ball down the field through the air, a quick hitter that excels in zone blocking schemes at RB makes more sense than a power back.
  13. He’s suspended for the first two games- that’s why he wasn’t included in the initial 53. He’s nowhere close to being considered as a cut.