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  1. I'm perfectly happy with Smoak as my CI or UTIL bat this year. Granted last year was a down season, but it seemed like he was stringing together some very solid ABs down the stretch and Gibbons would bench him 2 of 3 to play the younger dudes. His counting stats in August/September clearly suffered as a result,
  2. Williams is a fine 4th OF . He should thrive playing once or twice a week as opposed to the exposure of daily ABs. Have to think Altherr is the odd man out , depending on Quinn availability.
  3. have this funny feeling Cutch is your opening day leadoff hitter. Lots of Cesar/Odubel in the nine hole too. My This looks lineup sexy: Cutch Segura Hoskins Harper Realmuto Odubel /Franco Kingery/Franco P Cesar /Odubel/Quinn Franco in the 6/7 hole most nights intrigues me
  4. The rationale provided in the last few hours is exactly why the Realmuto deal made zero sense. Despite the positive improvements, they are nowhere near a championship contending team sans Harper. Why put all your chips in if you are still 3 or more years away from contention.
  5. In this park and lineup, I'm buying this year. Couldn't ask for s better price tag coming off of last seasons struggles
  6. After doing some preliminary research, I feel like OF 3 and OF 4 are gonna be toughest to hit. With every increasing platoon situations and guys with warts, there are very few guys I like or trust past the top 30 or so
  7. That mid tier 1B situation sticks out to me as the most perplexing. Actually see me owning some decent shares of EE/Hosmer/Santana based on their current draft costs and the questions/uncertainty surrounding the rest
  8. I just don't see a match there sorry. Sit tight for now IMO plesee help w mine
  9. BTW - I have the 8th pick in 12 team snake style draft, so Yelich will be coming off board at 2.17
  10. We keep three players for up to two yrs in a h2h pts league. For each year you keep a player, you lose the rd prior that he was drafted. For e.g., I am keeping Jose Ramirez for a 6th rd pick. This is the last year I can keep him after drafting him in the 8th round in 2017. I am torn on my last keeper of Christian Yelich for a 2nd rd pick (drafted 3rd rd last year) or Joe Musgrove (last rd pick, I can keep for a 25th rd pick this year and a 24th next). I know it sounds simple, but this I feel that I like the value of a Musgrove plus Stanton/Blackmon/Freeman type more than I do Yelich . Basically I worry about his chances to repeat? Btw my last keeper is Blake Treinan (20th rd) any thoughts? Will gladly return favor please tell me if I'm being crazy
  11. Am I the only one who hates this Realmuto deal? Just seems like such a lofty price to pay for an albeit elite catcher. Have this sinking feeling that Alfaro has come nowhere close to reaching his potential
  12. If I can't get 13 pass attempts for the rest of this poopfest, I deserve to lose
  13. Pats ML large Brady over 37.5 pass attempts large Gronk first TD +1000 Gronk over 49.5 yds receiving large Gurley over 3.5 rec Pats win by exactly 11 pts +600 Bad game = Hope the kids like pork n beans this week
  14. I know the Brady over PA is low/suckerish @ 37.5, but I cant remember the last playoff game he had under 40? With that lethal short passing game this postseason, I wouldnt be suprised if this sails over