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  1. Which SP to start?

  2. Which SP to start?

    as in who to bench or who to start?
  3. Which do I drop?

  4. En mass drop

    They wouldn’t be in the league next season
  5. Which SP to start?

    I have Cole @Det, Carrasco @TB, Wheeler @MIA, and Price @Tor I’m going to plug Price into my RP slot but I can only start 2 others. All great match ups too. Who do you pick?
  6. Sal or Ramos ROS?

    That’s my rationale too. Leaning towards Ramos, if only because his batting average helps my team more then Sal’s power. But still a tough choice regardless
  7. Should I bench? WHIR

    Godley pitching in Colorado sounds like a recipe for disaster but he could also put up the best or second best start out of all of them. He’s so up and down it’s hard to gauge. But when he’s bad, it’s usually pretty bad. i think Marquez and Gioloto (2 start Match ups look good). I also like Williams 2 start week. Everyone else worries me because of the match up.
  8. Finals Help - WHIR

    I wouldn’t drop anyone for who you listed. Reyes has been hot and maybe you might want to catch a possible power surge on Schoop but I can’t see anyone that I would drop
  9. Sal or Ramos ROS?

    Bump I know it’s only been an hour, but it’s such a simple question. Surprised no one has left an answer yet.
  10. Keep 6

    I posted already, but can you trade picks? Trea to me is a no brained at 6th, but Seager at 15 is also a no brained, even with the injury. You are getting drop material at 15 where as Seager at his worse is solid and at his best an MVP candidate.
  11. Sal or Ramos ROS?

    I have not updated my Sig so please don’t refer to it. I dropped Perez last week since he wasn’t playing and kept Ramos. With the first playoff series over, I see that Perez is still on the WW unclaimed. Who would you rather have ROS? I prefer Ramos more well-rounded bat as opposed to Perez’s power, but the random benching of Ramos has been annoying. Thankfully it didn’t cost me a P.O. series (along with Soto and Murphy not playing as well)
  12. Brad Boxberger 2018 Outlook

    Where are we with him now? He’s looked bad the last month and especially the last 2 weeks. I’m surprised he only blew one save. Is his job safe? It helps that Archie Bradley has equally been bad.
  13. Keep 6

    Betts albies Acuna bregman scherzer last one is a toss up. Assuming Trea, then him. But a part of me also wants to say Seager at 15. He should be back for spring training. That’s amazing value at 15.
  14. Which 6 for next year?

    JD, Bellinger, Bogaerts, Bauer, Kershaw are the only names I care about tbh
  15. Minor but I’m not confident in either of the 3