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  1. Offered KAT for Dame/Ayton

    That’s too much for KAT
  2. Which Knick to hang onto?!!? WHIR!

    I don’t like any of those guys
  3. Markkenan for OPJ vetoable? WHIR

    Need more people to answer so I can prove a point lmao
  4. Just had this trade vetoed in my 12 team 9 cat league. Is this really vetoable?
  5. Whats up with all these blowouts?

    On the flip side, people also complained about the half-court offenses teams used to play all the time. I would love a happy medium, but I don't think you will ever fully appease fans.
  6. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He was dropped in mine and you know damn well I put that #2 waiver claim on him. I hope he passes through. First time a boneheaded drop has happened in our 2 year old league. Definitely pick him up if he was dropped.
  7. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    I managed to trade Favors for him straight up. Owner got fed up. I think he's going to get his minutes sooner rather than later. I advise all those who can to buy low.
  8. I like this deal if you can get it done. On its face, it looks like you might be giving up too much but Embiid is balling out and Doncic looks like a stud in the making.
  9. Markkenan for OPJ

    I ended up making the deal. I figured the risk is worth taking.
  10. Which big to add? WHIR 100%

    I like Harrel and Taj out of the bunch the most
  11. Should I do this? Whir

    I think Blake comes back to earth a bit and I think Booker starts playing better. I wouldn’t unless there’s a really good WW pickup
  12. Bruh everyone is so down on Gasol. Yeah, I was too coming into the season but not this much to not get Kemba. Gasol is at least equal to CJ or Murray imo. Make the deal.
  13. Buddy Hield for Vooch? Whir

    Buddy is about to lose minutes to Bogdan. Aim way higher!
  14. Ayton for Jrue.. WHIR as wlawys

    Help with mine
  15. Yes I do that but Harris is not worthless lmao