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  1. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    It was fun but I sold high the moment I could. Got Mirotic for him and Bjelica. Just hoping that Mirotic comes back soon.
  2. Pick up Satoransky? Bryant?

    Kanter is the only possible drop I see. Hope it wasn't too late.
  3. Kemba for Vuc straight up? WHIR

    That was a great trade on your part. Horford will have his occasional clunker because their are too many mouths to feed in Boston, but a very nice player to have overall. Great job. Vuc will come back to earth a bit 2nd half of the season as he always seems to do
  4. #2 Waiver on Bazemore? WHIR

    Nah, don't waste the claim. Bazemore will eventually have his minutes limited once Prince comes back or might even get traded.
  5. Pick up Satoransky? Bryant?

    Sato should be owned in a 12 teamer. His stats aren't spectacular but he contributes nicely across the board with great percentages. This value is safer than Bryant's. TB is hot but idk how it lasts tbh. Sato is the safer pick
  6. Overpay for AD? WHIR

    As others said, not much of an overpay. That is what its going to take to get AD. OPJ's value is going to rise with Wall out so I think its a good move. I would do it
  7. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Can we stop bumping this until something happens smfh excited for no reason
  8. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Traded Favors for LNJ early in the season. Just traded him and Bjelica for Mirotic. LNJ lines are making me nervous now only because I have no clue what’s going on with Mirotic.
  9. It depends on needs. I’m not buying into Exum. I actually like Bembry out of all of them. He seems to be more in line for minutes than DJJ. Also, I really do think Bazemore is going to get moved at some point opening up more minutes.
  10. Possible Blockbuster! WHIR

    So do you think it’s worth doing Booker and Jokic for Beal and Embiid?
  11. Rank These Keepers

    Collins, Harris, Markk, Levert, Wall, Lonzo I need to see more from Lonzo for me to consider him a viable keeper. Wall is too much of a headache to own. Toss him for the fishes.
  12. I'd do this just to get rid of the headache that is owning Hassan
  13. Possible Blockbuster! WHIR

    We talked and he was tempted to do it, but ultimately he was looking to get more depth from Embiid since he has a few injuries. What I am not getting, and maybe its because I'm overvaluing my players, but I see my side has having more value in a keeper league. Final trade offer was the original deal, but I added Teague. Maybe if he was healthy, it might have been different. As of right now, I rather have Jokic over Embiid and Booker over Beal. Even if Jokic and Embiid is a wash, I don't think thats the case with Beal and Booker. Beal is a great player, but Booker imo has the much higher ceiling. That is why I thought I could get one more player, even though Fox might have been an overpay.
  14. Possible Blockbuster! WHIR

    On its face, yes I agree. But I’m factoring in playoff schedule (12 vs 9 is a huge difference) and Jokic’s likely 2nd half heater.
  15. 12 team 9 cat 3 keepers the deal will be built around Jokic for Embiid. I unfortinately, won’t be able to keep Jokic since both him and AD were 1st round picks. Embiid owner is very interested in Jokic and Booker. I know Embiid has a crap PO schedule but so does Booker. I was thinking of balancing out the deal by getting Beal in return who’s value surely increases with wall potentially out. I think I can manage getting Fox from him too to be honest. would you make this deal in my position? Jokic, Booker for Embiid, Beal, Fox?