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  1. League started in 2017. We are full of laid back, active, and knowledgeable owners in a league that lost its commish's. League Rules / Setup Open Team 1 Open Team 2 Open Team 3 You will be allowed to cut whoever you want without penalty before the auction to free roster and cap space to bid on who you want. Team 1 had an absentee owner Team 2 finished 2nd in 2018 and was 1 of 2 commish's Team 3 finished .500 in 2018 and was the the second commish. If interested, contact Chris (Chris @
  2. This kid seems to get no love. Currently rocking an .805 OPS despite a .254 BABIP. He has a 124 wRC+, very similar to the 123 wRC+ he put up last year in AAA. He has a phenomenal 19.1% walk rate (would be third in the league if he had enough ABs to qualify) to a very low 15.5% k rate. He has a hard hit rate of 48.6%, which would be 4th in the league. He's 24 and has SS and 3B eligibility and is playing most everyday. The numbers are pretty solid as is; however, if he keeps smoking the ball like he has been, a few more of hits are going to drop. The walk rate and hard hit percentage are likely unsustainable but he still makes for a very intriguing add and I'm picking him up in most leagues.
  3. Dude, I got to say I love the name but I will challenge you for being the biggest Mike Greenwell fan of all time. I had over 200 of his baseball cards and about 5 different Greenwell posters plastered on my wall as a kid.