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  1. Dont even say this as a fellow packer fan
  2. When will josh Gordon lovers stop quoting that season he had like 10 years ago
  3. I’m going to roll him out there every time. He’s a great pitcher and his numbers will even out.
  4. So a cold streak consists of 190 games now?
  5. Not worried at all with him. He’s the least of my concerns on a team full of jokers and underperformers
  6. Seems like a very easy decision now
  7. You don’t need to try and get all billy beane on me. Dude has been throwing meatballs over the plate for over a month now and just broke his pitching arm. Spin it however you want but he’s been trash and sometimes over analyzing a piece of poop will give you false hope.
  8. Huh? His numbers so far this season tells me he isn’t even rosterable if you’re in a Cleveland Indians only league. He just gave up 8 hits to a team where I can’t name one hitter on the roster and now he just broke his pitching arm. In shallow redraft leagues I think it’s an easy call.
  9. how soon does this scab become droppable?