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  1. He's been mostly consistent since late June/early July. Solid SP3/4 this really stings in a few leagues.
  2. Batting in the two hole of late and gets to tee off vs the 14 yr old girls softball staff also known as the Rockies for a couple more nights!
  3. My man is king of the slow roller to 1B. Swear he does this every other AB I’ve seen. Said it in in winter and saying it again....this was an AWFUL trade for phils
  4. Is it really all that crazy if Will Smith sits tight in SF? Giants are playing some very good ball of late
  5. What a shame. He was arguably the Phils MVP through first two months.
  6. Can anyone verify if Gray gets two starts or not this week? Seeing conflicting info in different places. Assuming no with the off day?
  7. Something about owning the guy over the years...every single time I play him vs turd righties or he’s in the midst of a run he 0-4s me for three straight. Did the same a couple weeks back!! But yeah starting up another good stretch it wound seem
  8. As well as he is throwing, you’d have to have real stones to toss him out there today vs Milw!
  9. Mets couldn’t hit a beach ball right now Sat streamer ?!?
  10. According to the Indians, the exact diagnosis is a non-displaced fracture of right ulna, and Kluber will be evaluated further Thursday in Cleveland. The team will have more information about a timetable for his return then
  11. Sources say He should be fine in a week
  12. first time ive seen someone ask for a realistic timetable then ask for a source? Its a broken right arm for a right handed pitcher. .
  13. In all honesty, this is a blessing in disguise for many. The ability to stream will do nothing but help those in roto and H2H for whom this guy was digging a massive grave. Playing for 25 years and never been so releaved to lose an "ace"
  14. I’d move the ghost of Kluber for Tyson Ross at this point