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  1. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    Good catch. I meant to say 32.
  2. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    Ended up trading Bird, Gallo, and Schoop for Carrasco and Murphy. Essentially trading underperforming players for each other. It sucks to lose all the (potential) power but my average hasn't looked better than it does now. Hopefully Murphy turns it on, but he doesn't look right at the plate. Besides that, I think the window on Carrasco as a buy low is closing. One (maybe two) more quality starts and its going to slam shut I think.
  3. Is Pham droppable?

    Only way I would drop him if there is someone who is significantly better than him available. Pham is a stud when right.
  4. Vlad Guerrero Jr Trade

    Absolutely not. If you are in the running to win, you need a stud back from someone out of it. If you have no shot, you are much better off keeping him or trading him for another young piece. Bad deal for you.
  5. Chris Sale trade...tempting..

    Pass. Would need more or a big upgrade over Haniger.

    I do not like this trade for you. I don't see what you gain. I like Albies over Rizzo a heck of a lot right now.
  7. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Completely off topic, but I am not entirely sure where to post this. Is there a thread on players who historically have strong/weak second halfs?
  8. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    Don't get me wrong. As much as I love the guy, deGrom needs to be traded. He'll be 30 by the time he's a free agent, I don't see the Mets turning it around by then, and we won't resign him. But just like that, the Mets cannot trade him for 10 cents on the dollar. An elite pitcher, arguably the best pitcher in the NL this year, who has 2 more years of control demands a HUGE package. It will never happen, but if he were to be traded to the Yankees, it is perfectly fair for the Mets to demand Torres in the deal. However, the Yankees know he is untradable. Thus, it would have to be a package of Andujar, Frazier, Sheffield/Adams, and Florial. Something like that. However, what boggles my mind is how the Mets do not do the common sense thing ever. Sign some of these veteran guys to 1 year deals (forget how much money you would have to pay) and flip them at the deadline. We've seen ridiculous packages for rental pieces. Moose would have been the perfect one year rental. If you compete, he's a great bat to have in the line-up. If you fall out, you can flip him for a good return. Same with SP and RP. But when the rest of baseball does it, the Mets always seem to be 2 steps behind. And as to your first point, I was speaking for what has been the trend since the 2006 NLCS. The Mets obviously overachieved in 2015. But instead of adding to the team, by keeping Murphy (I understand no one knew if he would be able to repeat the performance) the front office tries to sell us on Dilson Herrera who ends up getting traded for Jay Bruce. At this point, the mets pitching health is well documented, but they didn't bring in a back end rotation guy just to eat innings. Bartolo ended up being out best pitcher that year for crying out loud. 2015 should have shown the whole world that Familia should not be a closer for the Mets. He blew, what? 3-4 saves? He was shaky in almost every situation he was brought into during the post-season. We should have moved him when we had the chance before the injury. I can go on and on. The Mets front office is inept and that is putting it nicely. They don't make the moves they need to when they need to. Only Cespedes happened to work out (at the time).
  9. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    I think its more so that fact that the Mets always end up rebuilding when they have a team with the potential to contend. Yeah the injuries have sucked, but it's also the fact that ownership doesn't want to spend/trade to get that one missing piece and when they do spend, it always ends up backfiring or not getting a 2nd rate player that is available. It's a shame because this pitching staff was special. Of course you can't account for injuries, but you can account for depth. Instead, the Wilpons throw money at bums like Jason Vargas. Instead, they could have pushed that money and signed Moustakas. Give him a huge one year deal. /end rant
  10. Trade Acuna for Strasburg?

    fair enough! either would be good moves. I hope it works out
  11. Trade Acuna for Strasburg?

    I think I rather have Corbin with Strasburg simply because of health
  12. trade question 100% whir

    Is the other owner really accepting that?
  13. Trade Acuna for Strasburg?

    I make the trade. There’s a chance Acuna might not even be one your keepers so it makes even more sense. Is there anyone else better than Stras that you could trade for?
  14. Eovoldi has pitched too well to be ignored. He would be the pitcher to pick up. I would drop Teoscar